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  1. Is uberstunning useful?
  2. Why are people making the sniper such a stereotype?
  3. TF2 Marksmanship: A Guide to Playing Sniper
  4. Snipers Are Overpowered. Here's Why.
  5. Why do 73% of people use the Tribalman's Shiv?
  6. Huntsman in mid-air
  7. So Let's Say You're a Sniper...
  8. Lighter
  9. fixing the sleeper
  10. A little help about sniper achievement
  11. Bodyshoting sniper.
  12. Adjustment to Croc-o-Style Kit
  13. How will the Sniper self-heal?
  14. Bazaar Bargain worst weapon ever?
  15. Bazaar Bargain Idea - Time based instead of combo based
  16. Sniper need a stronger smg, even an auto-rifle
  17. Sniper's Best Moment
  18. Stock Kukri, Tribalman's Shiv, Shahanshah or Bushwhacka?
  19. The outback breeze
  20. The huntsman. Whats it good for?
  21. Number 1 Assistant
  22. Random Items: Fig Jam and a Boomerang
  23. Strange Sniper idea!
  24. Adjustable zoom?
  25. Secondary Unlock Idea: The Jarate Trap!
  26. Bazaar Bargain
  27. Valve - Please can we have a Strange Huntsman?
  28. How often has the Razorback saved Your Life?
  29. Still no Strange Huntsman
  30. chesse20's wizard update idea day 6 the shadow sniper
  31. New Sniper Set Idea
  32. Any secondaries besides Jarate worth it?
  33. Why's the Razorback constantly called useless?
  34. Vampire-Themed Stuff [SET] [NEED NAME]
  35. Expert's Equipment - Sniper set concept
  36. Item Set Suggestion: The Crazed Gunman.
  37. Antigrav Goo
  38. What hat looks good with the Villains Veil?
  39. Crouching Tiger: Rifle Idea
  40. SMG Primary
  41. Buff the huntsman ( slightly)
  42. How much of a downside is the Machina's tracer rounds, exactly?
  43. UGC Highlander Season 6 starts Jan 23rd. Snipers: you can seriously scare teams here
  44. Tips for a new person?
  45. Is Sniper the most overpowered class in the game...
  46. Why is the sleeper assist probability so much lower than Jarate's?
  47. new rifle idea.
  48. new rifle idea.
  49. Hitbox
  50. I can't hit medics at all.
  51. New gimmick for SMG?
  52. Fully charged bodyshot damage
  53. Why can't you fire Huntsman while in the air?
  54. Huntsman aiming tips
  55. New melee weapon and item set
  56. New SMG: The Boom-a-Ranger
  57. Could the bazaar bargain not lose head if you shoot buildings
  58. You know what would be cool?
  59. Kamikazee's Kit
  60. Strange Sniper rifle Kill count
  61. The Hat Hater
  62. Darwin's Danger Shield
  64. Melee: Southeast Straightedge
  65. Cosmetic feature suggestion: Decapitation on headshot
  66. What makes a good Sniper?
  67. Advices on how to countersnipe effectively?
  68. A secondary unlock idea
  69. A fix for sniper.
  70. Primary: The Bush Wookie
  71. The Huntsman
  72. you body shotting snipers are starting to piss me off
  73. What started the term 'bodyshot' anyway?
  74. Since Spies can headshot, sniper should backstab
  75. I was wondering.
  76. Change on "How's that bullet feel" for Huntsmans
  77. Bazaar Bargain
  78. Razorback/darwin buff and idea for primary
  79. HELP
  80. Should Snipers get some form of advanced mobility?
  81. bad ping makes me bodyshoot anyway...
  82. Explosive Arrows and other Gimmicks
  83. The Most Professional Weapon to Ever Exist
  84. The Darwin's Danger Shield
  85. Sniper is OP
  86. About time for Sniper to have a boomerang
  87. Melee Idea - The Bloody Boomer
  88. Strange Huntsman
  89. Raising the Machina's skill ceiling
  90. Set: Manderite in the Mist
  91. Sniper as a support class + weapon ideas.
  92. Set idea for sniper
  93. Cloak-Huntsman
  94. To all the snipers on my team:
  95. Very simple melee idea:
  96. Sniper rifle idea
  97. A Rifle for the Quick
  98. Boomerang concept idea:
  99. The Sniper Point System is Terrible
  100. Secondary: The Jalato
  101. script to reduce zoom sensitivity?
  102. Mechanical Marksman set
  103. Machina Building Penetration
  104. Yet another original rifle idea: The Medium Rare
  105. Name for the huntsman?
  106. Give the sniper a nerfed shotgun
  107. Semi Automatic Rifle: Possible?
  108. Primary Weapon Idea (Sniper)
  109. Modified Sniper Loadout
  110. Why doesn't the Sniper have a Submachine Gun?
  111. I cannot play Sniper for nothing.
  112. An innovative "support" rifle idea
  113. The Most amazing sniper misc+hat loadout ever.
  114. Repulsion And Propulsion gel
  115. A crazy buff to the razorback
  116. Vote: Which Sniper Suggestion Which You Like To See Implemented?
  117. Smartass Sniper Quips
  118. Throwing knife
  119. What have you named you're Stranges?
  120. Bow and Arrow
  121. New weapon design idea: The Old'e c
  122. Rifle concept: The Double Tap
  123. Random Rifle idea (pretty simple)
  124. good snipers are frustating to deal with.
  125. Razorback
  126. Rifle Concept - the Feather Duster
  127. Sniper Gets Cozy, Not with a Rifle, but an Obligatory Unlock
  128. Win.
  129. Perhaps the most unique suggestion to fix quickscoping ever.
  130. Multiple Concepts
  131. What else could the Sniper get?
  132. [Scenario] Sniper gets a grodbort pack
  133. Give the Sydney Sleeper a "Headshot" kill icon.
  134. I think a "training" Sniper Rifle, like the Rocket Jumper, would be nice.
  135. make the razor back recharge
  136. The Quickscoper
  137. The No-Scope (primary)
  138. Sniper Mods
  139. Headshotting scouts
  140. idea: make jarate short out sappers
  141. Started Making A Model for a Lightning Gun SMG
  142. Huntsman headshot kill icon gone. Please help
  143. Sniper Grodbort idea. The Precisionator 9000
  144. I snipe better when tired.
  145. The Sniper is worthless
  146. Anti-Boss stats for the Camper Van Helsing set?
  147. Big Kill (custom sniper rifle)
  148. Bazaar Bargain - Does anyone use?
  149. Lasers 'n' Stuff: The Sniper's Grordbortian Pack
  150. Humble Beginnings
  151. Your aiming tactics?
  152. Healing as Sniper
  153. Sniper Mines?
  154. [vid] Badwater sniper montage
  155. Professionals little boy
  156. Sniper Grordbort Set
  157. Idea: The Heavy Artillery
  158. Buff the Razorback...alright, how?
  159. There should be an animation for sniper when he jarate in jarate pot with his [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color].
  160. Will Sniper ever get a new SMG ?
  161. Sniper Rifle Idea
  162. New Sniper Ideas
  163. Vanilla Sniper
  164. Is there a place for a quickscoping mechanic in today's TF2?
  165. Haven't played this game in nearly 6 months
  166. What are the basic tips for a good Sniper
  167. New Bow idea
  168. Sniping 101
  169. Aiming
  170. Item Idea: Cupa Joe.
  171. S. M. GS.
  172. Am I the only one who genuinely hates snipers?
  173. What would happen if...
  174. I'm thinking of making a series of pub sniping.
  175. I found the reason why Razorback exists
  176. Why is the Sniper intentionally a troll class?
  177. The Huntsman.
  178. Little cosmetic change for the sniper
  179. Problems
  180. Is the Croc-o-Style set really considered the worst loadout?
  181. Primary Weapon Idea: Hunters rifle
  182. Half-Zatoichi for Sniper
  183. Primary Weapon Idea: Mental Sickness.
  184. An Idea I was putzing around
  185. Possibly Stupid Sniper Secondary Idea: Bearback
  186. New Sniper Rifle: The Magic Bullet
  187. The Bear trap: Weapon discussion.
  188. Why the misunderstandings?
  189. Rifle Idea: The Finishing Touch
  190. Make the razorback invisible and have a bar on the hud
  191. Why all the Huntsman hatred?
  192. Sniper out-distanced by scout?
  193. SMGs and Semi-Autos
  194. Script for Dmg Numbers vs. Crit Text?
  195. Classassin; How the **** do you play Sniper?
  196. Is the default crosshair for sniper (the wide cross) not accurate?
  197. Why don't people realize that....
  198. Why are there so many bad snipers?
  199. How do you deal with scouts?
  200. Sniper Grodbort idea. The Precisionator 9001
  201. Bazaar Bargain - Any Suggestions?
  202. Why was the headshot delay added?
  203. Razorback - Can see enemy health
  204. Huntsman should be able to be fired while in air
  205. Why bazar bargain has limit of heads ?
  206. [New Melee]The Profession-L
  207. 200 ms scope delay
  208. Nerf the Machina
  209. Please Please
  210. A rather skill rewarding SMG
  211. Post your SMG ideas here!
  212. The Australian Aim (SMG finisher idea)
  213. Moar Huntsman Ammo
  214. Primary Idea - The Deadeye
  215. Bleeding Based Unlocks
  216. What do you call it when a team-mate ignites your hunstman?
  217. Razorback buff
  218. Double Sniper Rush
  219. New and original Secondary assisting the Huntsman!!
  220. Sniper Stealth
  221. [Set] The Silent Sydneysider
  222. Body Shots
  223. Huntsman Snipers need more ignition points in maps
  224. THe sniper needs a weapon that...
  225. Would the razorback be OP if...
  226. Remove random damage on Sniper Primaries
  227. The extra dmg on the Machina wasn't added to make bodyshots easier
  228. To Every good Sniper
  229. New Primary Bow Weapon Idea - Adventurer.
  230. New Bow Idea - The Dingo
  231. Stealthy Sniper
  232. Which loadout do you think is better?
  233. Sniper Balancing
  234. Pro 198 dmg bodyshot from spawn?
  235. New smg idea?
  236. I need some tips
  237. New Primary: The Camper
  238. ironsight rifle?
  239. If the Shiv had the SH's stats...
  240. March 15th - new sniper secondary [updated]
  241. Bazaar Bargain doesn't show heads number
  242. Sniper Scripting question
  243. Remove Cozy Camper Downside
  244. How to fix the Machina
  245. New Sniper set idea
  246. The Cozy Camper is bugged
  247. (SET) The Born Hunter
  248. Cozy Camper is a weapon? Sandvich Safe should be a weapon
  249. Can someone kill a stupid rumor about the Cozy Camper?
  250. A third back weapon...Valve sucks at this...