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  1. A Sudden Influx of Elemental Pyro Sets
  2. Pyro Buff Banner?
  3. Just thought I'd point this out because it's rather interesting...
  4. Does Valve dislike the Pyro?
  5. Give Pyro a Shotgun and a Flare gun shot
  6. What do you WANT pyro to be?
  7. Pyro Buff: Dash
  8. Stock Pyro overhaul
  9. The Pyro is Over Powered
  10. Why play pyro?
  11. Some crappy weapon idea
  12. Thoughts on the Phlog
  13. Generic Homewrecker Thread
  15. Pyro...
  16. Aux | Secondary Centric Pyro Subclass
  17. Scorch Shot Buff
  18. If someone recommended axtinguisher before it was released?
  19. Air-blast oriented Flamethrower idea
  20. Burst Primary Concept.
  21. Why Volcanic Shard?
  22. Element
  23. Pyro Domination line suggestion- Whistle from Meet the Pyro
  24. Well, Everyone else is doing it.
  25. Manmelter needs a buff.
  26. Why Not Give Pyro More Mobility By Airblast Jumps?
  27. New Pyro Mobility Mechanic
  28. Pyro Update is released!
  29. How bout' an electric based pyro weapon set?
  30. Here's what we got out of today's "bug fix" update.
  31. The Chaos Maker
  32. Valve, please change the pyro's movement speed from 100% to 93%.
  33. Pyro needs something to "wet" someone
  34. Some weapons based off of office supplies or something
  35. Coffeesition C4 - Secondary Unlock
  36. Nerf [insertPyroweaponhere]
  37. My Neon Annihilator Idea
  38. My ATTEMPT at BALANCED Pyro mobility unlocks
  39. Look at all dem pyro sets on the front page of the workshop.
  40. Lower Damage | No/Decreased Fall-off | Revisiting Non-linear Damage Fall-off
  41. Another NA suggestion
  42. Laser Flamethrower
  43. Explain to me how...
  44. Has anybody attempted
  45. Advanced reflect rocket jumping
  46. Why not just make a mobility flamethrower
  47. Fun Phlog Fact
  48. Sharpened Volcano Fragment Buff
  49. Something I noticed.
  50. Scorch Shot REALLY Disapointed Me
  51. Hit indicator sounds that are effective, but don't blast your eardrums as pyro
  52. Best Cosmetic Loadout with Pyrotechnic Tote?
  53. tfw a degreaser pyro styles on you with a groundstall + flarepunch
  54. The final solution
  55. Apparent detonator jump buff
  56. Nerfing Airblast - The Thread
  57. Why all these scout mains on the pyro forum? -Rage Thread with not real point-
  58. A Few Weapon Ideas
  59. TF2 Science Group
  60. Noob Pyros, learn to W+M1!
  61. Flare gun vs shotgun
  62. There's something we all need to realise
  63. Name Suggestions for my Degreaser? :o
  64. Sharpened Volcano Fragment Needs A Buff
  65. Originally sugested for the Spy: Bonk Exstra fizzy.
  66. Best flamer?
  67. the Lunatic's Lingerer
  68. the Pyrogust 3000
  69. Strange Homewrecker...
  70. The Fire Pipe [Brand New Weapon Idea]
  71. Airblast Change That Has Been Stuck In My Head For a While Now
  72. Your average cosmetic descision making thread.
  73. Easypyro
  74. Flamethrower Ideas
  75. Best Pyro Loadouts For Each Flamethrower
  76. How about this....
  77. Sharpened Volcano Fragment buff idea
  78. little pyro script
  79. Why do People Think the Pyro is Overpowered?
  80. Warlocks
  81. My attempt at a secondary that synergizes with all flamethrowers:
  82. I've Found The TRUE Face Of Pyro
  83. The Pyrofaust
  84. Silly Mobility Idea: The Pole Vault
  85. Best/Worst/Most Underused Pyro Hat?
  86. Reserve Shooter: Should it minicrit on players that jump?
  87. Bonus idea: Airblasts gives you armor
  88. Flamethrower idea: FIre-eater
  89. I just had a butt load of fun today
  90. Phlogistinator idea
  91. A Noobish thread
  92. Flare vs. Shotgun vs. Reserve Shooter. Why not have them all?
  93. nerf cow mangler reflection damage
  94. Reserve Shooter discussion.
  95. Pyro (Mann vs Machine) loadout and strategy
  96. Ode to Pyro
  97. phlogistinator buff/nerf
  98. Pro Pyros, what tips / strategies do you know of?
  99. Some new Flare Gun
  100. Can we pretend for a bit?
  101. What if afterburn caused you to take minicrits from ALL melee sources
  102. Tips on beating scout
  103. The reason you don't use axetinguisher?
  104. Unnessisary buffs: The scorch shot.
  105. The new flaregun
  106. a bizarre pyro primary idea
  107. Primary: Ignition
  108. Why I Hate The Plogistiniator
  109. Pyro players need to stop acting like 12 year olds on xbox live.
  110. Should the Backscratcher's downside be toned down?
  111. A melee concept.
  112. Axtinguisher rework / New melee idea
  113. Incendiary Shotgun
  115. I have a question for the Pyro subforum.
  116. Revealing the Pyro's identity, Sandvich137 style!
  117. Help staying alive as Pyro.
  118. CTF Pyro
  119. Frag video: Meet the PUBro! 5 Part 1
  120. Class 101 - A guide to the pyro!
  121. Pyro needs to be 'differently' mobile
  122. Stock mobility ideas
  123. hey guys STOCK MOBILIKTY
  124. Valve Corporation, keep the axtinquisher, but revamp the degreaser.
  125. My Version of a charged airblast
  126. The Perfect Stock Mobility
  127. Petition: Remove the Phlog's -10% damage penalty
  128. What if...
  129. the third degree is too powerful, and needs a nerf
  130. The SVF Buff To End Them All
  131. Make reflect kills....
  132. Why we need an Incendiary Cannon unlockable primary
  133. Scorch Shot +40% Move Speed while Flare Jumping
  134. A serious Degreaser discussion thread
  135. The Alternate Mobility Idea
  136. how do you maximize shotgun damage output?
  137. 2 suggestions for the degreaser; reflect inginition and slower switch speed
  138. Degreaser Nerf
  139. Chemical Weapons
  140. My theory.
  141. My airblast compilation vid
  142. Shotgun Unlock Idea: The Barrel Buster
  143. A serious thread
  144. Does the degreaser need afterburn damage?
  146. The degreaser's not that bad
  147. My 2 cents on the degreaser
  148. My theory about the Pyro
  149. Weapon Idea: 5 Alarm Hot Sauce
  150. Le Sap-auteur
  151. New Pyro Set: The Trojan Torcher
  152. How do you guys play using the Axetinguisher?
  153. What Pyro has needed all along.
  154. Coffeesition C4 (remake)
  155. The reason why a thrown/rechargable secondary weapon won't work.
  156. How do I test this?
  157. The ONLY thing that I think pyro NEEDS right now
  158. Hypothetically...
  159. Guys
  160. The look of the pyro
  161. Detonator | Reasonable Reduction in Self Damage
  162. How to balance SVF
  163. The Cryo-Fryer, Skill-based pyro Weapon Suggestion!
  164. Fine, keep the axtinquisher and degreaser.
  165. the pyro isn't big enough
  166. Decreasing the speed of the Pyro
  167. Passive secondary idea
  168. Valve Corporation, keep the pyro forums, but revamp the NinjaWarrior
  169. So apparently the Neon Annihilator is a good weapon
  170. SVF "Buff" Suggestion
  171. Obvious NA Buff
  172. Another damn SVF thread.
  173. What if the Backburner's downside...
  174. Fine, keep your NinjaWarrior threads
  175. Kilo's Super Mega Freakin Huge Pyro Sets and Weapons thread yay
  176. mmhp mmhhp mhhp mmmhhp!! (help with my pyro)
  177. I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky, like a tiger
  178. Meet the NinjaWarrior
  179. Jetpacks: A weapon set
  180. Gas Jockey secondary
  181. Sorry to Intrude on Your Forums, Pyros.
  182. NinjaWarrior should...
  183. A solution too NinjaWarrior.
  184. Halloween items: What do you want?
  185. Oh I see what you did thar :3
  186. Would a Pile Bunker make sense as a weapon for the Pyro?
  187. Postal Pummeler Stat Suggestion
  188. New shotgun idea
  189. The Pipe Cleaners: Several weapon sets!
  190. Pyro vs Demoman in CQC
  191. I fixed teh Pyro guise
  192. A guide to Phlogging
  193. Cosmetic suggestions?
  194. A Creepy History: The Pyro
  195. A hypothetical question about Homewrecker balance.
  196. Bringing back an old weapon idea of mine...
  197. Dear degreaser pyros
  198. Give the Pyro a SMG instead of a shotgun.
  199. Pyroland in Halloween...
  200. [SHOCKING] sick pyro mvm guide made by coolnumbers
  201. An Attempt at Rebalancing Pyro's Weapons
  202. Lollichip=Candy Cane?
  203. Neon Annihilator fix #7616
  204. Why is W+M1 so looked down upon?
  205. Neon Annihilator idea
  206. Degreaser is a straight upgrade imo
  207. New Pyro Weapons (Offensive Combo)
  209. Making the Manmelter match its name?
  210. So I've been watching old pyro vids
  211. Degreaser isn't fine.
  212. Joke Thread About Degreaser Balance
  213. the pyro is horribly unbalanced
  214. Pyro Revamp
  215. Pyro is perfectly balanced.
  216. Phlog not showing particles
  217. Stock-Det-Axt is the best loadout
  218. 8
  219. Ask me a question about pyro strategy or balance
  220. dedicated flamethrower for spy checking?
  221. Why noobs and f2p players enjoy pyro. [Analysis]
  222. Quick question
  223. What about a flame jumper?
  224. Scorch Shot Fix (now with pix)
  225. Crack That Whip!
  226. hey guiz
  227. Speeding up flame particles.
  228. But seriously, what IS the best Pyro melee?
  229. Should the manmelter be able to eat projectiles?
  230. pls respond
  231. The Burn Ward Reborn
  232. The inconsistency of pyro.
  233. Well, here I go...
  234. Pyro seeing enemy health
  235. The inconsistency of NinjaWarrior
  236. New Unlock!
  237. New Ideas For Flame Thrower And Melee
  238. Stock FT + Reserve Shooter = replacement for degreaser?
  239. A slightly strange way to improve flamethrower DPS
  240. Can Pyro get the Pain Train?
  241. So, I guess that's why airblast jump is a bad thing...
  242. How to stop sucking with M1
  243. Small buff for the homewrecker
  244. Pybro loadout?
  245. game hangs when playing as pyro
  246. guys guys
  247. Easy Pyro Fix.
  248. Final Class Commission - Pyro
  249. Slightly-Crazy Cauterizer
  250. The best way to buff the Pyro