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  1. Kritz Engineer
  2. 1 additional stat for Quick-fix
  3. Are medic primary/melee weapons as dangerous to design as mediguns?
  4. Teammates, Ubercharges, and YOU!
  5. Medic melee idea
  6. A thought.
  7. Hand of Doc [A Medigun idea with unique ‹berCharge]
  8. Medics....I hate to be rude but....
  9. Pinkheartsy medic crossbow: Battlemedicks are KREDIT TO TEEM?
  10. New Ubercharge Idea: Uber Ball
  11. Medi-gun name/desc question
  12. New effect idea
  13. The Antibiotic Bottle (medigun replacement)
  14. Medic Misc Idea
  15. Odd new Medic weapon
  16. Vita-Saw Buff: Storing Uber, but differently
  17. Blitzbolter: The Telebow
  18. the Emerald jar-based karate
  19. Medic primary idea
  20. Just a stray thought about weapon switch speed (and potential item idea?)
  21. What if medic doesn't suffer from crits?
  22. Crusaders crossbow change
  23. Medic Primary: Timed Release Capsules
  24. Suggestion: new way to use Quick-fix
  25. Your Best Ubercharge
  26. A primary Weapon thought
  27. Bacon.
  28. Fun ubersaw suggestion.
  29. Medigun idea
  30. Cracking the Toughest Nut
  31. Best Medic Loadout
  32. Yet another Medigun idea
  33. Mission Accomplished.
  35. Predict glitches/exploits for the new stuff
  36. Let's play a little game
  37. New weapon for medic in the ssmissmas update?
  38. Vaccinator
  39. Medical breakthrough; Snipers cry.
  40. Vaccinator: how do you cycle?
  41. Vaccinator: Melee Resistance
  42. Does the Vaccinator uber work when you aren't healing someone?
  43. Question
  44. Does it stacks?
  45. My thoughts on the Vaccinator
  46. Vaccinator glitch
  47. Can we all agree?
  48. We now have a skill based Medigun!
  49. Quick question on vac
  50. Not only Skill-based, but Teamwork-based?
  51. 3 Small Tweaks to the Vaccinator
  52. Vaccinator + Blutsauger?
  53. Der Wintermantel Screenshot?
  54. Remember when the Medics cried about the Pomson?
  55. The Vaccinator is Worse Than The Quickfix
  56. Current State of the Mediguns
  57. Vaccinator Now Has Crit Ressistance Whilst Ubered, But Its Still Wrong
  58. clamo's med gun use identifier
  59. Would it be a more powerful weapon...
  60. Overheal on Medic for Vaccinator?
  61. What if multiple vaccinator medics heal one person?
  62. Unique backpack for kritzkrieg
  63. Chain ubers in mvm
  64. Vaccinator Vs Sentry?
  65. Vac in MvM?
  66. In regards to the Vaccinator on the HUD
  67. Vaccinator is the best gun for Arena mode.
  68. Glitch of Vaccinator's fire resistance
  69. What about making Quick-fix close with Vaccinator?
  70. My only complaint about the Vaccinator
  71. Incoming Problems
  72. My Final Suggestions/Thoughts on the Vaccinator
  73. Your "Oh crap" moments
  74. Hearing, "A kill is still a kill" as an argument for balance...
  75. Innovation
  76. Icon Above Patients Head When Healing HUD mod?
  77. Powerjack for a medic?
  78. New Medic Melee: The Shrewd Shrink
  79. Vaccinator: Replace 'Fire' resistance with 'Other'
  80. Stranges should count healing
  81. Can anyone make a medic avatar base on my medic loadout :D thanks!
  82. Should Medics be visible through walls to teammates?
  83. Rock Paper Scissors
  84. Medi-Gun beam disappears in DX 8.1
  85. OHK: What do other Medic mains think about the new weapon that can 1 shot us?
  86. Make quick-fix supply ammo to teammates
  87. What weapon is the most fun for each loadout slot?
  88. So...
  89. Anyone totally forget about the vita-saw?
  90. Why doesn't your uber meter always increase when hitting Spies with an Ubersaw?
  91. Give underpowered saws the ability to see teammate ammo
  92. Dual medibeam Quick Fix
  93. Overheal penalties
  94. Improving your Gamesense?
  95. New Medigun Idea: The Quack of All Trades
  96. Fix self-damage with Vaccinator
  97. The Rejuvenator
  98. Quickfix sustains overheal
  99. What to do in this situation
  100. Medic changes, buffs and nerfs
  101. Do you feel that the stock Uber is as useful as it used to be?
  102. Possibly Unecessary Ubersaw Nerf Idea: Blutsager Inspired
  103. Vaccinator bug report.
  104. What works best with the Vaccinator?
  105. Medi-pan.
  106. Do you use the amputator?
  107. Vita-saw+quick-fix, why the hate?
  108. Is it even possible to make a bad Medic loadout?
  109. The Criti-Gun
  110. Domination lines
  111. Hitscan primary
  112. An idea that would make Medic fun
  113. Are there any good hats for medic?
  114. Explain to me how the Quick-Fix is balanced.
  115. Problems with Vaccinator damage resistance
  116. Idea for Quick-fix
  117. Question about quick-fix
  118. RIP Pickelhaube...
  119. Medic primary idea.
  120. Dr.Frankenstein's Medigun
  121. Quick fix made us lose to Discussions.
  122. Blitzbolter - Retooled Teleportation Weapon Concept
  123. When will the Crusher Cap be released/tradeable?
  124. Idea for New Statistics for Amputator or a New Medic Melee
  125. Would something bad happen if vaccinator and quick-fix got normal overheal?
  126. More reason to love the Vaccinator
  127. A Vaccinator Analysis
  128. The Vaccinator Needs To Be Buffed
  129. Something I hate about Medics...
  130. Would the Vaccinator still be balanced without the Overheal Penalty?
  131. Does a Quick-Fix have a use in MvM
  132. Remove fire resistance from vaccinator
  133. Should reviving be possible?
  134. Offensive vaccinator?
  135. Preventative Medicine
  136. How would you feel if...
  137. Hypothetical situation
  138. Reinforcement based medigun idea
  139. Favorite Medic items?
  140. What if the Quick Fix...
  141. What the Medic does in his spare time
  142. So what are we calling the Vaccinator's Ubers?
  143. How to fix the quick fix without adding Overheal
  144. Uber Targets
  145. Basic Medic Questions
  146. How would you feel if...
  147. Strange counter idea: Lives saved
  148. Problems with Quick-fix in MvM mode
  149. Horrible medick melee: Yet another AIDS weapon. D:
  150. More Completely Original (sic) Medi guns
  151. The one major bug in the Quick Fix
  152. Only one thing that bothers me about quick fix
  153. the BIG FAT UGLY BULBOUS DISGUSTING elephant in the room
  154. Overpowered version of Quick-fix
  155. Advice for people interested in posting new Medigun concepts
  156. Would the quick fix still be underpowered if..........
  157. Medigun Idea
  158. Recommendation to the Overdose?
  159. Let Megaheal Work Without A Patient???
  160. What if the Quick-Fix mirrored cloaks?
  161. Still Waiting on the Dr. G Medic Set?
  162. New Medi-Gun: The God-Maker
  163. overdose should get a buff of faster switching speed
  164. Strange Vaccinator
  165. Big change of Quick-fix
  166. PSA: Don't Be A Battle Medic
  167. Crusaders Crossbow needs to be fixed.
  168. Vaccinator additions/tweaks
  169. Witch Doctor's Kit
  170. Hero Academy Medigun?
  171. "Arc your Medibeam around corners"
  172. Another Quick-fix effect
  173. Idea of new Ubercharge
  174. Fix the Quick Fix
  175. Botkiller Kritzkrieg
  176. Does it hurt when I do it?
  177. Can't see heal beam?
  178. What if Quick-fix ignored some penalties?
  179. Rocket/Stickie/Pill jumping
  180. This is a silly medic question but....
  181. Caduceus Schmaduceus - melee unlock
  182. QUuick-Fix Should Make Slower Classes Move At Medic Speed
  183. The Bonesaw needs a buff
  184. Give the quick fix the Vaccinator's split charge bar
  185. What if ubersawgun?
  186. New primary
  187. New Crossbow: The Bard's Barb
  188. Healing shotgun ((warning, Terrible idea))
  189. Why do people whine whenever you play medic?
  190. Simple change to make everything better
  191. How horrible would it be if...
  192. The Ultimate Question
  193. How can tell you if you're playing well as medic?
  194. Damage Boosting Medi-gun
  195. Let's talk some MvM strats
  196. The quick fix
  197. Passive Pests: The Solemn Vow
  198. What did you name your medi gun
  199. Just to clarify something
  200. Double Beam Medigun idea? (The Doppelkopf)
  201. Amputator effect
  202. A totally crazy idea.
  203. an idea for the quick fix
  204. Reasons why the Vita-Saw is the best melee
  205. A melee concept
  206. Share YOUR Medic loadouts!
  207. Probably been suggested before, but...
  208. Idea of melee
  209. Concept of Medi gun
  210. What cosmetics would you use...
  211. Idea for a new primary - The Flash Camera
  212. If given the choice to trade out your primary...
  213. Get Zem! Raus! Raus! ( Guide to MvM Medic)
  214. Try this
  215. Would you mind if the bonesaw were given the Spinal Tap taunt?
  216. Vaccinator fire resistance helpful with after burn?
  217. The Spud Whacker
  218. NOoooooooooooooooo!
  219. Is it wrong to pocket people in pubs?
  220. The Florence Nightengale Effect: A Guide to Being a Battle Medic
  221. The Most Fun I've Had As Medic
  222. What if we convert the Phlog's stats into a Medigun?
  223. Medic's Mediocre MvM Manual to MVM Medicine
  224. Sooooo vac any useful?
  225. Vaccinator...
  226. A simple Medigun idea, and another crazier one.
  227. New syringe gun
  228. Medic positioning in comp?
  229. Syringe Gun / Saw idea (no random crits)
  230. What if the quick fix made slower heal targets move faster during uber?
  231. What if... (Quick Fix Suggestion)
  232. Bonesaw Idea...
  233. My take (2) on an ammo Medi Gun...
  234. Medics should be immune to Random Crits
  235. Is this wrong?
  236. Medigun idea
  237. Split quick fix
  238. Random suggestion: Passive critical immunity
  239. Over in pyro subforum... a bit of fun
  240. What Do You Like About The Quick Fix?
  241. Bug?
  242. A Brilliant Suggestion for the Medic
  243. Non-weapon Syringe gun alternatives, to modify your medigun
  244. Do Backscratcher Pyros annoy you or please you?
  245. Why quick fix is bad, even though it may seem decent
  246. Common quick fix arguements
  247. Stop saying the QF is bad...
  248. Quick-Fix comparison!
  249. Does anyone else dislike using the crossbow after switching back to stock?
  250. Sweet new medic hat