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  1. Offensive Pyro Ideas
  2. The Secret of the Backburner
  3. pyros true identity
  4. Stop using your flamethrowers.
  5. Please Valve, buff afterburn.
  6. I love you VALVe.
  7. Pyro's Experimental Weapons Set
  8. Game changing buff for fire ( A must-read for the thinking gentlemen)
  9. Structuralizing our techniques - Minimum Safe Reflect Distance
  10. Do you think compression blast is balanced?
  11. The best and stupidest Pyro fix buff thing ever holy crap
  12. Pyro Secondary Unlock: Burnie the Doll
  13. Expansion on the degreaser's combat playstyle? (Ember Guard)
  14. Pyro Domination Lines
  15. Diversifying the Pyro
  16. Remove the Gas Jockey's downside
  17. Journey of the Flare Gun
  18. Will Pyro always be underpowered?
  20. The Best Nerf to the Axetinguisher....
  21. A foolproof (?) Afterburn buff
  22. Watch as KV tries to balance the Pyro
  23. Airblast should also extinguish enemies.
  24. Pyro = Miss Pauling???
  25. A personal analysis of the pyro's role and what makes him effective.
  26. What is the fastest way to improve as the Pyro
  27. New Melee Idea
  28. The Arsonist Arsewipe (Melee weapon)
  29. Increase the flamethrower range by ~60%, reduce run speed to 93%, nerf airblast
  30. Pyro Strategy Thread
  31. Degreaser and Axtinguisher are overpowered
  32. The Cauterizer
  33. Pyro Hate Thread
  34. my problem with W M1 pyros + how to be a pyro who is credit to the team
  35. What is your motivation for playing Pyro?
  36. Degreaser vs Backburner
  37. Fix critswitching
  38. The Friendly Fire
  39. Detonator Megathread
  40. Sticky Jumper airblast is lethal to Pyro
  41. Pyro: The Steam-Punk
  42. Axe Shield (bear with me here)
  43. What is the Pyrocar?
  44. In you opinion, what's the best looking pyro hat?
  45. Just For Fun: Pyro Set
  46. Arsonist's Arquebus - The Long Ranged Pyro Weapon
  47. Degreaser and Reserve Shooter?
  48. Class Analysis: The Pyro
  49. "The Blacksmith"
  50. I unmasked the pyro.
  51. A Sanctum Secondary
  52. If the Pyro is significantly overpowered
  53. Basic Weapon Concepts for the Pyro - Refining and Criticism
  54. An Analysis of the Pyro: Part 1
  55. PyroTactics
  56. Killing Floor Flamethrower vs TF2 Flamethrower
  57. New Pyro Weapon's Balance Discussion
  58. Pyro-Techniques
  59. I'm done. This has gone too far.
  60. A Tale of Two Pyros(This is going to be a read)
  61. Remove the Phlogistinator
  62. genius idea that is unfortunately not as good as the flame of war
  63. Airblast-centered flamethrower
  64. Skill-related pyro unlocks
  65. After 1 hour of playing with the Phlog
  66. Something that could improve the phlogistinator, gameplay-wise
  67. My Rundown on Pyro weapons.
  68. Bored. Let's suggest weapons!
  69. detonator spam?
  70. A Flamethrower like Primary Concept
  71. Pyro should get a bleed-causing Fire Axe.
  72. thejimz's 2,500th Post Special: An Analysis of the Axtinguisher
  73. Pyro is underpowered.
  74. I'm sure something like this has been suggested before, but here goes...
  75. What happened?
  76. Favorite Themed Pyro Loadouts
  77. Bundle of unlock ideas
  78. Why is Pyro constantly called underpowered?
  79. secondary; the [name insert] :D.
  80. UGC Highlander Season 6 starts Jan 23rd. Pyros: You are essential to this format
  81. The Firebomber
  82. How do you Pyros feel about the Spy- Cicle?
  83. pyro should be 150hp class
  84. A definitely required new Mechanic for the Spycicle
  85. terraria flamethrower
  86. Musical Pyro
  87. DM: What is it?
  88. Would it be fun if...
  89. Pyro Drinking Game!
  90. Does anyone use the detonator tactically?
  91. get rid of the, 90% damage reduction while taunting
  92. Change Plog So Crits Only From Behind
  93. Here is the reason that people call the Pyro UP.
  94. Airblast Idea
  95. Battalion's Backup Phlogistinator
  96. The KILL pack! A set of weapons for KILLS!
  97. Weapon ideas
  98. Cooking with Clarence: A Lesson in Food and Pyrotechnics
  99. The Backburner: Making Ambushing Pay Off
  100. Some Phlog changes
  101. I would like thejimz's, TMP's, Karl Kytarn's and other pr0ros opinion on this thread
  102. A resonable chage to the rather underwelming Manmelter
  103. Why the hate for W+M1?
  104. How about a flamethrower with a chargeable airblast?
  105. Interesting pyro ideas
  106. New Weapon - The Blowtorch
  107. Pyro in MGE: the scout matchup
  108. Pyro is underpowered in Saxton Hale mode too
  109. Idea for afterburn
  110. Primary: The War of Enterprise
  111. Need Name/Description for my Strange Flamethrower
  112. Is it bad....
  113. Phlog is really OP on certain maps- because of the taunt, not the crits..
  114. pyros shouldnt put out fires
  115. If the Pyro owned a bakery...
  116. Am I a noob for using the phlogistinator?
  117. If a new Flamethrower functioned like the Minigun, how powerful could it be made?
  118. Medigun like flamethrower
  119. Grenade Launcher like Flamethrower
  120. Pyro isn't Underpowered...
  121. Quick tip against the Spy-cicle
  122. New Guy's Pyro Perspective
  123. To pyro's who use flamethrowers with no or a bad airblast
  124. Noob question: Does a flaregun crit have increased afterburn damage?
  125. Best Pyro Loadout
  126. [Suggestion] Polyphemer [Secondary]
  127. Some weapon ideas.
  128. Let's discuss an oil-shooting Flamethrower
  129. When did the powerjack get a buff?
  130. Am I the only one who thinks the Phlog is great?
  132. If the Flamethrower ever gets buffed, shouldn't the Backburner...
  133. "mmmpphh" weapon consept
  134. Melee:Tempered Jack
  136. I switched from Backburner to Degreaser
  137. The Pyro was Dr. Grordbort's creation.
  138. The Phlogistinator And Manmelter
  139. Airblast Shenanigans
  140. The pipe dream set
  141. Pyro Item from Killing Floor
  142. 1,000th post milestone part 2: The Pyro, my Future main....
  143. Man Melter appreciation thread
  144. Valve Hats the pyro
  145. Show of hands...
  146. Pyro is Underpowered
  147. What are the 'skills' needed for COMP and where can I learn them?
  148. The best pyro hats/miscs youve seen in the workshop
  149. Three New Weapons For Different Playstyles!
  150. A flamethrower for SKILL!
  151. EU Pyro MGE
  152. Pyro buff Idea
  154. So that futuristic axe...
  155. New Flamethrower idea
  156. Detonator and Combat
  157. You know what's annoying?
  158. im getting sick of the new pyro weapon
  159. Pyro: The Disrupter
  160. The Pyrrot
  161. What's the worst Pyro loadout?
  162. pyros should slow down when attacking
  163. Remember the 'Meet The Medic' taunt?
  164. Pyro vs Sentry help
  165. Pyro complaints
  166. Best PyBro secondary?
  167. How do you counter the Phlogistinator?
  168. Pyro Weapon Ideas and Fixes
  169. The Manmelter
  170. New Flamer Idea - The Meteor
  171. How to react to a to liberty launcher soldiers?
  172. I have a shotgun idea, but could do with some feedback
  173. Flame of War Unlock Set v69
  174. Any reason to use the Flaregun over the Manmelter?
  175. New Set: Combustion Cooking
  176. weapon that might outsmart man with the bullets.
  177. So. Flare gun, or shotgun?
  178. Let's make a list of our enemies.
  179. The Precise Shooter (New flare gun)
  180. Does the Manmelter have offscreen reload like the flare?
  181. Proof Pyro is male.
  182. As long as we have melee weapons that are direct upgrades...
  183. New Pyro Mechanic: The inverse airblast
  184. Third degree needs a fix...
  185. Valve
  186. Dr. Grordbort's Moonman Pack (would you rather?)
  187. Why is there only one flame color?
  188. A Couple New Ideas for the Pyro
  189. Something about the Volcano Fragment
  190. The phlog really needs to be fixed.
  191. What if the pyro was given a direct energy weapon
  192. Reverse overheal. Unlocks that make the pyro anti medic.
  193. So explain to me...
  194. Sometimes you need a little less fire. And sometimes you need more(weapon ideas)
  195. How about merging the Flare Gun and Detonator?
  196. How is the phlog not OP
  197. Making the Third Degree more interesting
  198. Secondary Wep suggestion for Pyro
  199. Is anyone else too used to the Degreaser switch speed too?
  200. The phlog flame particles
  201. Extremely reasonable Detonator-related demand
  202. Someone else also is thinking that Philog is an great unlock?
  203. Perfect downside for Degreaser
  204. How would a primary that inflicts bleed instead of afterburn work?
  205. New stats for axtinguisher (Balanced)
  206. I Ain't Even Mad, Just Pointing This Out
  207. Nerf the Phloginstator,
  208. Pyro Weapons Horde
  209. weapon idea
  210. Third Degree and Manmelter Synergy
  211. Phlog nerf/buff
  212. Flamethrowers Now Crit On Non-Burning Targets [Hypothetical]
  213. To everyone complaining about the Phlog being OP...
  214. Phlogistinator is ok...but a few things need tweaking
  215. So since we have a weapon for W+M1 now...
  216. Oh look, it's this purple hearts again.
  217. Random Manmelter Question
  218. Burning passion 2012
  219. Knocking some sense into this Phlogistinator bull****
  220. Sharpened Volcano Fragment Tweak
  221. Give phlogistinator AB, make it comsume Mmmph
  222. Since some want more advanced movement for the pyro?
  223. Pyro anti sentry item
  224. Firegun
  225. New Pyro main flamethrower
  226. Slightly modify axtinguisher
  227. What if the Phlog could...
  228. I'm fed up with all the misconceptions about the Reserve Shooter - Time for a revamp
  229. Item Set idea: Steamroller.
  230. Buffs for Manmelter.
  231. Cremator's Anti Conscience
  232. Wouldn't this be fun?
  233. Take the Reserve Shooter Away from the Pyro
  234. Making airblast more accessible - can it be done without breaking anything?
  235. What if Assists counted double the points for Pyro?
  236. A quick idea
  237. The Lanter lighter ( The support pyro's Ulapool Caber)
  238. Do you listen to anything when playing pyro? if so what
  239. Could an afterburn support flamethrower work?
  240. Third Degree,Giving it a use.(Other then making medics rage.)
  241. What's worse?
  242. Can't use Mmph when ammo is lower than 20.
  243. How to balance the axes(?)
  244. Issue with the Manmelter (minor)
  245. Probably a bad idea, but...
  246. Crits - Controlled destruction or silly gimmicks?
  247. Change the Phlog
  248. Here, I explain why airblast needs a time duration using this pic (pic obviously)
  249. Triennial Degree
  250. farming crits of teammates with the manmelter ^^