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  1. VOIP ?
  2. Still not able to get online: What ports need to be opened?
  3. Please read before posting a problem.
  4. Camera Not Working..
  5. No sound in Burnout Paradise on Windows 7
  6. Hiccups in Windows 7
  7. Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel?
  8. Am I the only one that noticed this?
  9. How do I quit the game?
  10. post here if you still play this game/or is actually active on this forum.
  11. What a crap port
  12. Server problems
  13. Interested in Burnout Paradise? Read this first!
  14. cant see all configuration option s
  15. Cant go online help
  16. Why is this game freezing !?
  17. Game crashing when entering the audio options menu
  18. way to disable news page?
  19. The Burnout Paradise server is not available at this time. Please try again later.
  20. Crashing at the license explanation
  21. So who here has a fave car?
  22. Can't change the color of the bikes
  23. Ultimate Box doesn't include Big Surf Island or Cops and Robbers?
  24. save game files?
  25. Game Review: Fantastic!
  26. trainer for the current version
  27. Takedown Camera
  28. do i need steam
  29. Burnout Paradise Complete Edition?
  30. Crashing on loading
  31. Can't change keyboard bindings
  32. Community?
  33. change language ???
  34. Solutions : Server Unavailable / Authorization token
  35. Will it work on Windows 7 32-bit?
  36. Where are the save games located on Win7?
  37. Does anyone still play multiplayer on this?
  38. Is the game really this big?
  39. 75% off, July 17 - 18th only.
  40. How does the multiplayer work?
  41. I am very tempted.
  42. Xbox Controller
  43. will it work with win7 64 bit?
  44. Steering wheel compatibility
  45. failed to contact key server
  46. Problem with the sound settings
  47. Random Freezes
  48. Error 54
  49. Crash
  50. If you like Dirt, Dirt2, Grid, and fuel, will I like Burnout?
  51. I hope Criterion goes back to the classic formula if they make Burnout 6.
  52. way to many CTD's
  53. Tiny Menu, I can not play, urgent
  54. Online still alive??
  55. DRM?
  56. This great game is in another Language availbable too!!
  57. One Question
  58. Friends List
  59. Does anybody knows...
  60. Logitech DFGT won't work
  61. Framerate slowdowns when I go online?
  62. Language game....
  63. Opt-out of red signs help.
  64. e-mail at purchasing DLC
  65. How to get to main menu from inside the game?
  66. This price is a steal...
  67. Great party game.
  68. Freezing at the end of every event.
  69. This online/not online malarky
  70. How do i get their mugshots?
  71. Doesn't even start
  72. How can I buy the game?
  73. Creating Account
  74. Will I get the CD-Key, if I purchase this game?
  75. game crashes when try to login to EA servers
  76. No Sound, and game fails to load
  77. Loading......Loading......Loading.....
  78. Are legendary cars obtainable from Vanilla?
  79. "Sticky keys glitch" putting me in online games
  80. Kicked after a few seconds in multiplayer
  81. feeling ripped off
  82. I want english text, not some czech language
  83. Start, select and right stick aren't working (SAITEK 360 Controller)
  84. Burnout Freezing? Exclude the Steam folder
  85. Burnout crashes in the Intro-Video
  86. Crashing in Intro-videos just like everyone else, on 32-bit Win 7
  87. Invalid product key
  88. Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Loggin in or Creating a New Account ERROR
  89. Fixing the crash after loading
  90. How do I invite people to MP?
  91. That guy.
  92. Can't find the content
  93. Server unavailable at this time
  94. Crashes Fixed by Running Steam as Admin
  95. Jittery Graphics?
  96. Custom songs
  97. EA-Account is not accepted
  98. Crashing when i log in
  99. Play offline
  100. Fix that the sound come
  101. Intro Loop
  102. Hell of a time just trying to quit the game
  103. Game stuck when given first car
  104. Retrieving Saved Game
  105. Webcam issues breaking burnout.
  107. choosing car, and using menu lockups/fast forwards
  108. Fixed random crash issue online/single player
  109. Getting kicked from Freeburn?
  110. Login -> invalid account name (please post your (in)valid EA ID for research)
  111. Restarting from the beginning?
  112. If you are still having "Loading Screen "problems then try out this:
  113. Multi Screens only with AMD Eyefinity?
  114. Infinite gear Upshifting
  115. Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Pack
  116. Mic... How to use it?
  117. Loud beeps and freezing?
  118. Savegame corrupt?
  119. Best times on streets
  120. Crashing at random
  121. Will it get on sale this week?
  122. Buses and rigs?
  123. Creating Freeburn Challenges
  124. Burnout paradise application has stopped working
  125. Looks great in 3D but one teeny tiny thing
  126. SHADER MODEL 3.0
  127. Before you buy this game
  128. Retail box
  129. Similar Games?
  130. Burnout Paradise Product key problem!
  131. How are race opponents selected? (Sinlge player)
  132. Can not exit from within the game
  133. how long does it take to finish burnout paradise ultimate box?
  134. The Ultimate Box is available now ...........
  135. Burnout Paradise Party (Blocked)
  136. Enough people to play online still?
  137. Burnout Store
  138. Burnout Store closed?
  139. GRRRRR, Stupid CD Key.
  140. 70/75 cars
  141. how to you quit the game?
  142. LOL me = noob.... should have known it'd be on sale.
  143. Split-Screen or LAN?
  144. So, im going to buy this game, but...
  145. Collects data online??
  146. What Version? 1.100 ?
  147. Any online players?
  148. webcam issues
  149. How to go online for multiplayer ?
  150. Bikes
  151. Weird freezing problem
  152. racing wheel?
  153. No sound!
  154. Perhaps a stupid question - How do I change the controls?
  156. "The Burnout Paradise servers are not available at this time"
  157. Game Crashes On Loading Screen!!! Help!!!
  158. Mugshot Help
  159. Is Online Dead ?
  160. DLC purchased, but still locked
  161. Online event types
  162. Audio is scratchy
  163. The Game not opens
  164. so my burn out game is being stupid
  165. Can't play !!!! HELP !!!!!!!!!
  166. Window Mode?
  167. How do you quit the game?
  168. Why don't we get the other DLCs ?
  169. how is this game compared to Grid and Dirt 2?
  170. Any weird 3rd party DRM?
  171. Game stops responding, While loading.
  172. what are the odds
  173. What version is it?
  175. Only one mode available?
  176. Two Questions
  177. Can't connect
  178. 5 Dollar Burnout here I come.
  179. Crash Party?
  180. How do you install the update packs?
  181. Enabled solution to play online game
  182. Best racing game I've ever played
  183. Online chat
  184. Going into audio setting crashing the game?
  185. Multiplayer and requirements
  186. Game doesn't work for me anymore
  187. Classic destruction game mode IS IT HERE?
  188. severs unavailable at this time
  189. Cracking the DLC to enable it?
  190. Controls
  191. Co-op Freeburn?
  192. Game crashing fix
  193. Multiple Monitor Config Kinda working?
  194. Big surf island?
  195. Another weird problem when starting Burnout
  196. interface and controls suck.
  197. Game is stuck on the initial load
  198. Retry a Race?
  199. Friend can't start game
  200. I want a refund!!!!
  201. Annoying white screen after logging in
  202. how do you activate DLC?
  203. Steam Cloud Support?
  204. Game is FREE on EA Store (UK)
  205. 3rd Party Activation
  206. How do i add friends in multiplayer?
  207. Silly question but..
  208. will this go on sale again?
  209. Kicked from multiplayer for low performance? Really?
  210. Can't install the car update
  211. My most annoyance about this game...
  212. Vehicles keep accelerating
  213. Stats and news feed menu
  214. Q: about crash/time score.
  215. sending criterion a rental bill
  216. Where are the save files?
  217. Have to alt-tab to get the sound to work
  218. Invalid CD key error
  219. Burnout friends
  220. cannot log-in to ea account
  221. Burnout Paradise Review
  222. STEAM: Please correct the description
  223. Game Fails to start
  224. Multiplayer challenges
  225. Ultimate not nearly what it used to be?
  226. Just for fun (video)
  227. Cover artwork for Burnout Paradise.
  228. After reinstallation...
  229. controller?
  230. Still played?
  231. 360 controller not working
  232. EA Download Manager
  233. Game crashing at launch
  234. Multiplayer Cruise ?
  235. Toy Cars, Legendary Cars and Boost Specials.
  236. Chain Boosting
  237. invalid cd key...!@#!
  238. Game crashes after Mugshot
  239. Anyone with CD Key error, read this
  240. 25 V16 Burning route
  241. How come this game failed?
  242. need multiplayer guide.
  243. How active is online?
  244. Dont buy unless you enjoy Invalid CD key issues
  245. Why this game failed for PC
  246. CAMERA ANGLE SO LOW! mod/hack fix??
  248. Alternatives?
  249. Burnout crashing after load?
  250. Dual Monitors