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  1. The Maw needs a patch
  2. No registration -> No gamer pics / theme?
  3. Can anyone vouch for this game working in Windows 7 64-bit?
  4. Anyone hoping for a daily deal during the Christmas sale?
  5. Cannot Uninstall?
  6. Xbox 360 controller not working?
  7. Leader board Question
  8. "Six Meals a Day" achivement.
  9. Any news on more DLC/sequel
  10. worth it?
  11. Where we're going, we don't need collision detection!
  12. The Mawesome Pack purchase DLC question.
  13. I'm getting tired of getting ripped off by M$
  14. Fix for game pads that can be mapped to mouse & keboard
  15. No audio
  16. Not buying
  17. To get AA with nVidia cards
  18. Saving/Checkpoint system
  19. Game just updated, no changelog :(
  20. Savegame location? Steam cloud?
  21. What is 'instanced plants'?
  22. Is it me or does this game not work with Big Picture Mode