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  1. Performance is super, its unreal 3!
  2. Upgrading Your Party Member's
  3. Using a PlayStation 3 Controller
  4. Post your screenshot
  5. What we can do to encourage Sqyare enix release more games on PC???
  6. TLR on Windows 7
  7. A lot of tearing even though frame limit set to 60 - what can I do?
  8. hey wuts the big idea
  9. Config not saving
  10. Japanese or English Voices?
  11. first battle crash?
  12. Party Member asks for Component
  13. Not launching. TLR.exe sits doing nothing
  14. Skip cutscenes button not working.
  15. movie folder?
  16. What are the odds that this will be one of the deals this week?
  17. How does the story compare to FF?
  18. Registration code?
  19. Got the Demo, but what the heck is going on?
  20. Keyboard Map
  21. Stuck on boss fight: Namul Niram
  22. Plz help Game crashs
  23. Input for Rebalancing Mod
  24. System Lock Up
  25. Split or Sell captured monsters?
  26. 360 Wireless Controller Not Working.
  27. New game plus ?
  28. Repeated CRASHING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Game Review
  30. 3 questions about the game
  31. Hard Mode - OUCH!!
  33. Load Time Issues and Answers
  34. Who gets what when?
  35. The Fallen Falls!
  36. Observers are Hell!
  37. A VERY nice TLR information resource
  38. Controls on keyboard/mouse
  39. Alt+Tab makes the game stop responding. (fullscreen)
  40. Screen Tearing (ATi) even when lagged.
  41. I just brought the TLR from retail and it not working???Please help??
  42. Anymore games like this on pc?
  43. Now, in STEREO!
  44. I wish I had known... (Newbie Guide)
  45. Worth getting, i played demo but..
  46. De-register Last Remnant
  47. Hard Mode
  48. Steam Cloud support would be so awesome
  49. Almost gave up on this game, glad I didnt.
  50. New to the game and doing a low BR run style
  51. Ranger ability
  52. class abilites
  53. Which Jorgen is best PC Version
  54. heading into the aqueducts
  55. cd key question
  56. The Last Remnant Bug?
  57. remnant....huh? - SPOILERS
  58. any DLC for this game?
  59. Need help starting the game!!!
  60. Demo Questions
  61. This game kills my gpu !
  62. Loading screens
  63. Last Remnant removed from Square Complete Pack?
  64. Need quest help: "Monsters blocking the controls"?? (spoilers)
  65. They really made this game suck...
  66. enlightend seven
  67. Sound is rending then lagging
  68. Initiate attack?
  69. Fixing the Mystic Focus Accessory Bug
  70. Formation Discussion
  71. What was the cheapest this game ever went on discount for???
  72. Discount?
  73. Dual Wielders
  74. Dancing Shadows
  75. Xbox to PC controls request.
  76. Very Annoying Problems with this game.
  77. Game freezes at random, tried every fix possible.
  78. *SPOILER* what do you think about "The Lost"?
  79. Was there some kind of update? Need help please.
  80. When do you think it'll go on sale?
  81. What are my chances?
  82. Ancient ruins??!??!??!!
  83. Will this game ever go on sale?
  84. Building Unions
  85. Has not achievement for PC version ?
  86. Thinking of getting it, a few questions though.
  87. BR problem
  88. This game is good.
  89. A very cool tip :)
  90. HOW TO: Decrease texture pop-in (and other PC tweaks)
  91. Do games like this one have any chance at getting a Daily during the sale?
  92. Yes buy it. 75% it is worth it.
  93. Is there any reason why this was removed from Europe and Australia store?
  94. My View point
  95. So I hear the gameplay is great, but...
  96. Suggestion to Steam / SE: Include the Soundtrack
  97. About Time....
  98. anyone knows any other games
  99. Does it need a controller in order to play well?
  100. What trainer work for steam version?
  101. What does SEI mean
  102. Have questions or need help? Don't forget the wiki!
  103. Game run GPU hot for you too?
  104. Last Remnant moving up the charts :)
  105. Whats with the xbox controller type controls?
  106. Anyone play n laptop?
  107. anyway to adjust the contrast where it doesn't look dull?
  108. Differences between the Xbox and PC version?
  109. Just purchased, XBOX controller not working.
  110. Emo?
  111. Just Purchased - So SLow!?
  112. Game crash after first battle. Exact same spot everytime.
  113. does this game still have horrendous loading times?
  114. Indefinite Loading Screen
  115. Game crashes after Elysion
  116. video sequences...skip???!!!!
  117. TLR.exe has stopped working
  118. Extremely frustrated, need tips
  119. Problem Windows installer
  120. 100 Percent Completion Walkthrough and Low BR Run
  121. Uhhh, am I too weak?
  122. Has anyone done a Mystic arts only run?
  123. Changing Class Question
  124. Top 5 Combat art characters?
  125. Removing the Hud?
  126. Xbox Controller, Win 7 64 Bit?!
  127. At what point is disc 2?
  128. I know there are trainers for....... Anyway to change the inventory 100 item cap?
  129. Can you adjust the volume?
  130. Game price
  131. Benchmark tool! New buyers check here!
  132. Working AA in TLR (FXAA)
  133. Nothing happens...
  134. keyboard controls
  135. Splitting Captured Monsters
  136. How long?
  137. Last Remnant Models
  138. Whats the best Soldiers in the Game ?
  139. this game needs achievements
  140. Sound problem when activating timeshift!
  141. What to do? Stuck on side quest.
  142. corrupt data?
  143. Should I say F it and throw away 30 eurobucks for this game?
  144. so... is it worth it?
  145. The "Should I try it?" thread
  146. I remember on release, this was buggier than Clear Sky;
  147. An FYI: This game is MUCH better than its demo.
  148. How well can I run this
  149. Before I Buy
  150. Attention new players
  151. I regret my purchase
  152. So...I just paid 10 bucks for a game icon?
  153. How do you know which battle choices to make?
  154. This games demo is s***...
  155. -0% Special?
  156. Buyer Beware
  157. Party Member Requests
  158. AULD items
  159. Is there an manual?
  160. Explanation of Stats?
  161. TLR won't load, error code 51
  162. Anyone have an extra copy for trade?
  163. DLC?
  164. im not getting my archivements
  165. Does the hero ever grow some brains? (I'm only at the start, thought...)
  166. Whats the max Unions you can make?
  167. Increase the camera distance?
  168. why no love for this game?
  169. Unsure about part member quests...
  170. DO not Buy! (or I flushed my last remnant)
  171. The Enlightened Seven Fall!
  172. In game encyclopediaor rare monster tracker?
  173. this is fun !
  174. Very basic question
  175. Help, I'm screwing my party's stats
  176. 50$ what the hell
  177. Got Fallen!
  178. Doing a Let's play for youtube.
  179. Did I mess up?
  180. Sayonara, Last Remnant
  181. Since when......
  182. Last Remnant Glitch?
  183. True Conqueror vs Enlightened Conqueror
  184. still playing The Last Remnant
  185. Still 49.99$??
  186. March 22-26 Square sale, Last Remnat missing?
  187. Why so damn expensive?
  188. Last Remnant is ridiculously expensive on Steam. Buy elsewhere and redeem on Steam.
  189. Formations and AE
  190. You'd think they would learn by now to beta test the imported versions...
  191. When do Party Members stop upgrading?
  192. TLR won't failed to start error code 80
  193. So.. when do we get another special for this?
  194. $15 on Gamersgate. Activates on Steam.
  195. The Last Remnant finally gets a decent sale
  196. To buy, or not to buy
  197. How big is the total download?
  198. Wyrmskeep (End of Disc 1) Punishing Game
  199. Hoping on the -75% vote
  200. GMG sale (if you have 20% code even more)
  201. WTF Load times?
  202. $3.74 for Last Remnant (Steamwork)
  203. Full Screen Enable?
  204. 3.75 at Gamersgate
  205. Wiki Walkthrough Updated, All Cutscenes Uploaded
  206. Aqueducts and Wyrmskeep Help
  207. [Fix] Higher FOV
  208. 652 hours.
  209. TLR for 10 bucks! Inc in Amazon bundle this week!
  210. How long would it take to finish just the main story?
  211. TLR hangs on startup
  212. TLR.exe has stopped working
  213. $3.74 on sale
  214. Xbox 360 Controller Fix
  215. Opinions? Worth $3.74?
  216. changing the main character
  217. the Last Remnant overheats my cpu