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  1. Most Wanted vs Carbon?
  2. Will the Need For Speed Franchise all be added to steam and will the old ones return?
  3. Shift demo won't even run at all Win 7
  4. NFS Shift (Best car in each Tier, I need to know this >.>)
  5. **Fixed my SHIFT (was stuck on loading screen)**
  6. NFS Shift "cd key you provided is already registered"
  7. The Need For Speed Undercover server is not available at this time. ?
  8. Most Wanted vs Shift
  9. 20 $ drop, anyone?
  10. NFS Shift vs other Racing Games(Handling)
  11. Sign petition for patches for NFS:UC On Steam.
  12. similar game?
  13. NFS: World Beta Signup
  14. Shift DLCs please! I will BUY both!
  15. Ambient Occlusion
  16. Controlls
  17. Looking for friends in Need for Speed: SHIFT
  18. Price from Game: Shift
  19. NFS: MW's SecuROM-Is It *That* Bad?
  20. Artifacting when race starts?
  21. You guys still alive ?
  22. Problem installing Patch 1.02
  24. Need for Speed Shift (Does not Start)
  26. NFS Shift driver level saves online?
  27. Shift can really be difficult later in the game
  28. NFS - underground
  29. Support from Steam leaves lot to be desired
  30. Need For Speed: World Soundtrack
  31. Loading screen problems
  32. Need For Speed Undercover Updating?!
  33. Need for Speed Loading issues
  34. Why isn't Need For Speed: World available for pre-order over STEAM?
  35. Best control setup for NFS: Shift
  36. Shift.exe crashed. Help anyone?
  37. Need For Speed World Beta footage
  38. NFS Shift bug shows Joystick/while on Keyboard HELP
  39. Need for Speed: World - BETA
  40. Need for speed Shift crash's
  41. Undercover graphic problems?
  43. NFS: Shift hangs, spinning loader thing stops
  44. I guess y'all saw it already :P
  45. Are NFS Shift performance problems with ATi hardware solved?
  46. Is NSF Undercover worth $5?
  47. EA Sales
  48. Only 25% discount on NFS:Shift?? No way
  49. NFS Shift only 25% off
  50. What's the DRM for Steam Need for Speed Undercover?
  51. NFS:Shift is totally worth it
  52. What's the deal with Need for Speed Undercover multiplayer?
  53. NFS: Undercover Crash
  54. need for speed undercover barly playable
  55. NFS Shift Question
  56. I want play NFS:Undercover Multiplay!!!!
  57. Need for Speed Shift - Launch Error - Error 54
  58. Need For Speed Shift - Doesnt Load
  59. Need for speed undercover update fixed for steam
  60. NFS Undercover Racer List!
  61. Game Overlay UI - NFS Undercover
  62. Need for speed undercover G27
  63. Undercover Crash
  64. Is anyone actually playing online?
  66. Undercover. It worked fine, I tried to change the resolution, now it doesn't work!
  67. Need for Speed World
  68. NFS shift
  69. NFS: Shift .exe error desktop crash
  70. Need For Speed Undercover - Game Overlay UI Fix!
  71. Playing online
  72. NSF undercover PLEASE HELP
  73. cant change NFS undercover resolution
  74. NFS Shift, Tier2-3 car and upgrades
  75. Game unavailable
  76. NFS undercover for windows 7?
  77. Need for Speed Shift - No Ferrari DLC for PC!!! ARGH!!!
  78. Problems with Autosculpt in Undercover
  79. NFS: Shift - Get it 50% off!
  80. need for speed world coming out in 2 days
  81. NFS: Undercover Crash at startup
  82. NFS:Shift & DRM, Please read carefully, thanks!
  83. My NFS website question
  84. NFS Shift Ultra Mod Compilation
  85. NFS Most Wanted
  86. Undercover - Cost to the State
  87. How do I boost with xbox controller?
  88. Is Steam going to be carrying NFS:W?
  89. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
  90. Solution for Need for Speed Undercover
  91. General question for NFS SHIFT
  92. NFS Speed driving view options
  93. How do you exit out of Shift?
  94. NFS:S lost all my cars?
  95. NFS: Undercover... question before purchase
  96. This series, EA was never put update on Steam?
  97. Need for Speed Shift Problem (Deutsch/English)
  98. How long does it take to beat?
  99. Does NFS Shift Support Track IR?
  101. NFS Hot Pursuit demo, is it coming to PC also?
  102. NFS Shift / Saitek P2600 Rumblepad?
  103. need for speed undercover crash
  104. undercover worth it?
  107. Anyone installed MW on 7?
  108. When is need for speed hot pursuit 2010 coming to steam?
  109. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (Steam Release)
  110. NFS Loops intro movies and does not start
  111. NFS Games on PC
  112. For those buying NFS Hot Pursuit (2010)
  113. Come on EA, bring into to steam sooner!
  114. When is it coming to Steam
  115. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit won't come to Steam!
  116. Is there still online play for Need for Speed Shift?
  117. Hot Pursuit MP Gameplay
  118. Steering wheel and pedals settings suggestions?
  119. Not on steam? So I bought retail....and the game is awesome
  120. Big List of Game Fixes for Hot Pursuit
  121. NFS Shift: Lmaborghini tuning help please..
  122. NFS HP - MP
  123. Shift or Hot Pursuit?
  124. 1 Million Views Need For Speed HP Challenge
  125. This is what Shift 2 looks like
  126. Hot Pursuit friends?
  127. SHIFT Mirrors
  128. Need for Speed Shift black screen crash.
  129. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is really fun, but....
  130. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is coming to Steam!
  131. Will not let me enter a name of saved file Please Help!!
  132. No DLC for PC version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
  133. Online Gameplay of Me
  134. Shift... Typical EA game with no post-release support
  135. Single Core
  136. Hot Pursuit CD keys
  137. Only one profile in Hot Pursuit
  138. Should EA be allowed to use them screenshots to sell the game?
  139. NFS: Hot Pusuit - Cannot Change to Manual GBX???
  140. Dear EA: Add gfx options to Hot Pursuit and I'll buy it
  141. Dont buy! pass on Facebook Hot persuit
  142. What's the DRM for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Steam)
  143. Rear view mirror?
  144. nfs hot pursuit problem
  145. Nfs shif stuttering?
  146. NFS: HP is Burnout: Pursuit Edition
  147. Roads ends... "Falling of a cliff" bug
  148. NFS vs NFSHP
  149. Does NFS Undercover have a drifting mode
  150. Stoped playing Shift?
  151. Steering wheel for Hot Pursuit.
  152. NFS: HP Online Cheating
  153. NFS: HP Online Cheating
  154. Virus on NFS Hot pursuit
  155. Game slips into halting, garbled graphics mode
  156. :( Little dissapointed, not what i expected, Nfshp
  157. Need For Speed, Purchase Help!
  158. NFS Undercover Steam Patch?
  159. NFS: Hot Pursuit on sale anytime?
  160. NFS HT and Undercover questions.
  161. Help! NFSHP D:!?
  162. Need for speed shift, decals blurry
  163. Great gameplay, terrible AI
  164. Quick Shift question.
  165. NFSU, Video options not saving
  166. Any1 play need for speed world online?
  167. NFS: Hot Pursuit question
  168. Favorite NFSHP finish?
  169. NFS Hot Pursuit Patch
  170. error @ hot pursuit careers
  171. NFS: HP question
  172. Why buying HP is possible, but active CD-key not?
  173. questions regarding nfs shift
  174. Hot Pursuit - Login Connection failed/Error 13001
  175. NFS-Undercover: No Steamcommunity?
  176. Is NFS:HP anything like NFS 3?
  177. Hot pursuit $29.99 worth it?
  178. Any demo available?
  179. No large icon for Hot Pursuit?
  180. Give EA your money!
  181. Hot Pursuit keyboard vs gamepad
  182. How is the multiplayer?
  183. will my (soon to be) laptop be able to play hot pursuit?
  184. Undercover Online not working!
  185. How Do I Reverse!
  186. Can I change my name?
  187. Epic Cop Busts...
  188. Anyone want to challenge me?
  189. NFSHP 2010 Custom Soundtracks?
  190. NFS Hot Pursuit: LAN
  191. Lowering the graphics
  192. seems dull
  193. Hot Pursuit Online/offline status inconsistant
  194. hot persuit: key problems.
  195. Error code 800d0000
  196. Windowed Mode?
  197. Damn You Steam Sales!!!
  198. Hot Pursuit gamepad problem.
  199. N4S:HP No Input
  200. Changing language in HP
  201. Weird problem (drop out of online games with error message)
  202. Hot Pursuit - Error 13001/Connection Failed
  203. What's the deal with Undercover?
  204. Online Gameplay of Hot Pursuit
  205. Prior buying NFS: Hot Pursuit
  206. Annoying flickering Trees and grass.
  207. No DLC for PC version
  208. [FYI] SLi does not work
  209. G25/27 support? NFSHP
  210. Radio music
  211. Mod for NFS: Hot Pursuit 2010
  212. 266.44 nVidia drivers add Anti Aliasing support.
  213. I have a boxed copy of Shift.....
  214. It wont go foward
  215. Hot Pursuit Autolog Won't Recognise my Key !!
  216. Anybody else crashing to desktop on launch?
  217. Game Won't Launch
  218. what can I expect from hot pursuit
  219. Admin Plz Help!!!!
  220. Weird graphics issue on 'Breaking Point' in NFS:HP
  221. players chat , also against laggers?
  222. Controls too loose? HP
  223. texture issues
  224. Got Hot Pursuit from Steam sale...
  225. Hot Pursuit Hackers
  226. patch #1
  227. Anyone else regret buying Hot Pursuit?
  228. My savings has been deleted but.....
  229. Error in Carrers!! Hot prasute
  230. NFS: Hot Pursuit Texture Problem
  231. Shift vs.Hot Pursuit
  232. NFS Hot Pursuit Issue
  233. Things I can't believe the developer didn't put in the game...
  234. FPS Drop
  235. Hot Pursuit questions
  236. Extreme Lag in Hot Pursuit Multiplayer Mode
  237. How to add your own custom music?
  238. Audio Skipping Issue NFS: Hot Pursuit
  239. Game version?
  240. Logitech G27 Wheel Problem
  241. EA watches me while I play
  242. Why is there no V-Sync?
  243. Cops come straight at me w/ limited time to react
  244. Reduce race-info text.
  245. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Limited Edition 2010 Soundtrack
  246. FPS fix for Hot Pursuit
  247. PETITION: Better matchmaking for PC online
  248. need for speed shift 2 unleashed....
  249. Patch 2 Hot Pursuit (Retail) released
  250. do steam and retail version need for speed hotpursuit able to play together?