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  1. Did I do something wrong?
  2. What if the Quick-Fix was able to overheal, but only out of combat?
  3. Rate Medic's primary wepons
  4. Can we hide *inside* a Heavy?
  5. Medic Domination Lines
  6. Can somebody explain to me why the medic needs straight upgrades for his melee?
  7. Possible New Medigun?
  8. The Ultimate Charge, Stock and Kritz.
  9. Best Medic loadout?
  10. Proposed New Medigun stats
  11. Proposed New Medic weapon stats
  12. Another Quick-Fix balance suggestion.
  13. Bodyshot resistance
  14. A Brief PSA...
  15. Achtung all other classes
  16. Why is it Kritz-Defense and Stock-Offense?
  17. Another "Dear all classes" thread...
  18. Just curious to survey the "medical" comunity
  19. Crossbow Medic
  20. What if the Crossbow...
  21. Disregard my "Dear all Classes" thread
  22. What does the Medic mean when he says "Alveterzane, Dumbkomps!"
  23. Medic - The 'Why he is not fun Review" and Suggestions
  24. Medigun replacement idea?
  25. Quick-Fix Uber buff
  26. Petition: Strange Part: Allies Extinguished on Medi Guns
  27. Mmmph mph mmmmmph mphmph!
  28. Crusaders Crossbow Buff Idea
  29. New types of ubers for new mediguns
  30. SET IDEA: Paramedic's Provisions (Update)
  31. What do you think about this?
  32. Healing Aura for Medics
  33. medigun idea
  34. So I Got An Airshot With the Crossbow Today...
  35. Okay, not to sound like a troll.
  36. The Persevering Prescription
  37. Does Quick-fix need ammo restore ability?
  38. In Defense of the Quick-Fix
  39. Medic needs another type of Medigun
  40. Can we get 'tips you might not have thought of' thread happening?
  41. One final change for the Crusader's Crossbow.
  42. New Medic Responses: "I'm in reach, look for me." and High-Five
  43. Let the Quick-Fix Uberchage
  44. Medic Bug?
  45. Quick-fix and lags
  46. Which Soldier will you choose in 6v6?
  47. New medigun idea, possibly Grordbort
  48. A Medic Medi-...well, secondary weapon suggestion
  49. Medic Syringe Gun Replacement Idea
  50. Avoiding Danger
  51. Demo has parrot, Medic needs a dove.
  52. Addition to Quick-fix Ubercharge: Knockback Aura
  53. What is the best syringe gun to complement my loudout?
  54. A new Medigun idea
  55. Let's make the Medic a little more fun: a new syringe gun
  56. Submit Medic Concepts
  57. Simple Medigun idea
  58. Ubercharging defensive Engineers?
  59. Medigun that supercharges buildings?
  60. 3 Snipers/Spies...
  61. New Name for my Strange MediGun
  62. Oh god why...
  63. Dude, what would happen... If the medic... had like... a medigun
  64. A solution to straight upgrades
  65. The Future of Medicine: The Radioactiv Mann Set
  66. I got it! (Too excited about Weta Medigun)
  67. strange part: healing done
  68. What goes best with Otolaryngologist's Mirror?
  69. Thoughts on possible Medic weapon stats.
  70. An argument I had about pocketing
  71. NEW WEAPON IDEA! The Super Syringe Gun.
  72. Where oh where did the beta overdose go?
  73. A medigun idea that may or may not be complete trash
  74. Quick-Fix bug!
  75. Credit to Team Battle Medic weapon idea
  76. Quick Fix buff
  77. Idea: The Second Opinion
  78. Plan B: New syringe gun
  79. Melee idea
  80. The Medic is either incompetent or a traitor.
  81. Need a good Medic Loadout!
  82. How would you feel about...
  83. Then it hit me
  84. Some ways to buff the quick fix
  85. [IDEA][MEDIC]The "Consequence" weapons
  86. For players, which want overheal with Quick-fix...
  87. Am I the only one....
  88. Hey, everyone!
  89. Medic Jump movie!
  90. Why is Battle Medic bad?
  91. Syringe Gun.Idea
  92. New Medic Buddies?
  93. You know what I would like to see?
  94. Oh God...
  95. New medi gun idea
  96. Emergency Procedure (awful weapon idea?)
  97. Dear Valve....
  98. Crusaders Crossbow buff/nerf V.2
  99. the Nikolai`s nephew
  100. Who likes the name of my Hale's Own Kritzkrieg?
  101. The current most neglected class is the Medic
  102. Optimistic
  103. NEW SYRINGE GUN IDEA:Emergency Procedure
  104. The Quick Fix buff to end all Quick Fix buffs.
  105. Why do people dislike a medic fighting?
  106. Grordbort's Man of Science stat ideas
  107. Medigun change idea
  108. Interesting Medi-Gun Idea
  109. Would you guys want another crossbow?
  110. We need a decent crutch for the medic
  111. Crossbow buff!
  112. I love you medics
  113. Would it be horrid if...
  114. A Medigun Idea
  115. Creepypasta Story about the Medic
  116. My Quick Fix buff
  117. I'm now afraid of the Grordbort Medigun
  118. Another random medigun idea
  119. The Malpracticing Mortician Set
  120. Favorite Medic Hats/Miscs?
  121. Dove Launcher
  122. A couple of ideas.
  123. The Medic now stops healing when taunting with the Medi Gun, Kritzkrieg and Quick-Fix
  124. Start talking about this
  125. Ubercharge Concept: Scarecrow
  126. Helpful Advice Appreciated: Binds & Configs
  127. does quick fix still maintain overheal?
  128. Did anyone actually know of the infinite uber glitch with taunt healing?
  129. How about a new medigun that has a multi-charge right-click?
  130. Battle Medic is alright.
  131. Medic loadout change advice
  132. The 2 Medi-Gun constants
  133. New Weapon Idea- No Harm Done
  134. Are you guys happy now?
  135. Ubering Spies
  136. Need help renaming stuff.
  137. Neglected
  138. Interesting description on Archimedes.
  140. Archimedes is adorable!
  141. Something I noticed
  142. Can the Quick-Fix overheal in MvM?
  143. Medic's skill
  144. So I wish to set a script that, whenever I uber,
  145. The best medic hat
  146. Let us see our patient's ammo
  147. A medigun that replenishes ammo?
  148. New medigun idea
  149. Best cosmetic Medic loadout!
  150. Am I doing it right?
  151. New Medi-gun Idea
  152. Putin's lackluster idea
  153. Vita Saw got banned
  154. MvM strategies
  155. Medic Weapon Ideas
  156. Medigun Idea: The Auftragic
  157. Solemn vow buff.
  158. Can Medic share his "teleport to spawn" canteen?
  159. Archimedes Bug/Glitch?
  160. Why not just give the QF overheal?
  161. Why doesn't Medic have a hitscan primary weapon?
  162. Medic is really not that helpful in MvM
  163. Can Someone Tell Me Why It Takes Medics So Long To Put The Beam On Me?
  164. Quick-Fix Fix: Shorten amount of time it takes to heal at full speed
  165. Medic Glitch in MvM
  166. Medic Unicycle
  167. I manned up twice in MVM and 14 hours later it all suddenly became so clear.
  168. Share Canteen Effect Too Expensive
  169. got any good HUD for the medic?
  170. Shocking discovery about ubersaw
  171. S.Part Extinguish Allies should go on Medic Gun
  172. Workshop Pull: The Triage
  173. Medigun Concept: The Kaiser's Secret Kashe
  174. Anti-Death Ray Grordbort Concept
  175. Why the hate for the Quick-Fix?
  176. Terrible idea: The Healthrower
  177. What if the Quick-Fix...
  178. Quick Fix Remake
  179. Medic's dilemma
  180. Primary (Crossbow) Concept: Cross-Relaxant
  181. Quick Fix tweak
  182. vertigo valium
  183. What hat and misc goes with quadwrangler?
  184. 2 medic packs ideas.
  185. Crusader's Crossbow idea
  186. BRAINSTORM: Fixing the quick-fix.
  187. Two Ideas for Mediguns
  188. Uber Idea: March of the Machines
  189. Uber type : clone self
  190. Ubersaw Vs Amputator
  191. The Kritzkrieg Seems Less Useful Than It Once Was
  192. Some medic ideas:
  193. If someone recommended the blutsager before it was released?
  194. Surgeons don't wear stethoscopes!
  195. Can we improve the Amputator?
  196. Crossbow + Solemn Vow as finisher
  197. Syringe unlock idea
  198. A quick fix for the Quick-Fix
  199. Weapon Suggestion Thread #42193
  200. Optional "style" for the Quick-Fix that makes it not rubberband you.
  201. Why not make quick fix like its upgraded MvM counterpart?
  202. I wish...
  203. Here's yet ANOTHER idea for a Medigun!
  204. Did VALVe remove taunt healing?
  205. Split the Quick-Fix
  206. Guys, remember the pre-nerf Natascha?
  207. Medi-mask + Beak
  208. self-healing with Quick-fix
  209. What's your personal Medic creed/motto?
  210. Spine-Chilling Skull+Medi-Mask
  211. Why Doesnt the Quick Fix Heal You When You Uber Alone?
  212. Quick Fix Really Needs Reduced Fall Damage When Following Explosive Classes.
  213. Medic should get a water gun as a syringe replacement
  214. Need picture...
  215. Do You Ever Get That Scumbag Attitude?
  216. question for the best players on every server
  217. Medigun idea: The Blitzkrieg
  218. The Bone-Marrow Miner
  219. Medi-mask and Pyrovision Goggles don't clip.
  220. Buff of Megaheal - getting charge back
  221. Best miscs to go with the stahlhelm?
  222. Just one little buff for the overdose:
  223. Stop altering the Quick Fix
  224. A Medigun concept that might possibly potentially work
  225. The Unsterblich Cannon
  226. Quick-Fix Survivability Buff
  227. The The Quick Fix-Fix: passive ammo regen on healing targets.
  228. How to disable Syringe Gun view models -
  229. Why can't I equip the Medi-Mask with Pyrovision
  230. No overheal for the quickfix.
  231. The Rüstung-Gottes
  232. Give Quick-fix boosted Ubercharge rate on injured players
  233. My MvM Strategy
  234. Should the medic be allowed to effiecntly heal him self ? for a cost?
  235. If The Medigun Was Brought Into Real Life....
  236. Your thoughts on the quick fix?
  237. Medic needs a medigun that lets him crouch at full speed
  238. The Overdose's ability should apply when you're not having the weapon out
  239. Syringe Gun Replacement(Not a water gun this time)
  240. Changing downsides for Vita-saw and Overdose
  241. Take all the Pomson 6000's away from Engie
  242. Medigun idea that is actually different
  243. What I should do to improve medicking [includes video]
  244. The Aggressor
  245. Medic Bundle-Bee Idea
  246. What if the medic can overheal himself?
  247. Guys, stop saying the quick-fix is balanced.
  248. Medics, please stop healing the heavy only.
  249. Fix that Quick-fix glitch
  250. Syringe Gun: The Flat-Liner