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  1. Sniper's New Hat.
  2. So, with the Cleaner's Carbine...
  3. Clearing Up the Hitman's Heatmaker
  4. The new sniper rifle first impression
  5. Cozy Camper Buff
  6. Some bugs with Urban Professional?
  7. Machina confirmed for upgrade
  8. New Sniper Weapons Gameplay (Why Can't I Hold All These Headshots?)
  9. Hitman's Heatmaker Bug
  10. Will I ever use any other secondary ever again?
  11. New Hitman's Heatmaker Bug
  12. Silenced sniper rifle. Really?
  13. Razorback and Dangershield ideas
  14. The new sniper rifle
  15. Strange Sydney Sleeper
  16. New Sniper Idea
  17. Hitman's Heatmaker vs Croc-o-Style kit.
  18. Can the Sydney Sleeper be buffed fairly?
  19. Razorback Buff Ideas
  20. Would a "Reverse" version of the Cleaner's Carbine be more useful/interesting to use?
  21. Liquidator's Lid issue
  22. Rate The Sniper Rifles* TF2 Sniper
  23. Is there a way to turn off decapitations on headshot kills?
  24. The Cleaner's Carabine is OP.
  25. Why hasn't the sniper gain any damage fall-off for closer enemies?
  26. Tie Kang Bee
  27. Focus Mode...
  28. Cleaner's Carbine is awful
  29. RIP SMG Tracers
  30. Melee Idea - The Lack of Standards
  31. Cleaner's Carbine Kills
  32. You melee choice
  33. Sniper- Did his melee Weapons get nerfed?
  34. Sydney Sleeper + Cleaners Carbine + Stock Melee
  35. The Urban Professional set examined
  36. Sydney Sleeper buff I guess.
  37. Kiloace's crazay snoipah change thread
  38. Nerf the jarate splash
  39. I was kicked from a server for killing an admin with a Desc Tag'd Sydney Sleeper.
  40. Anyone else do this??
  41. Petition: the Hitman's Heatmaker should use this kill icon
  42. TF Classic sniper script
  43. Strange Kukri?
  44. Huntsman Fix
  45. a buff for the cozy camper
  46. So I heard you like the Machina
  47. The Razorback is a crutch!
  48. Small Bazaar Bargain Buff
  49. New primary weapon idea
  50. So about this focus mode...
  51. rescoping problem
  52. what secondary is good paired with huntsman bow?
  53. Worthless Shields
  54. Reworking the Sleeper and the Machina.
  55. Pleeeaase BOW
  56. I've heard of this highly skilled huntsman group
  57. I don't even care anymore.
  58. Jarate Epiphany: What if....
  59. Disable hats when playing Sniper?
  60. Jarate discussion
  61. Bushwacka needs an actual downside
  62. The Brisbane Breeze; sydney sleeper knockoff
  63. control the arrow; BE the arrow
  64. Jarwacka.
  65. Always pee yourself.
  66. Fun fact about focus on the new rifle
  67. Usefulness of Razorback
  68. Opposite good or bad?
  69. Razorback needs a buff.
  70. Am I the only one who believes we need this?
  71. Let sniper equip bootlegger
  72. Remaking the Machina.
  73. Huntsman Shots in Mid-Air Should Be Counted
  74. New favorite loadout?
  75. Jarate Master
  76. Best Huntsman Loadout
  77. A fire-based sniper rifle?
  78. Is there a sacred order of the Anger Hat or something?
  79. croc set effect not working?
  80. Can we allow bunny hopping as a sniper?
  81. Lightning Gun
  82. Sniper says sniping is a good job
  83. New Sniper Rifle Set
  84. NEW WEAPON IDEA! The Heavy Sniper Rifle.
  85. I cant get into the sniping groove lately...
  86. New Sniper Set
  87. Have any aiming tips for someone who royaly sucks?
  88. The Ragemoder
  89. Simple Machina fix
  90. Bullet drop?
  91. Has Nothing to do with the Cleaner's Carbine! The Captain's Carbine
  92. Bird Watcher(another bad weapon idea)
  93. Smore Schticker
  94. Here's a crossbow for the sniper.
  95. Heat maker bug
  96. Tell me, is there any reason NOT to use the Bushwaka over the Kukri?
  97. Best idea on how to buff the Razorback...
  98. Convince me that the Carbine is not useless
  99. Why are there no more bows
  100. SMG concepts
  101. Sleeper is amazing with the carbine!
  102. Remove Huntsman damage spread.
  103. Three Bow Unlock Concepts
  104. Secondary Idea
  105. Sydney Sleeper suggestion
  106. Buff to the Razorbacks use
  107. Razorback Buff
  108. Stop with the Bow unlock ideas
  109. The Disappearing Dingo- A stealthy Sniper Riffle
  110. The Cozy Camper just should not have a downside
  111. Tips and Tricks?
  112. How real men buff the cozy camper
  113. Stealth primary
  114. Sniper Loadouts
  115. A Reasonable Sydney Sleeper Buff
  116. If the Bazaar bargain or heatmaker came first?
  117. Useless tier
  118. Sniper only server ?
  120. Message to all snipers
  121. Cozy Camper Buff
  122. New sniper rifle idea
  123. Combine all back secondaries
  124. What are good ways to improve you aim?
  125. Jar 'o' Bees
  126. SMG or Jarate ?
  127. A kind of noob sniper question...
  128. Looking Stylish whilst wearing half a Croc on your back?
  129. Sydney Sleeper for offensive sniper?
  130. Sniper's Ignorance [STORIES]
  131. New Bow
  132. What should the Jarate + Bushwacka combo be called?
  133. Agressive Razorback buff idea
  134. Groundbreaking bow unlock idea
  135. If the FG uses hitscan hitboxes,
  136. Sniper Rifle: The Condor
  137. I wish the Croc Smile acted more like a real necklace
  138. Is it just me or do most snipers only seem to aim for other snipers?
  139. How about a primary..
  140. Explain the Machina to me
  141. Sniper Bow Idea - The Arbiter
  142. Welp.
  143. Yet another bushwacka rebalance thread that will be ignored by valve
  144. Sniper console commands?
  145. Machina rework
  146. I found a typo in tf2.
  147. Putin's grande jarate thread
  148. So...
  149. SMG Sidegrade: The Survivalist's Spotter
  150. Razorback idea
  151. My Razorback Buff
  152. Sniper Melee: Bayonet
  153. Sniper Needs More Bows.
  154. Possible New Sniper Rifle Spotted
  155. Sniper just got the AWP
  156. What's your Sniper Loadout?
  157. Valve, snipers should not be rewarded with any points upon body shots.
  158. Razorback in MvM
  159. Increased reload speed on sniper rifles in MVM doesn't affect scoped shots.
  160. I only use the Cozy Camper for the appearance
  161. new throwable item idea
  162. Possible new rifle: Yet another OMG 360 NOSCOPE HEDSHOT.
  163. AWPer Hand stat styles
  164. Best loadout for MvM?
  165. Bargain Vs Heatmaker
  166. Explosive Headshot in MvM
  167. Best cosmetic Sniper loadout!
  168. Machina should deal NO EXTRA DAMAGE and ALWAYS PIERCE FOES.
  169. Both the Greatest and Dumbest Bow Idea Ever
  170. Can anyone help me?
  171. mann vs machine: awesome idea
  172. The Bolt Belcher (crossbow idea)
  173. Nerf Jarate without harming its utility in MvM
  174. The Sniper is usefull in MvM (Another thread...)
  175. Bushwaka stat change?
  176. Quick PSA to all snipers in MVM
  177. Can sniper do anything the other classes can't do better on MvM?
  178. Tips for sniping
  179. Best sniper setup for MvM?
  180. please help how to defeat crocodile snipers
  181. New Sniper Primary: The Traditionalists Rifle.
  182. Snipers should be able to pick off mascots
  183. Should the Machina be paintable?
  184. Snipers on Orange
  185. Possible ways to make the sleeper less crap
  186. Sydney Sleeper v2
  187. Any Sniper Help? (video included)
  188. Little tip for MVM
  189. A Sydney Sleeper thing except with Mad Milk?
  190. Gimme you're MvM builds/loudouts.
  191. Would it break Jarate if...
  192. Whats up with the Awper Hand?
  193. Order of the Bison: I'm a Believer
  194. Wheres the Hunstman Love?
  195. I don't like this...
  196. Is playing cs 1.6 good for practicing aiming?
  197. Another Jarate change idea
  198. Coating hunstman arrows
  199. How this soudns for an MvM buff for Sniper?
  200. Melee Sniper in MvM...
  201. There actually is a reason to using the Sniper in MvM: The Cleaner's Carbine
  202. Razorback buff idea
  203. The Terrible Sniper set
  204. Nice Sniper Loadout?
  205. Why is there no boomerang yet?
  206. The Vulture
  207. Secondary: The Bowman's Battlepack
  208. If someone recommended jarate before it came out?
  209. Why don't we just
  210. Hale's own razorback
  211. for the kukri taunt, are there any hats apart from the default that sniper takes off?
  212. Tiny asjustment to the cleaner's carbine.
  213. How do i play Sniper?
  214. Thoughts on the hypothetical Bastion's Bow
  215. Wait, so is that for real?
  216. Sniper Rifle Sidegrade- The Calamity Carbine (Bastion Item)
  217. Wanting to get into Sniper!
  218. MvM: Collect cash on snipe-kill?
  219. Why Are There So Many?
  220. Obviously the best idea ever
  221. Huntsman fix?
  222. The Jarate Nerf to End All Jarate Nerfs.
  223. When is it considered acceptable to bodyshot?
  224. Useless Snipers, Machinoobs and Credit to Team
  225. Sniper Item ideas
  226. How exactly the Bazaar Bargain's charge rate calculated?
  227. MvM - How does one snipe in Mannworks?
  228. Sniper should get a Scattergun with headshots
  229. Nerf jarate of buff SMG?
  230. I just had a ton of fun today :D
  231. Unusual Hats for Snipers
  232. VERY important question
  233. Thoughts about a new bow
  234. Was it worth it?
  235. Sniper Balance!
  236. Bushwacka
  237. The Razorback
  238. Primary idea: The Quickloader
  239. Croc-o-style set
  240. Why do you play Sniper?
  241. How to balance jarate in medieval
  242. Dear Snipers, for the Sake of Yourself and Others, Please Don't Use the Razorback
  243. Hitman's Heatmaker Rework Idea
  244. New Sniper Rifle Suggestion
  245. The Professional (custom weapon)
  246. Think the Sniper is OP! Prove it.
  247. Improving Sniper Shield Secondaries
  248. We need more items with man in the name
  249. Primary: Jarate launcher
  250. Naming my sniper