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  1. Is it worh $44?
  2. Retail -> Steam?
  3. Where can I find / see my Registration Key?
  4. Will this work?
  5. does spore (steam version) work on windows 7 64bit?
  6. Spore promotional bot parts
  7. Spore Problem (Srs Bizniss)
  8. Was anyone disappointed by the life stages in this game?
  9. Spore is developmentally dead. (Read for explanation and proof)
  10. bought Spore+Creepy & Cute parts pack combo; Creepy & Cute Doesnt Work.
  11. Mac?
  12. How much money can you make?
  13. Problems with game...
  14. spore is totally crashing!!!
  15. is my game crashing because...
  16. thanx for the help everyone.
  17. Wildlife Sanctuary Major Bug.
  18. Why is this game still 40 dollors?
  19. DRM Free?
  20. spore probleems
  21. my first adventure, tell me wut u think
  22. Can I register retail CD key in Steam?
  23. EA Sales
  24. EA Sale is a joke!
  25. When will the next expansion pack for spore come out
  26. Crashing on startup.
  27. Inability to start Spore
  28. Can't log in
  29. Why Not For Mac
  30. Unhandled Page Fault on read access XXXXXXXXX at address XXXXXXxXX crash.
  31. What makes you more mad?
  32. Spore DRM (UK only)
  33. Spore 2!
  34. I just bought spore...help
  35. SPORE em português (BRASIL) no STEAM
  36. New lower price does not effect the package deals.
  37. Weird Spore bug :s
  38. Help
  39. Price?
  40. omfg help freeze bug D:
  41. Starting a new game question.
  42. Spore 75% off
  43. Spore 6 dollars at amazon
  44. Buy this?
  45. Spore Holiday Sale Price?
  46. Warning for EU customers
  47. Is it worth getting the complete pack for 20 dollars?
  48. So how does the space stage play?
  49. Is Steam version uses 3rd party DRM?
  50. Major issues. Please fix!!
  51. Just bought Full Pack, Steam trying to download Three 4+ Gig Files
  52. Creature Phase bug?
  53. Experienced players, please answer:
  54. Settings change fails
  55. Creatures are White
  56. Every time I quit the game or go to the menu from the Life levels, it crashes.
  57. In case Creapy & Cute pack is not registering on Spore.com
  58. PlatinumSpore Mod
  59. Do i still have three installs worth?
  61. "Unable to connect to the Spore servers"
  62. I have trouble installing Bots Part Pack
  63. Login problem, I'm about to lose my mind.
  64. Which one to start ?
  65. SPORE won't start?
  66. How can I know the Parts Pack is installed?
  67. Can't connect... [solved]
  68. Stuck at opening screen
  69. Textures failing.
  70. Need help, confused about tribes stage
  71. Two asks/problems
  72. Corrupt Saves
  73. so honestly..WTF DO YOU DO
  74. Missed the deal, please give us a second chance deal!
  75. Spore on a Dell INSPIRON
  76. Spore Galactic Adventures - Not in English?
  77. Questions about Galactic adventures
  78. Sell me on this game.
  79. Download Suspended
  80. About galactic adventures
  81. What do you think is the best creature you ever made in Spore?
  82. Insufficient privs Spore.com
  83. A request to all adventure creators
  84. Issue with the spore add-ons.
  85. Darkspore
  86. Unable to connect to spore servers?
  87. Sproe isnt working
  88. 'Login failed: You do not have the proper spore.com privileges
  89. Pricing error on steam?
  90. This agarvates me... a lot.
  91. I want my money back.
  92. Spore Steam PRICE vs EA Store price
  93. This game is unbelievably realistic and scientific
  94. No trees?
  95. Failure to open.
  96. I'm sure someone has noticed this but,
  97. Spore Steam store Price bug?
  98. Translation issue in some Quests !
  99. A Problem with Deleted Planets.. :(
  100. Inactive / locked planet
  101. I don't have a save file
  102. Maxing out in Creature Mode
  103. I can not connect to the master server
  104. Galactic Adventures question
  105. Does anyone have a spare key?
  106. spore DRM whats it like now?
  107. Some questions before I buy.
  108. How to install Spore Expansions
  109. Spore Download not working
  110. HELP! When I try to login to my EA account in SPORE, it says that login key's invalid
  111. want to play spore again?
  112. SPORE Complete - Mod-friendly?
  113. No other creatures on planet
  114. Help please with change settings
  115. "SPORE has stopped working":
  116. Okay, so I bought it on steam...
  117. so does this not work on steam or something?
  118. Spore galactic adventures,Help!
  119. I'm torn...
  120. This game is kinda boring.
  121. Freeze during Tribal Stage
  122. any way to stop [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF&quo
  123. Decisions, decisions... Or rather, indecisions.
  124. If I activate SPORE as a Steam product, will the progress migrate?
  125. 60fps fix?
  126. Keep all Spore files in installation directory
  127. Is this game worth getting?
  128. Spore Complete $10 More Than Individual Price?
  129. SPORE resolution
  130. No achevments?
  131. A force-save hack that works on the Steam version of Spore:GA?
  132. this game don't have portuguese?
  133. So is the game worth the sale price?
  134. $5 or for you nice people in ze UK, 7.50 UKP. ($11.65) no thanks
  135. 30 FPS Lock
  136. stop working in editor
  137. Does it work on Windows 7?
  138. I'm got a problem
  139. $17.49 for complete pack after the discount?
  140. complete pack
  141. So, which one to play? =S
  142. DLL not found, no disassembly.
  143. Spore settings problem
  144. Any Mods?
  145. No custom creatures.
  146. Searching not working properly
  147. [H] SPORE™ Creepy & Cute Parts Pack [W]whatever
  148. Question About "Packs"
  149. Origin and Steam?
  150. Black editor screen
  151. Reinstalling and Help
  152. This game is amazing.
  153. expaions with retail
  154. Is Galactic adventures worth buying w/ Spore?
  155. Want to reset galaxy
  156. will this be a flash sale?
  157. So, i built a smallscale Dragonsreach from Skyrim.
  158. This can't be normal.
  159. i needs helps :D
  160. Species goes from Civ to Tribal for some reason
  161. Apparently my PC has no internet connection...
  162. Help with Spore: Galactic Adventures
  163. Colony Spice output and trading questions.
  164. Spore Galactic Adventures Unity problems
  165. SPORE Complete Pack.
  166. Possible to recover Spore?
  167. SPORE problem unplayable !
  168. Spore DLC compatibility
  169. Creepy & Cute Parts Pack
  170. My game wont start up
  171. What are the graphic options like in this game?
  172. I do not recommend this game.
  173. What happened to spore?
  174. game freezes on return to the main menu
  175. Race to the center!
  176. Some problems i have with this game
  177. вылетаю из Spore
  178. Need help installing Spore,
  179. 1001 Error
  180. I bought SPORE 5 years ago, can I Direct Download it somehow now?
  181. spore creepy and cute
  182. Parts pack
  183. Sale today. Question about OS
  184. Invalid login
  185. Errors When Trying To Start Up Spore [Win 7 64 bit]
  186. Error when connecting to a network game
  187. Spore won't open!
  188. Can't register Spore online [SOLVED]
  189. Solution for Spore™ Creepy & Cute parts pack 'missing parts'
  190. Spore won't run
  191. Frezee when leaving Solarsystem
  192. Save file glitch? error? What is it?
  193. Spore 'DLC' overwrites base game
  194. Question to determine purchase or not
  195. SporePedia Not Functioning (and other network features)