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  1. Is there a script to undisguise?
  2. Dead Ringer changes (what both sides want)
  3. Best Hat with Dapper Disguise?
  4. Let's say the Dead Ringer was the first Spy Watch and the IW was an unlock.
  5. Should the spy be able to use the Ham Shank?
  6. Spy mechanic idea for a revolver
  7. Bad disguise bug
  8. Script Help
  9. Teleporter
  10. My problem with backstabs.
  11. Worst spy hat or misc?
  12. Spies Eyes
  13. If spy had concussion grenades...
  14. How to deal with soldiers/demos...
  15. Frag video
  16. Why the poker night 2 promo for spy is worth it
  17. Turn some Knife stats into set stats
  18. Watch Suggestion: The Disessembler
  19. My issue with the DR
  20. Only bug left with RTR
  21. How To Skill Index The DR
  22. Fall damage...
  23. Another DR Fix Idea (hear me out)
  24. More DR Fixes?
  25. A somewhat funny idea I had for an unlock.
  26. A Totally Original Sapper Idea (I guess): The Suicidal Sapper
  27. The Ninjitsu Kit
  28. How do you deal with with people firing at you?
  29. Crouching While Stabbing - Placebo or Legitimate Hitbox Warping?
  30. Blink (from Dishonored) for Spy
  31. The Sneak Peek
  32. Spies, does favorite color affect your stab priorities?
  33. Anybody else notice this?
  34. How to Replace Backstab Sound?
  35. Disguised as: Engineer, Weapon: Scattergun
  36. New sapper idea
  37. The Illusionist
  38. New Knife Idea
  39. Let's talk under powered weapons for Spy
  40. Sapper: The Sleeper Cell
  41. Let's talk broken/OP weapons for the Spy
  42. The Baccarat Defector [Spy Revolver]
  43. Spy sappin the subforum
  44. Spy Guide?
  45. new watch idea: worm
  46. Specialist's Cigar
  47. cl_first_person_uses_world_model and DR
  48. So, the diamondback is considered a reverse frontier justice huh?
  49. Deceit
  50. Good ways to practice Spy?
  51. Turning Diamondback into FJ of Spy
  52. Tip of the Hats NA vs EU HL Showmatch
  53. The Delayed Reaction Set
  54. Script help
  55. New Watch Idea
  56. Cloak and Dagger Effectiveness
  57. Should the revolver reloading animation change?
  58. Revolver and damage falloff
  59. Spy paranoia and awareness developing over the years
  60. Simplest Watch Idea Ever
  61. Does this mean the Ap-Sap's craftable now?
  62. Big Earner and L'Etranger
  63. Making silly mistakes as Spy
  64. The Dead Ringer Syndrome
  65. The play style of each watch (not a guide)
  66. Diamondback
  67. Possibly Broken Sapper Idea: Shocker
  68. Anyone have an issue with nerfing the Knife damage?
  69. The Handy Man (Ver 2.0)
  70. New video; feedback appreciated
  71. Sapper Idea: Haywire Hacker
  72. Sapper idea: building fight
  73. How would you feel if... (Hurr hurr nerfing crap that doesn't need it)
  74. Pressing R to fake reload
  75. Drop assassination buff
  76. Would you please use the RTR more?
  77. What if we just removed the Diamondback's damage penalty?
  78. Not another one of these... Dammit! (Spying directed by michael bay.)
  79. Variants of Diamondback
  80. Is it impossible to use the Invis Watch in 32-man servers?
  81. The Armed Apparition - Revolver Unlock
  82. Slight rebalancing of watches
  83. Doesn't the Spy make the game a lot more annoying most of the time?
  84. Just thought I'd share
  85. What If
  86. Uncloak fix
  87. Paralyzing gun idea
  88. Concerning the Diamondback
  89. Conniver's Kunai change
  90. The Silent Knife
  91. Why the DR disgusts me
  92. L'Artiste V4: It's viable, I swear!
  93. Can we get it straight?
  94. DR fixes: A recap of all fixes on SPUF
  95. The Hidden: Source set for spy?
  96. The Spy Who Stabbed Me Set
  97. DR
  98. Custom crosshair
  99. Hallucination gun
  100. Ambassador's crosshair
  101. Dead Ringer Nerf
  102. Grappling hook watch?
  103. The Ninja Awaits
  104. Attempt to create silenced pistol for Spy
  105. Explosive backstab
  106. Another Diamondback change
  107. If you could add a scope to the Ambassador...
  108. Another Spy Video from me, Feedback please
  109. What would you think about...
  110. A sapper replacement for when there are no buildings?
  111. Problems after the optimisation?
  112. 2 things to increase versatility of Sapper...
  113. Why I believe the Spy should have 150 health
  114. Spy rework (May 2013)
  115. new knife idea: the reacharound
  116. Sapper slot: Damage resistant suit
  117. The Electric Knife
  118. The Ripper
  119. A functional Dota 2 promo - Blink Dagger!
  120. spy too obvious
  121. Spy frag video 2
  122. How to buff the strange invis watch.
  123. Soul collector concept
  124. Sapper Unlocks - That Aren't Sappers!
  125. Spy Weapon- Psychiatrist's Pearly Whites.
  126. Spies all over the world, would you like these?
  127. Spy Knife: The Main Gauche
  128. An Enforcer variant we haven't tried yet
  129. A new idea
  130. one of the oddest things ive seen as a spy
  131. Visible Spy (Craziest idea ever)
  132. The Aim
  133. Becoming a better Spy player
  134. Has it been suggested...
  135. Dead Ringer Fix
  136. Stealth Steeler Bug
  137. "Augmented" buff for Diamondback
  138. The P. 4000
  139. How do I change my HUD to show an enemy's exact health amount?
  140. Random stat idea for "Diamondback"
  141. The Revolver Nobody Saw Coming
  142. random turning/strafing wtf
  143. Daimondback
  144. The True Backstab
  145. That awkward moment...
  146. The Sadistic Spy Set
  147. idea for YER
  148. The Seppuku
  149. Dead Ringer Rework: Playing Dead
  150. A decent kill streak - [7:22]
  151. The Instigator
  152. Delayed backstab concept
  153. Enforcer thread 123451876345
  154. Teleport Knife
  155. Dagger of Domination
  156. Sound mechanics (Dead Ringer)
  157. Need some help on trick stabs ( sidestab )
  158. Would +25 health on the Your Eternal Reward work?
  159. Weapon set: The Scare-Slinging Slasher
  160. Friendly disguises and trick stabs.
  161. Why Does Pyro Counter Spy So Hard?
  162. Would this solve some spy issues?.
  163. Is using the DR harder now than it was before?
  164. Dead ringer, Cloak type:90% damage reduction.
  165. Advanced spy tactics
  166. I just thought of something regarding spy loadouts
  167. Cloak type: Slow-motion
  168. Which maps are best for spy and which are worst?
  169. Metal Gear Rising PC version confirmed! Give Spy Snake's pistol!
  170. New Watch
  171. The Know How
  172. The Invisible Man
  173. The Mind Wipe
  174. Demoknight Spy Set
  175. Completely horrible knife idea
  176. Random (and probably bad) Knife Idea
  177. What are your go-to disguises?
  178. New Spy Watch suggestion - Dashing Rogue
  179. Watch Idea from non-Spy main
  180. Modified Dead Ringer mechanic
  181. (Once again) Diamondback buff thread
  182. The Spied and Go Seek Set
  183. Take over class abilities Spy Knife
  184. Revolver
  185. Valve, please add this
  186. Healing revolver
  187. New watch idea
  188. Paint for Loadout
  189. footfalls
  190. spy "insta-seen"
  191. "Cloak Eater" loadout
  192. Long flight, need vids please!
  193. Valve change the way scripts work?
  194. Possible Big Earner Buff: Earning Cloak But Different
  195. Unlock that prevents fall damage/cloak flicker?
  196. A balanced perma invis?
  197. Best troll spy loadout?
  198. Sapper Idea
  199. My dead ringer fix attempt
  200. Splitting up the Dead Ringer
  201. Best spy scripts
  202. De-cloak noise demonstration
  203. Trickstab Improvements
  204. Big Earner full rework
  205. How to fix the Enforcer
  206. Diamondback Buff Megathread
  207. Confused about how disguises work
  208. Epic amby kill
  209. What if the Dead Ringer had some sort of a resistance-toggle, like the Vaccinator?
  210. What if DR resisted only the guy that shot you?
  211. Feedback on my vid...
  212. Spy unlock tiers
  213. Fix of sapper in MvM
  214. Your loadout
  215. Best loadout for every watch?
  216. The Director's Cut Set
  217. YER tips?
  218. An Excellent Idea
  219. Need Footage for a Video!
  220. MvM robot medics behavior
  221. What is your favorite hat?
  222. Most underpowered spy weapons?
  223. Spy knife suggestion.
  224. Help me choose?
  225. Any tips vs. engie nests?
  226. Diamondback: crits on backstabs?
  227. Crazy Enforcer idea
  228. An idea for a cloak
  229. Watch idea that wouldn't work
  230. Diamondback buff
  231. New cloak idea: The Distraction
  232. PSA: the enforcer
  233. Watch that replaces invisibility with time travel
  234. Some weird cloak replacement
  235. Is it better to use the red-tape recorder against gunslinger engineers?
  236. Crazy Enforcer Idea
  237. What If we balanced the enforcer like this...
  238. Two Enforcers fixes in the new theme: High Rish, High Reward
  239. something changed with spy?
  240. Strange Disguise Glitch! (Need confirmation)
  241. Dishonored Spy Watch Concept
  242. the Launderer
  243. Minor Yer Buff: Friendly Disguise
  244. How to make Spy useful in MvM?
  245. Worst Idea Ever
  246. Spider-like watch idea
  247. First Impression
  248. Your eternal reward load outs
  249. Do you guys think I`ll get in trouble if I name my watch the Obama Deception?
  250. missing easy stabs