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  1. You Are Dumb If You Don't Buy Ceville For $9.99 (or your countries equivalent)
  2. How long is the gameplay?
  3. No Videos in Ceville
  4. Ending Crashed On Me. Need To Know The Ending
  5. You are smart if you don't buy Ceville for $9.99
  6. Spanish translation
  7. Talk me into it or out of it ... :-)
  8. $9.99...$2.50...Neither is dumb IF the game is good...
  9. Yes it is worth it
  10. Need clarification on "player characters"
  11. Cherry Pie
  12. NO French ??
  13. Weird Green Stuff in Video
  14. Nvidia FXAA finally adds decent AA for this game.
  15. Demo not working?
  16. Game doesn't start (Win 7 64bit)