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  1. Use More Gun
  2. Revived Engie Update Idea List (Submit your ideas)
  3. Engie Unlock Poll Nominations
  4. Minigames for engy
  5. Sentry Jump + Grab script: NO WAIT COMMANDS.
  6. Switch Wrench: Destroy ALL Buildings?
  7. Now look buddy...
  8. New sentry idea.
  9. What if you made the sentry Paintable?
  10. Bear Traps, Ballistas and Rum Kegs (Medieval Mode Buildables)
  11. Tips for a Gunslinger Engie?
  12. "Ain't that a cute little gun!" - the combat Engineer guide
  13. Progineering with Vic
  14. Engineer Building Options
  15. The Trusty Steed Item Set
  16. Lvl 1 Robot Arm Primary Weapon
  17. Can't destroy buildings as engie.
  18. Disable autoaim for wrangler?
  19. [Feedback] The Conagher Custom [Set]
  20. The problem solver, sentry concept (pics soon)
  21. Gunslinger Engi useful?
  22. The EMP Grenade
  23. Valve should of released the Repair node
  24. Trail Boss (wrangler upgrade)
  25. Should you be able to change your loadout at dispensers?
  26. Best Engineer Hat Idea (->)EVAR(<-)
  27. Tribes: Ascend Promo Items
  28. Short Circuit
  29. What if the Engineer got a Sentry with programmable AI?
  30. Give engy the Winger already
  31. Short Circuit Idea
  32. Re engineering the Short Circuit
  33. Short circuit
  34. Can the Short Circuit deal some noticeable damage
  35. Sentry Brainstorming
  36. Short Circuit idea
  37. Buff Buildings
  38. Traps
  39. Introducing the Engineer Apostles! Working to produce the Engineer Bible!
  40. Valve, just fix the Jag please.
  41. found proof that enginer is going to have a new weapon soon
  42. chesse20's wizard update idea day 5: earth engie
  43. Shotgun Sentry, Take 2
  44. A building from Steam Workshop: The Babysitter
  45. Fix the Short Circuit
  46. I'm done playing as spy.
  47. Buildings for medieval
  48. How can people ignore this?
  49. Sentry Idea: The Stress Tank
  50. To people who complain about the Pomson
  51. Pomson 6000 Up/Down(sides)
  52. Teleporting wrench on arena
  53. Frontier Justice Crits
  54. Who actually wants ubercharge drain to exist?
  55. Gunslinger Woes
  56. A reason people object to the Pomson
  57. To all Engineers: STOP using that JAG!
  58. Why should I use the Gunslinger over Jag?
  59. Remove the pomson penetration!
  60. KNIFE WRENCH! Why do we not have this?
  61. Make Pomson Drain Scale With Distance
  62. Sauna Maintenance Staff
  63. short circuit - unbalanced or balanced?
  64. Set Idea That Isn't Western Themed
  65. The engineer should get LOLBUILDINGS as Action items
  66. UGC Highlander Season 6 starts Jan 23rd. Engies: you are the backbone of a team
  67. Frontier Justice or Reg Shotty w/ Gunslinger?
  68. Why I KEEP using the JAG:
  69. Eureka Effect Strategies?
  70. Toggle aim assist on wrangler
  71. A Sentry For Sneaky Positions: The Silenced Sentry
  72. More insane Secondary Idea
  73. The Electric-Sapper (New Pistol)
  74. frontier justice is UP
  75. Selling Brainiac Hairpiece
  76. Gunslinger vs. Wrench - which do you prefer?
  77. POMSON 6000 /w Wrangler Bug
  78. Pomson is overpowered
  79. Another Pomson idea? Yes please!
  80. Should the Frontier Justice...
  81. I think I have an idea how to make the Wrangler a bit more balanced
  82. If anything, the -20% cloak from spies mechanic on the Pomson should be removed.
  83. Another silly idea for the Pomson?
  84. Utility Shotty
  85. Southern H.
  86. the engineer should get a repair node yes
  87. y do medics never overheal engineers?
  88. Dumb engineer ideas
  89. An idea. Yup.
  90. Highlander engineer question
  91. engineer wrench replacement idea: the radio
  92. engineers should be able to build a tank to use
  93. If nothing else...
  94. Looking for some help on gravelpit C spots!
  95. The One Night Camper - Engineer Set Suggestion
  96. The Firewall (Dispenser Replacement)
  97. Dead ringer vrs engee: fantasic or frackin piece of crap?
  98. Ever been telefragged?
  99. Officially releasing the name "Morgan"
  100. Strange Southern Hospitality - not fixed? :(
  101. Please fix the Pomson 6000
  102. New Engie Secondary: The Dispenser Pack
  103. aenntion to all egyns
  104. The Practical Problem - A new engineer melee and Sentry
  105. To those that think the Pomson is OP
  106. A odd melee suggestion
  107. Airballoon dummy gun
  108. Engineer Melee Idea: The 6 Million Dollar Wrench
  109. Valve and The Engy: It Is Not A Love Story
  110. The Square Dancer revised
  111. Engineer Challenge
  112. Looking for a script
  113. Is there really a reason to not use the Southern Hospitality?
  114. Is there really a reason to use the Southern Hospitality?
  115. New Engie Primary: The Portal gun
  116. Weapon idea/teliporter replacements.
  117. Remove the Pomson
  118. Long Arm of the Law
  119. When your nest gets wiped
  120. Script Help?
  121. SH/Jag arguments aside
  122. A reasonable wrangler tweak
  123. New wrench idea(s)
  124. Will the Strange Southern Hospitality ever count sentry kill?
  125. Wrangler is a good concept, badly executed.
  126. Dispenser Wrench
  127. Could I wear...
  128. So i read these ''engy guides''
  129. Teleporters
  130. Uber dispenser
  131. Possible Pomson rebalance idea
  132. Engy set that has an effect
  133. Don't put your Sentries in one Place
  134. Please put this restriction on all sentries
  135. Engineer Wrench Unlock
  136. Pistol suggestion
  137. valve should give us a space suit
  138. Use Even More Gun!
  139. Make Misc Virtual Reality Headset
  140. New set idea: The fast builder
  141. jarate sentry
  142. Teleporter Trap Trick
  143. Another gimmicky unlock idea
  144. What would YOU like to see to balance the Short Circuit?
  145. Weapon idea:
  146. Engi's C + 5 is the best thing ever.
  147. question for jag users
  148. Eureka Effect and the Jag: Worth the trade-off?
  149. It seems like...
  150. What are your sneaky sentry locations?
  151. Engineer class crashing tf2
  152. Grappling Engineer and wall sentries
  153. How do I make a script for minisentries with side mouse buttons?
  154. The Boomewrench/Extendo-Fist
  155. Pomson 6000 - What would you rather?
  156. want a good shotgun
  157. Ideas for weapon design
  158. Enough "FIX THIS" threads
  159. Pomson Fix omg look here
  160. More technique-based questions.
  161. Should teleporters upgrade themselves?
  162. Repair Node: Wrench replacement
  163. dispensor replacement
  164. New Engineer Secondary Idea
  165. Mannifist Destiny
  166. How to ACTUALLY fix the Pomson
  167. Yet another 'How To Fix the Pomson' thread
  168. Good name for strange wrench?
  169. Replaces the Dispenser
  170. Secondary idea: *Clever Name*
  171. Widowmaker Pistol
  172. Stolen suggestion for the short circuit.
  173. Secondary unlock: Automatron's Appendages
  174. Hard Heavy Hat
  175. The Eureka Effect is amazing (OP?)
  176. gordons crowbar
  177. Any decent "pro" engineer videos?
  178. Re: Pomson 6K
  179. Merging Wrenches
  180. Colonial Marine set - idea
  181. Regarding Sentry Nests
  182. Engineers need a revamp
  183. Homestead Hammer
  184. Just so we can end this...
  185. Do Spies Really Have The Advantage?
  186. Valve won't add a completely new sentry..
  187. how to email handlers of tf2?
  188. Can't find the mobile sentry gun in the workshop
  189. I really think Engineer ought to have a passive secondary which increases max metal
  190. Pomson 6000 Wangler Bug
  191. A non game breaking pomsom effect
  192. Building Ideas.
  193. What is the best way to counter Spies who spam the sapper?
  194. Wrench Alt-Fire Idea
  195. The Texas Touchdown [MELEE]
  196. The Mule Pack, Secondary idea.
  197. engineer idea
  198. Tesla's Terror (Wrench)
  199. An Engineer Set
  200. Wrangler? Pffft... Here some more laser pointers!
  201. Shouldn't the Brainiac Hairpiece be a hat?
  202. Suggested PDA update
  203. I really wish there was a mobile sentry
  204. Shotgun Idea
  205. Wrench Idea
  206. duel wielding
  207. Atom Smasher/Atomic Pile
  208. Stock+Gunslinger
  209. Question about constructing-teleporters absorbing metal
  210. Combat-engi secondary
  211. Wrench-Switch causes building-destroy
  213. an indirect fire sentry
  214. Help :sentry placement
  215. Gunslinger Reskin?
  216. Gas Sentry
  217. Pomson balance suggestion
  218. Upgradeable Minisentry
  219. The Broken Main (sentry unlock)
  220. The Pack Howitzer (Spun-off from Indirect Fire Sentry)
  221. How can one fix the Pomson without 4000 threads against the change later?
  222. So you think the Pompson is fine?
  223. Wrangler bug?
  224. engineers unite
  225. Invisibility Machine (dispenser unlock)
  226. Wrangler
  227. Dispenser vs Resupply
  228. Make Brainiac's Hairpiece Paintable
  229. The Strange Southern Hospitality - IT IS BROKEN
  230. Fixing the Eureka Effect
  231. New sentry ideas
  232. Pomson Suggestion
  233. Pomson Tweak, because it was requested.
  234. I'm okay with the Uber drain...
  235. Engineer Haiku Tale
  236. Engineers on Control Point maps
  237. Best Engy Hat+Paint ?
  238. Silly sentry replacement: Attack Dog.
  239. Altruist's Haymaker
  240. Look, it's a Melee-Idea!
  241. Seeing as how both sides aren't bending... (regarding pompson)
  242. Pistol idea: City Justice
  243. Sentry Idea: Sandman Sentry
  244. Professor's Peculiarity + Googly Gazer
  245. New Sentry idea
  246. Wrench Idea: Spinoff of the attack dog sentry.
  247. cyborg engineer
  248. A fairy simple wrench idea.
  249. Attack Dog Spinoff: The Mechanimal Master
  250. The Building Kit [ New Type of Secondary ]