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  1. Olga: The Perfect Killing Machine.
  2. That secret Polycount pack...
  3. Taunting with GRU
  4. The Heavy hate has reached an all-time high
  5. Heavy is not overpowered.
  6. Start making up stats for Heavy's Chainsaw!
  7. Ivor - Chaingun Replacement
  8. Amelia: Level 1 Riot Shield
  9. Heavy is still obese... and OP
  10. Can't see the purity fists in first person?
  11. Edible Devices + GRU Reworked
  12. Heavy is underpowered
  13. Why is FOS overpowered
  14. Tomislav glitch
  15. Heavies. Cancer of Tf2?
  16. Lunchbox idea: The MANNVICH
  17. Radical Heavy Balancing Suggestions
  18. Secondary weapon: A bear trap.
  19. Am I cool yet?
  20. "Oh no! Not Another Heavy Re-vamp/Balance Thread!"
  21. What if the Heavy was removed
  22. Heavy and the jump revving
  23. Shotgun Heavy subclass set thingy.
  24. New minigun: The soviet saw
  25. Highlander Heavy POV + Comms (SNSD vs tp.esports - div1)
  26. How would you face a team of Heavy Medics?
  27. Heavy strategy thread.
  28. Warrior's Spirit has a model fix!
  29. Evaluation of Heavy's current balance status and suggesting changes
  30. Tomislav Rework
  31. A minigun replacement thats not a minigun?
  32. Heavy skills and strategies
  33. Laser weapons for Heavy.
  34. Babies
  35. Fists of the Red Star
  36. UGC Highlander Season 6 starts Jan 23rd. Heavies: Well.. we have punch and pie
  37. Is there any reason to use the natascha?
  38. Why does everyone say that the Sandvich is a 'straight upgrade' of the Shotgun?
  39. Only Tomislav and Vanilla Viable?
  40. What if heavy had to
  41. Eviction Notice Buff Idea
  42. You Heavies are selfish.
  43. Forget snipers and spies, demoman is the natural counter to heavy
  44. An Advance Wars Analogy Analysis
  45. Possible to buff the Dalokohs bar?
  46. Useless Heavy items fix
  47. Could the Heavy
  48. Proof that the Heavy is OP
  49. The Great Heavy Rebalancing
  50. Brass beast
  51. Slower Spin-Down: Viable Nerf?
  53. Sasha & Natascha need to swap spin-up times
  54. How would you react if Natty's Slowdown became something else?
  55. Hoovy needs more shotguns
  56. Is heavy boring or not? Share your opinion.
  57. Is it just me...
  58. So what's the argument against turn speed cap?
  59. Rethinking the skill ceiling of heavy. ~Airvich <3
  60. Minigun, Natascha, Tomislav, Sandvich, Dalokohs bar balance
  61. Wouldn't nerfing the sandvich pretty much balance the heavy?
  62. Heavy is obviously not OP...
  63. Less Minigun Ammo, Greater Windup Time
  64. Strange Minigun idea?
  65. Minigun mobility improvement
  66. Two ways to balance the tomigruvich
  67. Only way to make melee efficient
  68. What if you couldn't move while spun-up?
  69. Strange Sandwich
  70. What the heck is wrong with Heavy?
  71. Buff Tomislav
  72. The Point Stopper (New Minigun)
  73. So, what's the point to the Family Business?
  74. You don't mess with Sandvich, or Sofiya'll have a word with you(Heavy weapon ideas)
  75. Fix Heavy: Vote Thread
  76. 34.9%
  77. Heavy mini gun idea
  78. Tanta (Minigun Idea)
  79. I figured out how to balance the newer miniguns out!
  80. Why the brass beast doesn't need a buff
  81. Poll:What are the reasons Heavy is considered OP for?
  82. Tommy Gruvich Nerfs
  83. Morgan, handheld sentry.
  84. Why isn't there...
  85. How to skill index the Heavy
  86. The Heavy Challange
  87. revamp natascha
  88. The Iron Wall. (Heavy Unlock Idea.)
  89. 500th Post: Different Heavy Unlocks
  90. Shotgun Heavy Unlocks.
  91. I'm sure if you guys don't pay attention...
  92. eviction notice
  93. A very simple GRU and sandvich fix.
  94. Ground-breaking sandwich unlock idea
  95. Balancing the Lunch Box items
  96. Non-descript Heavy Changes
  97. Heavy Melee Balancing Attempt
  98. Another attempt at GRU Balance
  99. The Age Old Question - Which Minigun is the BEST - In the Opinion of SPUF
  100. Iron curtain or festive?
  101. Bleeding mini-gun
  102. Convince me the Stock Minigun is superior to the Tomislav.
  103. Tommygun Secondary
  104. can the sanvich also be used in the primary?
  105. The GRU....The Sputnik Boost?
  106. Fun Little Melee Unlock Idea
  107. How to remove the heavy's last downside
  108. The Fix Heavy Project: Suggestions Thread
  109. Strange Sandvich?
  110. Minigun jumper
  111. Clown Heavy set.
  112. Vadka
  113. Heavy Weapon idea's
  114. Natasha Help
  115. heavy just needs to be nerfed
  116. "heavy no longer gains health from a Sanvich they drop; It re-fills their Sanvich"
  117. Uber Gun
  118. I'm looking for Tomi's grave...
  119. Anti-Sandvich nerf petition
  120. Make the GRU set you on fire
  121. Why I'm anti-sandvich nerf
  122. SO, with the Sandvich and Tomislav being nerfed....
  123. New Tomislav
  124. About the Tomislav nerf
  125. jump_tommygruvich
  126. Buff(alo) Steak Sandvich?
  127. Brass Beast - Give it a bipod?
  128. Minigun Muzzle Glitch
  129. A Boost to the Hibernating Bear Set?
  130. Why don't heavies use the shotgun?
  131. heavy in a nutshell
  132. FoS and BSS.
  133. A quick thought.....
  134. How I would fix the heavy
  135. The Beta
  136. Heavy, no wait, gru running script
  137. Fix the Family Business? Too Late?
  138. Tomislav Nerf - Alternative
  139. Allow the Heavy to wield the Widowmaker
  140. The Healthy Heavy
  141. Simple GRU Revision
  142. So far, so good...
  143. The limes
  144. so what's the point
  145. sandvich
  146. 1 of 1,000 GRU nerf ideas
  147. Aesthetic tweak to heavy (for medic's benefits)
  148. I don't know if this is a good idea but...
  149. Natasha - buff?
  150. the new and improved tomislav
  151. Combine GRU and KGB
  152. New Shotgun: The Red Scare
  153. Large Razorback
  154. WHAT IF: Natascha and FaN switched mechanics?
  155. An old idea for sandvich
  156. Shotgun Idea
  157. The Defensive Cooperation Set.
  158. Eviction Notice Suggestion
  159. Post your Heavy loadout!
  160. Laser Minigun Idea
  161. For all you whining about the Tomislav: a simple solution
  162. What if slowdown only worked on players running towards you?
  163. The Bar-Room Brawler
  164. Support Your Heavy!!!
  165. Laser gun for heavy, What stats do you think it should have?
  166. I just had the stupidest idea ever
  167. Hi, I'm a Natascha user.
  168. I feel bad [Thread #71839]
  169. Shotgun Heavy...
  170. Weapon Idea: The Big Mitt
  171. Tomislav Nerf?
  172. Chainsaw heavy: Ideas for this model?
  173. The Brass Beast
  174. Having some survival issues.
  175. An... "unconventional"... Gloves of Running Urgently change...
  176. Lunchbox Idea: Jelly
  177. The Family Business
  178. Help with a heavy script.
  179. Heavy Item Set.
  180. So it's finally settled.
  181. VALVe, I hate you.
  182. The Gloves of Running Urgently aren't over-powered at all.
  183. In lite of the new sandvich nerf, another thing to test
  184. For the love of Sandvich, read the patch notes.
  185. They have ruined the Heavy for me. (Sandwitch nerfing)
  186. How many of you've extensively played the Heavy solo?
  187. Can we now please make the Dalokohs Bar throwable?
  188. Weapon Idea: The Soviet Artillery
  189. None of the Heavys miniguns should be able to roll for crits
  190. What is your go-to Heavy loadout now?
  191. I Know Why They Nerfed The Sandvich First
  192. Dropped Buffalo Steak Sandviches should give a different effect
  193. Are the Sandvich and Shotgun now sidegrades?
  194. The Rushin' Russian
  195. Heavy Nerf
  196. What does your Hoovy wear?
  197. Sandvich is UP
  198. It has come to my attention that many people are Overreacting to the Sandvich Nerf.
  199. RIP Airvich
  200. Thank you,Valve.
  201. So you think the Heavy Class needed a nerf.. huh?
  202. Heavy Food balancing attempt
  203. Un-nerf the Steak Sandvich
  204. New Heavy Item Idea
  205. What the hor hairy dongs did you do to my sandvich
  206. Buff the Dalokohs bar?
  207. Has anyone else noticed that horrible Tomislav sound glitch?
  208. Sleeper Weapons?
  209. Increasing the usefulness the non-sandvich eatables
  210. Reverse GRU?
  211. Fun boost to the steak sandvich, oh yes.
  212. Black Market Set: Rework Suggestion
  213. Crouching vs another heavy
  214. GRU can't ever be balanced
  215. How to make boxing heavy a viable subclass
  216. Undo the Sandvich nerf
  217. For the Shotgun Heavies out there....
  218. Rethinking the Tomislav
  219. Now that the Warrior's Spirit is fixed...
  220. Tomislav: What if instead of faster spin up...
  221. Sasha is best weapon.
  222. Some Heavy Weapons Fixes (Ideas)
  223. What if the GRU just had a straight up health penalty?
  224. how does heavy require skill?
  225. The Heavy still has the "fake crits" problem by the way.
  226. Almost Balanced
  227. Family Business or Shotgun
  228. Another GRU Balance Thread
  229. Urgently, you must Run away from these Gloves
  230. When was Natasha nerfed?
  231. Slight changes to some weapons.
  233. The 118th Update
  234. The Caberback
  235. Return Buffalo-GRU speedstacking
  236. Can we get an animation for...
  237. Is Natascha too weak, or is Sasha too strong?
  238. A very generic stat suggestion :3
  240. The Future Of Pro Airviching
  241. What's next for Hoovy?
  242. I think I know why "Heavy" called Heavy!
  243. How to be a 'Skilled' heavy?
  244. anyone here has heavy as fav class?
  245. Heavy set kinda sucks?
  246. The Comedy Weapons Guy
  247. Buffallo Steak Buff?
  248. The Rationisk
  249. Lewey the 14th (Heavy Minigun Idea)
  250. Tank Commander Pack