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  1. Play God With this Possessive Medigun
  2. The Triage Function Ideas
  3. Making Medic Fun: The Doser
  4. New Melee: The Zombifier
  5. medigun for bad patients
  6. Medic is OP
  7. The Very Serious Weapon Talk: The Blutsauger
  8. what defines a pro medic?
  9. Blutsauger+QuickFix+VitaSaw=Truly Godlike Medic
  10. Building Update
  11. I dropped two Übers thanks to that delay between M2 and activation.
  12. Healing "reserve" as Quick-fix buff
  13. Quick-Fix idea
  14. QuickFix Buff with Demo and Soldier
  15. 1v1
  16. Which is Worse?
  17. Advice from other Medics
  18. The Doctor's Doppelganger
  19. Where is the M2 App thread?
  20. The Safety Shield
  21. Talk about your personal medigun here
  22. A couple of Medigun ideas
  23. Medics and Dominations
  24. Your main loadout?
  25. Medic Mishap
  26. Teammates, Ubercharges, and YOU! A guide to The Medic
  27. "Medigun continues healing without holding down M1" option
  28. How important are Medics in a game?
  29. Quick-Fix buff idea #598
  30. What
  31. Archimedes!!!
  32. Dat blutsauger
  33. Hello I Am The Medic. I Am The Crit Magnet/Doormat Of TF2
  34. Need help medic bind
  35. Syringe Gun vs SMG - which one is worse actually?
  36. Medigun idea
  37. My medic best game ive played
  38. "Quick-Fix Medic is worse than no Medic at all"
  39. Would you Uber/Kritz a Heavy with BB?
  40. Petition: Allies Extinguished S. Part should be able to be applied to healing guns!
  41. Medigun Idea: The Quarantine
  42. Heal all the things!
  43. Flak over Quick Fix ?
  44. 1 reason I don't like the quickfix
  45. A thread that isn't about the Quick Fix
  46. Favorite Mess-Around Uber?
  47. See all patients ammos/weapons/charges
  48. Medic should be able to call for sandvich
  49. I'm suddenly losing my interest in playing Medic now?
  50. The Very Serious Weapon Talk: The Kritzkrieg
  51. Laser Medigun
  52. Medicating Melody questions
  53. Misc items with the Team Captain?
  54. The Pain Killer: Syringe Gun Sidegrade
  55. The Quick-Fix DOES overheal! Kind of
  56. Quick-fix should:
  57. INVITE MEDIC: Gravelpit highlights feat. PYYYOUR and SHADE
  58. The Hurt/Heal gun from MNC
  59. What do you look like?
  60. Trying to be a credit to my team, but...
  61. New "bonesaw"- The Wailing Whistler
  62. Your Opinion: Solemn Vow
  63. "Ready for that charge doc." "HUDDA HUDDA HUH!" "Hit it doc." "Charge now doctor!"
  64. Heal not work help?
  65. How I think we could Buff the Quick - Fix
  66. The best medigun (NOT vanilla, kritzkrieg, or quick-fix)
  67. to pocket, or not to pocket.
  68. competitive medic: when to uber.
  69. Cross-Class update: the Medic.
  70. QF idea
  71. Help getting "Accomplish X Things with Single Ubercharge on {class}" achievments
  72. New melee: The 'Critazer' (Like soldier's whip)
  73. Quickfix <3 Thread
  74. Give medic better melee stats
  75. Overdose, syringes and Blutsauger
  76. Annoying medics - Do you do this?
  77. What would you think of a passive primary?
  78. How about we make the quick-fix live up to its name.
  79. Strange Part:: Allies Extinguished
  80. How OP would the quick-fix be if..
  81. Is the "Need For Speed" loadout good? (Overdose-QuickFix-VitaSaw)
  82. Let's just clear something up.
  83. New Medic primary: The Doctor Holliday
  84. How do I make needles work?
  85. Vita-Saw's max charge kept is only 19%
  86. TurboBooster - New Minigun
  87. What do you think?
  88. Oktoberfest: Medic Equalizer Concept
  89. The Medic Used a Vocal Taunt! Its Super Effective!
  90. Totally inconsequential Quick-Fix buff.
  91. Passive buff item for medic
  92. Unique Ubercharge mechanic for Quick-fix
  93. Medic Uber/Kritz Used Script | Medic Faked "Ubercharge Ready" Script
  94. The Practical Practitioner
  95. Kritz / Uber Medibeam Differences
  96. How to make Megaheal overpowered
  97. New medigun - Lebensdieb
  98. Artillery Medic
  99. Medic strange part:
  100. [suggestion] crusader's crossbow change
  101. An invisibility uber
  102. Medic unlock ideas.
  103. Indi's medic weapon ideas
  104. Stop thinking like a Medic (A guide to better Quick-fixing)
  105. So I started to play medic today-Have a question.
  106. A Uber that encourages and assists flanks?
  107. Your Favorite Pocket?
  108. Sanctus Libri: "Invictus Tormentia", "Bellum Fulgur" et "Celer Redintegrum"
  109. Medic Primary Unlock: The Panacea
  110. This Quick Fix idea will be shot down within 2 posts because SPUF hates battle medics
  111. This Quick Fix Idea Will Be Shot Down By Hipsters
  112. Warning: Do not annoy the Medic with repeated 'Medic!' calls.
  113. Real TF2 Medic ?! WTF
  114. Medigun idea...
  115. Medics not charging when needed...
  116. Mercy Killer Idea (convert hurting to healing)
  117. When to use Blutsauger/How often do you use Blutsauger?
  118. The Quick-Fix's Role (+ buff)
  119. Which Syringe Gun do yo use.
  120. I can't think of any creative titles for this Quick-Fix idea.
  121. The Paralyzer
  122. Fun, yet useful Uber tactics I just started doing:
  123. Medigun idea
  124. The Uber saw is a crutch, the Amputator is a crutch.
  125. Ammo Medigun
  126. Should the Quick-Fix uber have an AoE heal?
  127. Poot's guide to ubercharges
  128. Best uber/kritz targets?
  129. I feel mean for doing this to my teammates.
  130. There should be a crutch Melee weapon.
  131. Medic, why do you use QF? It's noob weapon.
  132. Do people hate Medieval Medics in Non-Medieval games?
  133. Vita-saw change
  134. Medi-gun that can heal two targets at one (can't come up with a name)
  135. When should I use the AOE heal?
  136. Hey. Shut up!
  137. Are there any steam groups for medics?
  138. So THAT'S why no one plays Medic
  139. Quickfix Small Buff
  140. The Quick-Fix according to Meet the Medic
  141. Underhealing.
  142. One more stupid Quick-fix buff
  143. Why do some meds put "108" at the end of their uber binds?
  144. New Medigun Idea
  145. Quick Fix: Should the Ubercharge overheal?
  146. New healing mechanic
  147. 2 uber target or 1 single uber target?
  148. I finally realized the essence of Medic play
  149. Should I cap point / push cart as Medic?
  150. When to pop uber at round start?
  151. Different phrases for different Ubercharges
  152. Yes I'm Ranting, no it's not my blog, but HEAVIES.
  153. So a Soldier with Equalizer called for Medic...
  154. Solemn Vow and Amputator Balance
  155. Screenshot Request
  156. Do you jump around as Medic?
  157. A simple idea to make the Crusader's Crossbow somewhat viable in standard play
  158. Why don't we have a medigun with a LONGER charging time?
  159. Landing on a Pickelhaube medic should double falling damage
  160. Those Times in Your Medic Career...
  161. Strange Kritz...
  162. Any way to disable Medigun effect ?
  163. The other side of the coin: STOOPID MEDIC!
  164. Domination lines
  165. Quick Fix change: better for groups
  166. From no Medic to too many Medics?
  167. So...
  168. List of Ubercharge suggestions that you see way too often
  169. I think I'm getting too full of myself...
  170. injector
  171. "You're too aggressive"
  172. New weapon of Scout and Quick-fix
  173. Allies Extinguished on Medi Gun?
  174. New Medigun Idea (Unique Element)
  175. Ever wish the Ubersaw couldn't do random crits?
  176. Quantum Conundrum...
  177. Medic feels useless to me..?
  178. Quick Fix buff
  179. Crusader's crossbow has 40% faster reload
  180. What is blast jumping and how do you do it...?
  181. Why didn't te Crusader's Crossbow get passive reload?
  182. Guys. GUYS. THE QUICKFIX.
  183. Remaining problems with Quick-fix
  184. Special Delivery bug:
  185. Give the Medic the Market Gardener
  186. Medigun Idea
  187. Quick-fix jumps are unreliable.
  188. Apparently VALVe does listen.
  189. Megaheal bombing
  190. Uber Capacitor Medigun Idea.
  191. New Medi Gun idea
  192. Quick-Fix bug
  193. The new QF.
  194. This Quick-Fix buff is fun and all...
  195. Make the new Quick Fix jump work with detjumps and reflect rocket jumps
  196. A small but helpful Quick-Fix buff:
  197. Valve, we need more tips.
  198. If a quick-fix Medic is healing another quick-fix Medic who is healing a Soldier
  199. Quick-Fix Shouldn't mirror blast jumps whilst carrying the intel.
  200. Anyone else love the Crossbow upgrade?
  201. YEEESSS
  202. Question: Does Quick Fix now keep speed with Charge?
  203. Quick-fix buff: slowing down of fall
  204. Quick Fix Uber Bug Back
  205. Wich misc i should get
  206. Does anyone main Crossbow now who didn't before?
  207. Medic Primary Suggestion
  208. A shotgun that uses 20% uber for each fire
  209. Thoughts on stuff
  210. A more strategic medigun.
  211. Am I a bad person?
  212. Denying heals
  213. Quick Fix Proposal
  214. Quick fix jumps in a nutshell
  215. The Infectous Shot (New primary)
  216. Here's Another Medigun Idea
  217. The Intellectual's Vigorator
  218. How often do you heal enemy Spies?
  219. new best medic hat/misc combo
  220. Huge Clipping With Quickfix+Scrap Pack, Valve Please Fix?
  221. General Medic Questions
  222. Changes of Megaheal
  223. Suggestion for Kritz & Q-Fix
  224. Uberheal a Medigun Alternative
  225. Quick Fix 'Mirror Jump' Tweak Suggestion
  226. Pomson rage
  227. Opinions on Doomsday?
  228. My Guide on How to Enjoy Playing Medic:
  229. Changes of Megaheal, version 2
  230. A humble suggestion for the Kritzkrieg and the Quick-Fix:
  231. New Medigun Idea
  232. Idea for a new tool for the Medic.
  233. Selling CLEAN Ze Goggles and Surgeons Stethoscope :D
  234. Syringe Gun vs. Overdose vs. Blutsauger
  235. Ammo Medigun
  236. What if...
  237. Quick-Fix Balance Suggestions.
  238. Arrows can destroy enemy projectiles
  239. Debunking rumors about Quick-Fix's speed boosts
  240. I need help with medic loadouts.
  241. The Syringe Jumper
  242. Quick-Fix+Sticky Jumper Demo+CTF
  243. Domination kills part on medi gun
  244. Medi-gun crits?
  245. Does the Beta Quick Fix have the new jumping ability?
  246. Medigun Ideas
  247. Healing order tips.
  248. When to use Oktoberfest
  249. Hale's Own Medigun...
  250. Help me stop dropping Charges.