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  1. [Medigun] The Zeitgeist
  2. A simple change that will make Ze Googles %100 more awesome
  3. new important medic domination lines
  4. New medic idea: thunderpants
  5. The Return to Castle Wolfenstein Kit
  6. The Munitions Medic Pack
  7. The Bee Gun!
  8. [Suggestion] Crusader's Crossbow should Auto-Reload
  9. Medic is OP.
  10. Medic need more Fun Quick-fix Elastic beam
  11. Quick-Fix vs. Regular Medi-Gun (and Kritzkrieg)
  12. The Morbid Marotte: Spy's head as a variant for the Solemn Vow.
  13. Solemn Vow Suggestion
  14. Ubersaw + Overdose seems like the best loadout
  15. Best loadouts for medic- my thoughts
  16. Medics true colours (my set idea)
  17. MediGun Or Kritzkrieg? (or Quick Fix)
  18. The medic knows the pyros true gender....
  19. Giving overheal to the quick-fix (Sorta)
  20. Medic is OP
  21. Good Strange MediGun names?
  22. Why the quick-fix is amazing
  23. New medic set
  24. Ze medical assistance
  25. How do most Medics feel about the Pomson 6000?
  26. Medic should have a tutorial
  27. Crazy Medic Ideas...for whatever reason!
  28. Strange Amputator Inquiry
  29. Pomson 6000 Downsides
  30. AoE Heal
  31. The one and only thing Quick-Fix needs
  32. It seems this has become a valid tactic.
  33. Quick-Fix Suggestions: Keeping It In The Same Niche, But Making It Do That Job Better
  34. Battle Medic viable?
  35. Give Amputator taunt on alt-fire
  36. crusader's crossbow
  37. I had an idea.
  38. Medi Gun names.
  39. CombatToast's 6v6 medic POV thread
  40. Futuristic medigun
  41. Vitasaw or amputator
  42. Are you a picky medic?
  43. Meet the donator
  44. Misc. Idea
  45. visual effects: Medigun and Quick-Fix Ubercharges are too similar.
  46. Quick-fix vs Amputator
  47. Two Medigun concepts I came up with
  48. Does the Crusaders Crossbow need a buff?
  49. The Close Call House Call
  50. Passive Regeneration
  51. The Reverse Medigun - No, it does not kill enemies.
  52. I had a crazy Quick-Fix idea.
  53. Buff for Quick-fix
  54. New Medigun idea
  55. Do medics
  56. Is the medival set
  57. What if the amputator...
  58. Pyros should be able to airblast syringes
  59. Let's talk about rusty needles.
  60. Quick Fix Ubercharge Idea
  61. Solemn Vow Hitbox
  62. Medieval Medic or classic Sauger + Ubersaw?
  63. New Medigun Idea
  64. Bizarre sounds for Melees
  65. What if the Blutsauger gave Über instead of health?
  66. What if Quick-fix...
  67. Just had a bit of a brainwave(quick-fix quick fix)
  68. Who would you uber?
  69. Fix The Quick-Fix
  70. I get raged at for using Quick-Fix, when I am a battle-medic.
  71. Suggestion-Alternate Crossbow Sounds
  72. Quick quick-fix buff
  73. Need a hat to fit with The Blighted Peak
  74. Timing: Wiping out the masculinity of the Medic with a screenshot
  75. The Story of a Quick-Fix User
  76. Competitive medic question
  77. Perhaps this is just me...
  78. Medigun
  79. Call Button
  80. quick fix improvement suggestion
  81. An kinda important question for Comp. Medics
  82. How to make the bonesaw viable
  83. Stop Complaining About The Quickfix?
  84. Strange Crossbow
  85. My new medic set.
  86. Made a group for Pub Medics.
  87. Strange Blutsauger Is Out
  88. My Balancing Solution For The Medic's Melees
  89. Dr. Pain, a "medigun" that makes combat medics useful
  90. Emerald Jarate
  91. We need a Freddiegun
  92. Medigun that drains uber while healing-new gimmick
  93. How to fix this medic model
  94. The Crusader's Crossbow - Reload
  95. Protect your f*cking medic
  96. Joining A Server with Enough Medics
  97. The MEDIGUN. Was there ever Any Other Way?
  98. The Geneva Protokill
  99. The Painkiller: Syringe Shotgun
  100. Quick-fix buff: self-healing for Medic
  101. What is a combat medic?
  102. Post your medic gears
  103. Correct strategy of using Quick-fix
  104. Ever get raged at by the enemy team?
  105. I love Medic but being forced to play it is....
  106. Medipack Idea: Uberhead.
  107. Pocket medics
  108. Finaly, the quick fix true purpose
  109. Will you PLEASE STOP?
  110. Quick Fix Fix
  111. A pleasant Medic's tale.
  112. Is this an odd tactic?
  113. Lack of Imagination when renaming.
  114. New Medic Primary Weapon Idea!
  115. Quick Medigun Idea!
  116. Charge ideas?
  117. Am I the only one...
  118. So I found the iRL medigun
  119. Medic's top priority
  120. Here's what the Quick-Fix is for...
  121. A fix for the quick-fix-prlly dumb tho
  122. Crusader's Crossbow- the Headshot
  123. Because the Vita Saw is a thing...
  124. Medigun: Elastic Heal Beams
  125. [Medigun idea] A tactical medigun
  126. Some Medic weapon ideas I had
  127. What do you think of people who say 'we need a Medic', but never switch themselves?
  128. Vita-saw vs Ubersaw
  129. Medigun Idea: The Schnelle-Munition
  130. Quick-Fix is not useless.
  131. Big Medicine Syringe
  132. Buffs to the Quickfix
  133. I use the Quick-Fix...
  134. Opinion
  135. Medigun Idea: The Kralle
  136. [Critique please] Hat for the medic
  137. Draining Medi gun idea
  138. Strange Kritzkreig.
  139. Syringe Gun: Uber for Minicrits
  140. A set for medics
  141. When NOT to play Medic.
  142. Ammo and items restore with Quick-fix
  143. What makes a good Medic?
  144. Ubering Pyros.
  145. How do you make medic a more popular class?
  146. Alternate class for a rainy day.
  147. New Medigun
  148. The Bodyguard [PRIMARY] [NEED BETTER NAME]
  149. Megaheal now keeps speed of patient
  150. Make Quick-fix to transfer effects between Medic and patient
  151. Gas Jockey Pyro now also boosts Quick-fix Medic
  152. Medigun: The Hidden Helper
  153. What if...
  154. Pub medics..
  155. Buff Solemn Vow for use it in public games
  156. Who do you prefer to uber?
  157. Mediguns: When and Where?
  158. Combat/Battle Medic Moments
  159. Quick-Fix buff attempt
  160. Your Worst Moment
  161. Medieval medic set still works?
  162. Your Medic Loadout
  163. Medic Echo
  164. How to be a good medic?
  165. new Saw: The Power Saw
  166. The History of the Quick Fix
  167. Help needed to name my Unusual. Craft hat to the most creative name.
  168. The Quick Fix is for Battle Medics
  169. Medic can be faster than Scout
  170. Post-update bugs of Quick-fix
  171. Poll: Quick-Fix buffs
  172. Medics being able to see ammo clips of teamates
  173. Wait one second...
  174. Surgical Operation Kit: (New Ideas!)
  175. Another Quick Fix problem...
  176. Medics Pomson 6000 Input
  177. Health regeneration for Quick-fix.
  178. Weapon Idea: Dr Device
  179. Medigun Idea:
  180. Strange Quick Fix
  181. Here's what the Quick-Fix is used for...
  182. Healing priority (Comp)
  183. Overdose description change
  184. Can't Heal While Using the Meet the Medic Taunt?
  185. Simple Pomson Tweak
  186. The vita saw
  187. So the Quick-Fix is designed as a crutch team preservation tool
  188. Final solution to Amputator balance
  189. The Battle Syringe
  190. In support of Battle Medics
  191. Killing ubersaw should grant +25% uber on disguised spies
  192. Dr. Grordbort...The Medic has been sifting through your catalogue
  193. Spy is OP
  194. How viable is the Quick-fix in comp?
  195. Ze Escapist (Syringe Gun)
  196. Quick Guide On Medic For Beginners
  197. New medigun idea! (Zombie concept)
  198. How to force people to protect Medic
  199. How to choose your primary
  200. Idea For The Quick Fix (On Uber: Making You a Portable Health Only Dispenser)
  201. Overhealing Spies, good or not?
  202. Add an ability to see equipped weapon ammunition on friendlies.
  203. Medic Gorbot is confirmed *proof inside*
  204. Medieval Medic; Crit Boost?
  205. Grordbort Medigun idea
  206. Attention Doctors! Ze Medic Cartel wants YOU!!!
  207. How Would You Buff The Amputator?
  208. The Pearce 75: A Grordbort Medic weapon concept.
  209. Dear Pomson 6000 haters
  210. More Items for the Medic
  211. 3rd stage of Ubercharge rate buff
  212. medic gun
  213. Pearce 75: Promoting hurting, then healing
  214. Buff for quick fix
  215. The Hindencharger
  216. Healing enemy spies?
  217. The Medical Miracle
  218. Doing a small, annotated Quick-Fix video series.
  219. Why all the Crusader's Crossbow-Amputator Set hate?
  220. Why The Quick-Fix hate?
  221. 2 Quick-fix buffs
  222. What if...
  223. Your pet-peeves as a Medic.
  224. Your most interesting ubers
  225. I want to play medic, i really do, but its so freakin frustrating
  226. [Suggestion]Should The Medic's Grordbort Syringe Gun Use Flechette Concept
  227. Urge to kill... rising
  228. Add more Medic tips in game
  229. Simple Medigun Beam
  230. Have Strange Crossbow count team mates healed
  231. The Overloader [Grordborts Medigun idea]
  232. Think the syringe gun could do something like this?
  233. What is the best medigun to use on 5cp maps?
  234. Random ideas for Solemn Vow and Quick-fix
  235. Dr Grordbort: The LifeSuck 3000
  236. Apparently, the overdose is fixxed now
  237. The Uberschild + Flak Kanon - Reborn!
  238. Phase-switching medigun
  239. Quick fix idea
  240. The Verlust machen .
  241. In any given situation, which syringe gun unlock is the most viable in your opinion?
  242. God help me, I've thought up a new type of Medigun
  243. Unblock Quick-fix in Medieval Mode
  244. Syringe Gun that adds uber.
  245. A(nother) New Medi Gun idea.
  246. Uh, that new Overdose sound is painful.
  247. Stats idea for the Pearce 75
  248. What's Your Favorite Medic Loadout?
  249. Bailing and leaving pocket to die - would you?
  250. Some voice emotes I wish the game had for Medics