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  1. Preparing to launch crash
  2. These games are SCARY!!!
  3. Running Penumbra games in 1680x1050 (or any other) resolution?
  4. Penumbra Overture freezing/crashing and virtual memory
  5. Deutsche Sprachdateien für "Penumbra Overture"
  6. Deutsche Textdatei für "Penumbra BlackPlague"
  7. Which game do I play firsT?
  8. Simple Weapon Swing fix for Overture.
  9. Help with Vertex Shader Problem
  10. About killing creatues
  11. Message from Frictional Games
  12. What to do in the first room of black plague?
  13. Strange graphical glitch
  14. Regarding ATI Radeon HD problem - Questions for people with Problem
  15. Favorite Overture Moments *spoilers*
  16. Starting the Penumbra Trilogy at the second game?
  17. Crash at end of Overture.
  18. Dumb question #247....which order to play in?
  19. How exactly do you barricade the door correctly?
  20. Penumbra on sale for $10 during holiday sale
  21. MOD to make overture combat more manageable?
  22. Mining monster is being uncooperative.
  23. Messed Up Screen Resolution/Mouse Problem
  24. AMNESIA now available for preorder w/ steam activation!
  25. need a couple things clear up then i'm game
  26. Amnesia: The dark descent
  27. Graphic flickering error in Requiem
  28. Windowed mode
  29. CD-Key location
  30. Requiem?
  31. overture
  32. Black Screen on New Game
  33. cannot beat Requiem
  34. Penumbra: Overture for any amount
  35. Cannot push any buttons in the Refinery!!
  36. Does the series get better after Overture?
  37. How do you save the game?
  38. A Message to Frictional Games
  39. Frictional Games Announce - Penumbra Engine to go OPENSOURCE
  40. Overture: How possible to get across the ice?
  41. Full Screen Issues- WinXP
  42. Is this game fixed on ATI cards yet?
  43. Novint Falcon Support on Steam
  44. Just finally bought the collection today!
  45. How scary is this game compared to....
  46. Overture makes my PC restart when exited.
  47. Penumbra Black Plague updating?
  48. Amnesia - comming soon - toughts?
  49. scariest penumbra
  50. OS X
  51. Penumbra Overture - Red (Possible Spoilers)
  52. Are there existing German Text Files for all Penumbra Games?
  53. Black Plague: Wow...
  54. Overture Crashes (Immediately)
  55. overture crashes at inventory screen
  56. Just got the Collector pack.
  57. Overture Story
  58. Games LIKE penumbra
  59. How to change the FoV
  60. Compatible with Windows 7 64 bit?
  61. Black Plague crashes after intro cutscene
  62. The Lighter in the beginning
  63. playing overture for the first time..
  64. Penumbra: Overture - Minimize out of game
  65. Scared Mac user
  66. Stuck ( Spoiler )
  67. Crucial items disappearing.
  68. crash on new game
  69. Game Crash
  70. Stuck in game.
  71. Playing Penumbra, having questions
  72. Penumbra Series,what order?
  73. Penumbra Black Plague graphical problem
  74. Penumbra Black Plague graphical problem
  75. Penumbra BP: Dissapointment :(
  76. Unusual Graphical Issues
  77. BP library hand scanner... where do I get the prints?
  78. Near the end of Requiem, game is pseudo freezing.
  79. Penumbra: Black Plague Huge Glitch in Library
  80. Can't plug in power cable to digger.
  81. Amnesia soon to be released!
  82. Very confused about Overture for Mac on Steam...
  83. Supporting Steamplay?
  84. Amnesia: The steam preorder.
  85. What order to play these in?
  86. Says Steam Play, But Isn't?
  87. I own Black Plague and it's for sale for MAC but...
  88. Cant Uninstall :(
  89. Gold Edition?
  90. Penumbra - Overture - Mac Crashing
  91. Vsync not working?
  92. Registering a key from Frictional?
  93. Penumbra question
  94. Requiem... WTF happened?
  95. [OVERTURE] How do I take the damn cotton string?
  96. Penumbra Overature - TIRED OF THROWING!!!!
  97. On sale
  98. Killing dogs = easy. Why? (Overture)
  99. Items in Draws Unobtainable
  100. Can't kill dog
  101. Wow... [major spoilers]
  102. Windowed mode wont center - HELP
  103. Punembra Translations?
  104. I can't read textures
  105. Let's talk about BP:O
  106. Let's Play Penumbra: Black Plague.
  107. I think the game might be broken? o_O
  108. worth it?
  109. Game wont start. Please help.
  110. BP is WAY better.
  111. Can I Toggle crouch in BP?
  112. Requiem Major dissappointment..
  113. Penumbra Overture crashes at the same point every time
  114. Dog kennels in Black Plague
  115. Freeware games powered by the Penumbra engine?
  116. so how does it compare to Amnesia
  117. No halloween sale?
  118. Most Original/Best Game I've Ever Played!
  119. Can't run in windowed mode
  120. Give & Get Sale?
  121. Generator up, all done in zone 2, and still the control panel won't start the drillin
  122. Manuals
  123. Very minor steam issue?
  124. Penumbra series order
  125. Penumbra 1360x768 resolution
  126. Wow this thread is great!
  127. Penumbra: Overture Update? (Dec. 22)
  128. Penubra With Indie Bundle...
  129. PENUMBRA: BP need GERMAN translation!!
  130. fuse glitch(?)
  131. What exactly is Penumbra: Requiem???
  132. Why don't I like these games?
  133. Requiem... Was that it?
  134. I'm too scared to even start the game
  135. Vsync crashes the game
  136. Penumbra Collection $2.50 on Amazon.
  137. Penumbra owners get discount on Amnesia
  138. Overture. I'm scared out of my pants!
  139. Resolution problem, max 1024x768
  140. How Long Till I'm Scared?
  141. Confused About the Price
  142. Hammer gone?
  143. Who uses flares?
  144. door codes- spoilers!
  145. Not supported on this type of Mac, Overture.
  146. Recommended order of play through?
  147. Just finished Amnesia will the Penumbra series be scary?
  148. Penumbra: Black Plague Multiplayer?
  149. Black Plague's Better?
  150. what is your scariest black plague moment(possibvle spoliers)
  151. overture gas traps
  152. penumbra with insanity metre....
  153. overture power cable on digger
  154. Need help
  155. Is Requiem a good game?
  156. Penumbra Black Plague starting problem box
  157. Interview with Frictional Games :D
  158. Black Plague glitch: Monsters don't move
  159. Trapping the monster in the Poison gas room doesn't kill him.
  160. Where can I find the icon for Penumbra Requiem?
  161. Requiem installed in two seconds!
  162. Penumbra Overture Problem
  163. Will trade for Bioshock 1
  164. What did you think was behind the door? (Spoilers!)
  165. Which should I play first? Overture or Black Plague?
  166. Penumbra: Overture crashes computer
  167. Texture pack?
  168. Overture's second playthrough was unscary
  169. How low should I have the gamma to have the "intended" experience?
  170. What year do you think penumbra takes place?
  171. Does black pluage retail version have a steam code?
  172. A few issues with the game
  173. Penumbra Not Responding
  174. How is it compared to amnesia?
  175. Penumbra Crash Problem!
  176. Will Penumbra Run on Windows 7?
  177. Penumbra Overture sale???
  178. Black Plague is TOO scary
  179. Horror Game Playthroughs
  180. Sanity
  181. Only trusted blood will get through
  182. When we meet... (Spoilers.)
  183. Notes~
  184. A strange suttering issue . . .
  185. Penumbra: Overture won't start.
  186. Black Plague For TF2 Items
  187. Can't use items from the inventory (Windows 7)
  188. Wot?
  189. Black Plague - Need help!
  190. No Lont ? need to explode the wall
  191. Let's Play Channel
  192. [VIDEO] Penumbra: Overture with Ripper X (omg my 1st time playing)
  193. Forgot an item earlyer in game
  194. Mac OS Keyboard Layout issue
  195. Penumbra Help
  196. Penumbra games - can't download!
  197. Overture freezes upon returning to menu...
  198. Is there an easy way to get past the dogs?
  199. Black screen on the demo.
  200. penumbra overture problem
  201. does not run on this type of mac
  202. Eyefinity help
  203. Oddly enough
  204. How dark should it be?
  205. Which to get
  206. Please explain the save system...
  207. Cheaper straight from the Devs site
  208. Penumber Help
  209. Black Plague crashes when v-sync is enabled (ATI card.)
  210. Which version is Penumbra Black Plague?
  211. Preparing To Launch keeps reappearing
  212. the-melee-combat-is-crap
  213. Requiem
  214. New player
  215. Sh[color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]t my pants this afternoon.
  216. I messed up
  217. Spoiler inside: need help>Black plague
  218. whats wrong with requiem
  219. NEED HELP
  220. minimizing problems
  221. Black Plague crashes (spoilerish)
  222. Post-Launch Review: Penumbra series
  223. what order do I play the games in?
  225. Graphical issues?
  226. Penumbra Texture issuses.
  227. Pneubra: Black Plague Graphics Issue "Please help"
  228. RED (BIG spoilers of penumbera overture)
  229. Paradox coupon.
  230. Ending of Black Plague (spoilers)
  231. Sound Glitches and Re-validation
  232. Looking for penumbra Coupon
  233. Am I supposed to only see static in the tutorial and game?
  234. new to penumbra
  235. Is penumbra collection a SteamWorks game?
  236. Order?
  237. Black Plague - darkness mod?
  238. Looking to trade for the Penumbra Collection
  239. Penumbra: Overture white static... help?
  240. Which to play first?
  241. Game Won't Start
  242. Let's play with face-commentory
  243. Penumbra: Overture Vs JT - A Penumbra LP {With Facecam}
  244. Is it just me, or... (spoiler)
  245. Playing the series with a friend
  246. Penumbra + Amnesia lets plays :P
  247. Penumbra isn't working?
  248. No Audio at all in Penumbra
  249. Penumbra Collection $5 at Amazon
  250. Dear Developer Please read