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  1. Ballistic fists?
  2. I cannot make shotgun heavy fun.
  3. The "best" Heavy players?
  4. The change steak deserves, But not the one it needs.
  5. Is a passive primary for Heavy possible?
  6. A Deflector Minigun?
  7. Ten Types of Primaries: Variety Is The Spice Of Life
  8. heavy hud problems
  9. Horrible minigun idea.
  10. How can we buff up the heavy's skill floor and ceiling,
  11. We need a primary that promotes synergy with the secondary
  12. The steak sandvic should be throw-able.
  13. Chainsaw Primary
  14. Hovy n solja sotgun: Screw sandviches.
  15. Chainsaw Tongue Toy
  16. Heavy Weapons Overhaul + New MvM Upgrades for Heavy.
  17. Most balanced weapon?
  18. heavies should have full speed and the ability to jump when revved
  19. Problems/Solutions: Natascha
  20. boring heavy unlock idea
  21. Heavy Primary Idea
  22. Dalokohs Bar Ultimate Fix.
  23. Melee idea: Whoo hoo!
  24. Primary unlock: Showdown at Cry Noon
  25. How is babby formed?
  26. Groundbreaking sandvich unlock idea
  27. Heavy Pack
  28. Make Stock Heavy a Tank.
  29. The Hitman's Heater
  30. A primary to complement the secondary
  31. Possibly Silly Melee Idea: Lifting Gloves
  32. How to fix heavy
  33. Health Based Unlock Ideas
  34. The Stickvich
  35. Heavy Knight; (what if the heavy can swap a targe for his minigun)
  36. Family Business Rework- Reloads on Kill
  37. Terrible passive primary 2: The revival! (Don'tcha know who I am?)
  38. G.R.U.
  39. Change, The romneyslav can believe in. (Thanks obama.)
  40. El Bruto(Heavy Set)
  41. Possible Broken Heavy Item: The Iron Joogernaut
  42. Secondary idea: Heavy on a diet?
  43. I'm bored, tweak the Steak
  44. Heavy rework idea: damage sponge
  45. Terrible melee of the day: Long ranged fisticuffs!
  46. Eviction Notice
  47. I submit to you that one does not go Rage Heavy
  48. G.R.U. and Steak Sandvich don't stack speeds anymore.
  49. Secondary unlock: The Bite-Sized Burger
  50. Primary idea: Heavy is crazy train
  51. The Lunar Laika
  52. Shotgun Heavy is actually balanced towards game
  53. Dumb Fat Scout Primary Idea
  54. heavy weapon unlock idea thread heavy idea unlock
  55. Heavy's Snapping Snatch: a bear trap
  56. GRU
  57. How to make Natascha good again. But not OP
  58. How to make Tomislav an actual ambush weapon
  59. Natascha
  60. Huo-Long Heater
  61. (Dumb idea) What if Natascha bullets slowed down enemy projectiles?
  62. Suggestions to save the Brass Beast
  63. Groundbreaking melee slot idea
  64. Shotgun idea (Skillbased ohmagerd)
  65. Tomislav Rework Thing - Mobility Gun
  66. Groundbreaking sandvich unlock ideas
  67. After all this time, heavy still has no variety
  68. The Robotic Chocolate Bar
  69. How to give Tomislav better spin-up
  70. Tomislav rework idea
  71. The Decrepit Death Machine
  72. What in god's name... (Melee.)
  73. The "Let's Make A Viable Secondary Non-Food Item" topic
  74. Add health regen to the Dalokoh's effect
  75. The Jack-o-Blaster
  76. Hoovy non sanvich secondary idea
  77. Primary idea: The Apple
  78. how to make fatscout good
  79. Rapidly decreasing Tomislav
  80. Magically buffing Dalokohs Bar
  81. Baguette melee for Heavy
  82. "I am coming, cowards, to lay eggs in your mouth!"
  83. Giving each minigun unlock utility
  84. Random Shotgun Primary
  85. Primary weapon: Grapple/Taser
  86. New primary: The Big Shoota
  87. Alternative Brass Beast thought.
  89. give heavy bison
  90. hevy unlock ide
  91. New Heavy Primary Idea!
  92. NEW PRIMARY WEAPON IDEA! The Speed Buffer.
  93. Why? (Minigun.)
  94. Heavy Shotgun Idea: The Kremlin
  95. Change, The black market business can believe in.
  96. Vodka
  97. heavy needs to become a literal tank
  98. Change, The steak can believe in.
  99. NUUU WEPON :^)
  100. Massive Gloves of Mauling - Melee Unlock
  101. Pinkheartsy fists of doom: Gentlemen, Welcome to fight club.
  102. Alternate Playstyle Minigun: The S-137
  103. Set Idea: Spaghetti Russian
  104. The Tomislav rework that fixed everything.
  105. MVM upgrade idea: EXPLOSIVE FISTS
  106. What do you hoovies prefer medic use?
  107. You are lone hoovey cornered by oposing team
  108. Huo-Long Heater fix
  109. Joke Heavy Idea: The Spangler
  110. Natascha rebalancing
  111. Ice cream (Secondary)
  112. post unrelated
  113. Hue-long heater is fine, people need to learn it's strengths.
  114. Analysing the projectile-based minigun
  115. Valve hates Heavy
  116. Weapon set: The Weaponized Womanizer
  117. Brass Beast idea to make it better,
  118. What would be a good new function for Natascha?
  119. How To Help Fix Minigun and Natascha
  120. New heavy primary idea - Something that isn't a minigun
  121. Heavy less talkative after eating sandvich?
  122. Slow Mini gun spin-up?
  123. stolen idea
  124. Black Market Business Set Re-Synchronization
  125. Derp weapon idea
  126. Question to people that heard russian voice clips
  127. EVERYONE!
  128. Heavy Minigun Idea, Vostok Vaporizer
  129. Heavy Grordbort weapon ideas
  130. Shotgun Primary again
  131. Who wants a good midrange sidegrade?
  132. Anyone know when(if) Valve is fixing the Cuban Bristle Crisis?
  133. Debatable Idea From The Workshop: Reverse Medigun
  134. Huo Long Heater Rework
  135. New Minigun: Tesla's Revense
  136. Rework Natascha into Deflector.
  137. new balance for dalokohs bar
  138. Give Heavy a blank slate?
  139. Natasha Rework
  140. How to make the Tomi interesting.
  141. How to fix Warrior's Spirit and Steak Sandvich?
  142. Natasha rework that
  143. The Goliath (Primary idea that is 100% original)
  144. Heavy Concept Ideas
  145. Couple ideas for weapons reworks
  146. Cosmetic Changes for the Heavy's Fist Melees
  147. Primary Unlock: The Ball-and-Chain!
  148. give heavy ambassador as secondary
  149. Utility-based secondary unlock: The Grappling Hook
  150. Possible Idea For Shotgun Heavy Loadout
  151. Dalokohs Bar Roaming Fix
  152. The Cursed Minigun
  153. What if heavy got a Shotgun-"Beggars Bazooka" as Primary?
  154. Non Minigun Primary
  155. Slug-based shotgun
  156. Matryoshka
  157. The Soviet Space Program
  158. Natascha buffed
  159. Remember the Brass Beast?
  160. My rework ideas for Miniguns
  161. For Fun: Primary for Boxing Heavy
  162. What is your theory on this?
  163. Gone commando/combat slacks
  164. [moved] heavy new primary/gamestyle
  165. What aspects of Heavy are unbalanced?
  166. Idea: The Lumbering Jack Set
  167. Finally, I'll admit it: the Brass Beast is terrible
  168. Change of Warrior's Spirit
  169. Does anyone use the Eviction Notice?
  170. Tomislav as a super SMG
  171. godawful idea i pulled from an unspeakable place
  172. Brass Beast rework - The Human Sentry
  173. Eviction Notice
  174. a shotgun primary
  175. Heavy Weapons Guy's Weapons
  176. New minigun idea
  177. Random Gun Idea
  178. why aren't apoco fists a KGB reskin?
  179. Give charging ability to heavy
  180. Chargin' Targe for Heavy
  181. Two Procrastination Ideas
  182. Dr. Varnoff's Revenge; An Ed Wood - Esque Update Idea!!!
  183. primary rework ideas
  184. Enforcer Shield [Primary Idea]
  185. Give Heavy the Vaccinator's ability
  186. Revisiting an old idea: rifle secondary
  187. How about a Taco Sandvich?
  188. Primary unlock: Russian Rabbit
  189. Give Heavy the Baby Face's Blaster
  190. Heavy sheels and -dxlevel81
  191. an idea or something idk
  192. Do we really need shotgun primary to be as good as a mini-gun?
  193. Modest Ideas for the Mafia Heavy
  194. Heavy Primary Unlock: Running Shoes
  195. Joke secondary for Heavy
  196. I'm making a balance mod for Heavy.
  197. Necessary Heavy Melee Rebalance
  198. Traditional way to make Heavy strong
  199. Heavy's food stand of nutrition
  200. A heavy proposal.
  201. Target marking minigun
  202. Heavy Cosmetic Loadouts
  203. If We All Had a Chance to Design the Heavy...
  204. How to Play: Beast Heavy
  205. The Ballistic Blaster (shotgun heavy secondary :D)
  206. The new natascha is really good.... What do you think?
  207. Never more proud to be a Heavy main!
  208. Ballistic shield
  209. "Health as ammo" minigun
  210. What is the point of the Tomislav?
  211. What if Brass Beast...
  212. Here's what I'm-a do with the Warrior's Spirit.
  213. huo-long heater balance
  214. I scrapped part of my Natascha-rework.
  215. Eviction Notice Idea
  216. Is it odd if I consider myself bad at heavy?
  217. I made a way for the KGB to be relevant.
  218. I'm lazy: the chocolate/fish bar has a static +50 health on top of its effect.
  219. I removed the melee-restriction from the Buffalo Steak Sandvich.
  220. New Warrior's Spirit
  221. The Meat Shield: making the heavy fulfill the role of a traditional tank
  222. Perestroika is live.
  223. Stock Shotgun as Primary
  224. Heavy primary: Looted dispenser
  225. Strange Sandvich Parts
  226. Is the heavy considered a generalist?
  227. Hats
  228. This is not a fatscout idea
  229. Valve please nerf the sandwitch
  230. Please buff Warrior's Spirit
  231. An attempt at skill indexing
  232. Primary Shotgun
  233. Laser Cannon Primary
  234. can't keep minigun spinning any more
  235. BUFFalo Steak Sandvich - Speedy Heals
  236. The Ukranian Borderlands (Shotgun Primary)
  237. Natascha Change That Probably Won't Fix Anything But At Least is an Idea
  238. Change of Warrior's Spirit
  239. How to Haul a really Big Gun...
  240. Heavy weapon idea: the dog
  241. Natascha.
  242. Heavy Primary: Shoes
  243. Niches of each minigunlock/how to make them actually useful?
  244. Vevota's Guide to a Useful Dalokoh's Bar!
  245. Brass Beast Tweak: Mini-Crits on Airborne Targets
  246. Brass Beast Tweaks
  247. Brass Beast fix idea
  248. Which primary do you use as Shotgun Heavy/Fat Scout ?
  249. Heavy was nerfed.
  250. Is Natascha finally viable?