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  1. BUG: fall thru elevator floor
  2. problem with cut scenes
  3. Bought it for 10 $ and it is alright
  4. Cheats?
  5. Please make Legendary 2
  6. Automatic Startup At Startup
  7. Re:Question
  8. Why does using the G15 add-on cause a massive FPS drop?
  9. How to reset the game
  10. 30 FPS cap?
  11. Graphics will not run on full?
  12. legen...
  13. Legendary
  14. Post-Launch Review: Legendary
  15. $0.75 at Gamersgate
  16. Please help. Game cannot start due to installation interruption.
  17. Is the game worth it?
  18. Will this run win 7 64bit?
  19. Controller Support?
  20. how does the game play?
  21. Worth it?
  22. Language
  23. translations into Spanish
  24. Heck it was worth the 1.69 to experience the beginning of the game.
  25. There's no remapping of keyboard keys i not a brain dead controller freak !!
  26. Graphic issues
  27. No audio in cutscenes
  28. Mouse Sensitivity
  29. Framerate issues and stuttering
  30. How do I change the FOV?
  31. Here is how you get past that glitched elevator.
  32. Does anyone have a extra copy?
  33. Help i cant play online!!!
  34. Huge FPS Issues
  35. Graphical Problem
  36. start computer and LEGENDARY splash screen appears!? how to stop this?
  37. Any of you played through this on Hard Mode?
  38. Widescreen resolution
  39. Game crashing after I get past the 'brightness' screen
  40. This game is pretty good!
  41. Does this game support the xbox 360 controller?
  42. Iron Sight Aim Sensitivity too high, any fix?
  43. Game won't start (splash screen appears and then nothing)
  44. This game is criminally underrated
  45. My saves are gone?? :(
  46. Hello Wombatus
  47. Fix for those with graphical issues + Controls fix + remove startup movies