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  1. RF:G Awesome game!
  2. no pre order bundle from retail version?
  3. DX10/11 Problems
  4. Red Faction Guerrilla: No Hud, Can't Walk, more
  5. My Thoughts
  6. RF:G crash at startup
  7. Return to Bastion, glitch
  8. Now available in Australia
  9. RFG: Failed to create Direct3D Device
  10. RFG kickin my butt
  11. The sale was a BAD marketing move
  12. RFA - Dissapointing length
  13. game problems?really?
  14. Crash on launch red faction guerilla
  15. DVD Version but cannot install until 10th June!
  16. low detailed area.. (oasis)
  17. wierd graphics
  18. You must login in to use save/load
  19. RFG Weird Launch Issue
  20. RFA: Steam Decrypting Files Problem
  21. Red Faction - No Save Game?
  22. Red Faction Guerrilla - Graphical Glitch
  23. RFA retail dvd
  24. Probably one of the funnier "first impressions"
  25. Game keeps returning to start menu after opening cinematic
  26. Amazon Sale, already!
  27. rfg - jet pack
  28. How do i find my cd key?
  29. Driving miss Daisy
  30. Red Faction: Armageddon DX11 crashes/freezes
  31. Red Faction Armageddon keeps crashing
  32. Playing infestation all night on insane need buddies,
  33. Eyefinity for RF?
  34. Ruin Mode
  35. Mr.Toots MIA...
  36. is this a good game?
  37. Red Faction Armageddon - pleasantly destructive. :)
  38. Red Faction: Guerilla black screen on cutscene
  39. Liking RF:A
  40. Red Faction 1 Constant Damage Bug
  41. red faction guerilla flickering fix
  42. RF:A Infestation Multiplayer
  43. Would anyone like a YFG based tool for RFA?
  44. Red Faction Guerrila LIVE constantly disconnecting.
  45. Is there RFA demo for pc anywhere?
  46. Red Faction Armageddon not on UK steam?
  47. Red Faction Armageddon shuts down my PC!
  48. RFG won't start after updating to fix the completely unplayable game.
  49. Anyone here also play tf2 casually ?
  50. Red Faction Guerrilla Does Not Start
  51. RFG GFWL Sign In Issue
  52. How to reduce brightness in RF:G ??
  53. Game keeps locking up...
  54. Want to Buy. Genuine Maul
  55. RF:A - Should I buy it?
  56. Pc crashes at start of game. doesn't even hit the main menu before it crashes!
  57. Why is Red Faction II so annoying?
  58. any news on dlc?
  59. Finally..a decent game!
  60. Star New Game....endless loop?
  61. RF:A - Loading...............................5 mins later...still..
  62. Kes Review: Red Faction Series (includ arma!)
  63. "Fix" for red faction guerilla crash
  64. RF:A Crashing
  65. Is there a way to disable controller in Red Faction Armageddon?
  66. This game sure has a lot of cutscenes (RF:A)
  67. Is Armageddon a better game than Guerrilla?
  68. Red Faction: Guerrilla - cannot move character!
  69. RF1 download
  70. RFA doesn't save my graphics settings!
  71. Issues with RF1 and RF2 on win7x64
  72. cant move my character
  73. Light!
  74. RF:G Enhanced Combat mod
  75. RFG issues
  76. Wait..... Armageddon has no MP?!
  77. RF:G
  78. RF:A - Crash to main menu
  79. Red Faction 1 & 2
  80. Can Plus games award achievements?
  81. Red Faction: Guerilla Multiplayer+ annoying bug
  82. My Evaluation of Red Faction: Armageddon
  83. Error Code 80?
  84. RF:G - missing graphical options
  85. RF:A needs a patch asap!
  86. RF : A - Need to know the size of Update
  87. ¿Infestation mode dead?
  88. RF:G - Constant 30 fps?
  89. Good night sweet prince, Red Faction is dead
  90. cant login into GFWL
  91. RF:G Sluggish Controls
  92. Kill the franchise one week and sell DLC the next - Not cool THQ
  93. Can't access DLC
  94. Please help me
  95. RF:G Key Register With Steam
  96. Salavge glitch in Armageddon
  97. Red Faction Armageddon
  98. Guerrilla Review cuz the new one is ehhh
  99. Game don't allow me start new game
  100. Loss of rank, salvage and nano forge upgrades..
  101. Red Faction: Guerrilla Games For Windows Faded?
  102. Does "Red Faction 1", support Win7 64?
  103. Got Red Faction 1 today
  104. red faction guerrilla 360 controller help
  105. Win 7 RFG stuttering
  106. Armageddon Cheats? Achievements?
  107. Is RF: G MP still active?
  108. Still get a Maul in TF2?
  109. Red Faction 1 and 2 on Windows 64bit 7: there are problems?
  110. Change language?
  111. Having a GFWL issue..
  112. Anyone play RFG multiplayer?
  113. Guerrilla won't even start.
  114. Red Faction Guerrilla: Worth playing?
  115. red faction guerrilla "unavailable"
  116. RF1 "secrets" - are there?
  117. RF1 - any way to noclip?
  118. weird RF behavior story + Pure Faction question
  119. 3D Red Faction
  120. Spectator?
  121. RFG Mouse settings don't save
  122. Red Faction Armageddon - uncensored in Germany?
  123. Guerrilla Driving is HORRIBLE
  124. RF2 patch and VAC
  125. worth buying now? or am i an idiot even for asking?
  126. Red Faction®: Armageddon™ 75% off is this worth it?
  127. RF1 Multiplayer?
  128. Red Faction 1 questions - please answer
  129. Red Faction Armageddon, GFWL? SECUREROM?
  130. RF Guerilla help please
  131. Direct X 10.1 ATI video cards? which are?
  132. Red Faction 1 Length and Fun?
  133. What type of multiplayer does Armageddon have? Is it still active?
  134. 75% off for the entire Red Faction series...But wait!!
  135. Is Armageddon's DLC worth it?
  136. Giving away every game I have for Red Faction Armageddon + DLC.
  137. Guerrilla DLC?
  138. Armageddon FOV fix - badly needed.
  139. Armageddon doesn't like SLI i take it?
  140. Red Faction: Windowed mode?
  141. RF:G: Use gamepad & keyboard?
  142. Damn you Steam!!!
  143. Does the RF G on steam has the speed problem in windows 7?
  144. Red Faction Guerilla MULTIPLAYER
  145. Armageddon: Game is worth it, Daily Deal People
  146. Path to War DLC Crashed CF HD 6970
  147. Red Faction Guerilla CRASH
  148. Windows Live ID
  149. RF:A DLC $1.75 - $2.02 on Pre-Paid Card...
  150. Co-Op and VOIP?
  151. Never tried Red faction... is Armageddon like dead space?
  152. blue screen of death in armageddon
  153. Red Faction - No gun sounds
  154. Achievements Not Unlocking
  155. Can't Click Anything on Menu?
  156. red faction 1 problem
  157. another new customer of red faction g CANT START have event viewer ids
  158. Frame Rate Drops on new areas
  159. Red Faction Armageddon installed but actually starts Zombie Panic Source
  160. Alt-Tab and settings problems
  162. Red Faction 1 Console Commands for Mouse Acceleration Please
  163. launch and intro skip (RF Armageddon)?
  164. Armageddon DirectX 10 graphics issue
  165. Red Faction: Guerrilla bugs
  166. RF: Armageddon - Path to War DLC worth it?
  167. Red Faction Guerrilla Cannot click on "Sign In" on the GFWL menu popup.
  168. Is there a cure to the nauseating FOV and irritating camera position?
  169. i love it lookin for notcheatin buddy (s) to game with :)
  170. RF:Armageddon Poor frame rate help
  171. RF:A Why If The Nano Forge Could [spoilers]
  172. Red Faction: Guerrilla - main menu freezes / hangs
  173. Red faction guerrilla freeze problem help!!!
  174. Red Faction Guerrilla - no blood?
  175. Red Faction (1) 1080p graphics mode.
  176. RF: Guerilla "Failed to find key server"
  177. Red Faction 2
  178. Red Faction 2
  179. how to run red faction armageddon in compatibility mode
  180. Red Faction 2 Black Screen
  181. Did i buy a broken game?
  182. Vista; no sound and jumps to windowed mode
  183. Red Faction 1 Key biding
  184. Armageddon, Guerilla crashing on startup
  185. RF Armageddon cannot change resolution
  186. RF: Armageddon
  187. Windows Live: WTH
  188. add me for RFA Infestation!
  189. Red faction Armgeddon Exploit
  190. Problem with the installation of Red Faction I.
  191. Red Faction: Guerrilla
  192. RF2 Windowed Mode?
  193. Armageddon randomly crashes..
  194. Infestation mode
  195. This game is CRIMINALLY underrated.
  196. RF: Guerrilla crashing when launching..
  197. For those who've installed RF:A FOV fix...
  198. RF Armageddon - Crashed after Intro video when starting new game
  199. Buying Armageddon DLC before activating game?
  200. RF:A just does not work!
  201. Does anybody play Red Faction: Guerilla online?
  203. Add me for Infestation as well!
  204. COOP False advertising! No COOP Campaign!
  205. RFG - Weird crash issue
  206. RF:A Voice Log is accessible??
  207. Multiplayer seemingly dead even after sale?
  208. Cheats in red Faction Guerrilla.
  209. Red Faction 1 can't play?
  210. RF:G black screen freeze
  211. RFA - possible fix for crashes and freezes for nVidia card users.
  212. Every RFG save I do is corrupt.
  213. "Game over. Abandoned the mission." rant & question
  214. Strange Physics
  215. 1680x1050 not a preset resolution?
  216. Red Faction Guerrilla- Startup Crash- and it had been working perfectly!
  217. Red Faction has started crashing...
  218. Game no longer freezes at launch
  219. Should I get Guerilla or Armageddon?
  220. EPIC Graphical Experience!!!
  221. Can't login Windows Games for Live on Red Faction Guerrilla
  222. Post-Launch Review: Red Faction Guerrilla
  223. virus alert on guerilla?
  224. Red Faction Problems
  225. Retail game activation on Steam
  226. How to unlock Mr Toots without finishing campaign?
  227. Red Faction Armageddon $7.49 on Impulse
  228. installing pure faction
  229. Too bad no one is playing red faction armageddon online =*(
  230. RFG no1 online?
  231. No GFWL in Guerilla
  232. Got myself a problem, beautiful people.
  233. Red Faction Guerilla infinite loading screen
  234. Guerrilla: NS Retail - steam shortcut doesn't work
  235. Infestation Mode Achi
  236. My Armageddon video review
  237. People play RF1 online still?
  238. Question before purchase
  239. Amazon beat steams price! Armageddon is 80% off.
  240. Is the Steam version censored?
  241. Red Faction Armageddon: Commando & Recon Edition (PC)
  242. Crash on startup
  243. Direct x 9 not supported but 10/11 is?
  244. Trade RF: Guerilla for other game
  245. 3rd dlc anytime?
  246. game not Installing
  247. RF Guerilla - Unable to Patch Game (At All)
  248. Games for Windows - Live Problem
  249. Unable to Move in Campaign Mode
  250. Don't know where to find the answer