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  1. the blockade
  2. The only thing the ringer needs. (Other than bugfixes)
  3. If you folks really can't stop whining, here's a disguise rework
  4. YER Suggestion
  5. Spy Weapon Rebalance
  6. Some funny idea for uncloak sound
  7. Metal Gear Solid V confirmed for PC. Give the Spy snake's pistol
  8. Weird Cloak 'N' Dagger buff idea
  9. Ambassador rebalance?
  10. Groundbreaking knife idea
  11. Big Earner Rebalance
  12. Enforce-A-Nature
  13. Dead Ringer: How should I use it?
  14. The Nano-bite
  15. Sneaky sapper
  16. Places you never see spies.
  17. L'etranger = Widowmaker
  18. Give the YER silent decloak
  19. Pointless ripoff of fortress forever: not-so-smart cloak.
  20. Sapper idea, Noisy Cricket.
  21. How do you unhide the watch-arm
  22. Fork instead of knife
  23. Cosmetic suggestion for crit revolver shots
  24. Spylander? Why not spying charge?
  25. Sapper idea: Remote Explosive
  26. The Laser Dog
  27. Why does spy have so many crutch weapons?
  28. Portable dryer
  29. Is "20% slower firing speed" really a downside?
  30. Revolvers question
  31. Spy achievement idea
  32. Ambassador/Enforcer rework ideas
  33. Some stupid melee idea
  34. Big Earner for stealthy spies?
  35. How to make the big earner terrible in another way...
  36. Infuriating watch idea
  37. big earner idea
  38. Spy Terror Knife
  39. New sapper Idea
  40. Groundbreaking sapper idea
  41. Ultimate support item(replaces sapper)
  42. Coming soon to theatres: The way of the frenchman, Starring pierre lee.
  43. Revolver idea: decoy holograms
  44. The Dead Ringer, and why it doesn't need a nerf
  45. +15% move speed while cloaked with the IW
  46. Probably the most stupid idea for a knife
  47. General buff of cloak
  48. Decoy PDA
  49. Why not give Spy...
  50. Weird knife idea
  51. Sapper Suggestion
  52. Interface Screw as a downside
  53. 30k amby vid
  54. New Heavy/Medic Unlock
  55. How come some people disable the backstab animation?
  56. A Pragmatic Spy's Guide to Newbie Mistakes
  57. Rocket/sticky jumper causing cloak to flicker?
  58. Big Earner Rework: "Late Payment"
  59. Viewmodel question
  60. Can of paint
  61. Blizzara Sweetstack; a sugar free Spy-cicle.
  62. Disguise buff idea
  63. The Click and Dragger
  64. So how do I find a team?
  65. A watch idea : The Sands of Time
  66. stereotypical frenchman spy set
  67. Building idea: Some sort of cruel prank
  68. Advanced mobility watch
  69. Spycicle Taunt
  70. stock watch buff and maybe cnd
  71. You wouldn't download a sentry...
  72. Volvo pls, make the YER give you the powers of your victims when stabbing them.
  73. Spy gun idea: The Silencer
  74. Unbalanced disguise buff
  75. Evil joke on enemies
  76. Ambassador: Crosshair becomes too large - help needed
  77. Spy buff suggestion
  78. Easy fix for the UGLY NECA Spy you bought...
  79. Enforcer Idea
  80. Tranq gun because we don't have enough of these threads**
  81. Preposterous item: hackusations galore.
  82. Allow Spy to do simple thing
  83. Which revolver for run & gun spy?
  84. Whats up with the spycicle?
  86. "Fixed the knife not playing its backstab animation when crits are disabled"
  87. The Shinobi Sundial: A Unique Cloak Idea
  88. Simple Gun Spy Knife
  89. [Bored At Work] Backstab Radius
  90. Rumored Update Thoughts
  91. Gunspy Idea: Split the Diamondback
  92. I need some help with a spy script :c
  93. Why Spy can't buff his teammates?
  94. Is sapper still worth using?
  95. What ever happened to WingspanTT you ask?
  96. New Cloaking Watch: The WallHacker
  97. Will spy get a revolver buff in the Spy vs engie update?
  98. Explosive sapper
  99. escaping with regular watches
  100. Watch Idea: The Necromantic Time Piece
  101. YER: Disguising as teammates
  102. Spy and mobility
  103. Quicker backstabs script?
  104. Tranq Revolver: i really did it this time
  105. what I'm I missing?
  106. I congratulate all spies
  107. Random disguise script
  108. Rapier Idea
  109. Gentlemen. And, err, gentlewomen.
  110. Pure trolling device
  111. Freaky idea
  112. The W.B.S.
  113. Grappling hook!
  114. Sapping script and something more
  115. Attention All Mentlegen
  116. Anti-stacking sapper
  117. If enemies could hear the Ap-Sap
  118. Spy watch idea.
  119. Happy New Years 2015 Spy Forum!
  120. Dodge Em
  121. Why? (Knife)
  122. Sapper Ideas
  123. Perfect surf 3
  124. Should Spy take hostages?
  125. Discussion About Balance
  126. Simple Big Earner change
  127. Why friendly disguise needs fake fire
  128. I Require Your Assistance!
  129. Smoke grenade-based idea
  130. Acting In Pub - The Art Of Self-Dumbing
  131. Ice-themed items
  132. Another Big earner thread
  133. The Flipped Blade and The Thief's Special Surprise
  134. There was a major Dead Ringer nerf... why?
  135. The Viral CD Player
  136. Smoke bomb
  137. Kunai buff
  138. Spy should be able to drop fake health packs and sandviches
  139. Knife idea
  140. Question for my fellow Men Who Wear Paper Masks
  141. Balanced taser
  142. The DR is still nerfed compared to last year...
  143. Spies probably benefit from a 3 monitor setup more than any other class...
  144. Unstable explosive knife
  145. Spy crash
  146. Fake Ammunition
  147. Need Help for new spy script and crosshair !
  148. Knife based on Machina
  149. The Dynamite Dirk
  150. Small question
  151. Low-Battery CnD and Sentries
  152. Ambassador is imbalanced
  153. It's 2015, TF2 Has Been Out For 7 Years
  154. Spear for Spy
  155. My vision of what Spy should be in TF3, what's yours?
  156. New Sapper Suggestion: Early Retirement
  157. Knife Idea: The Getaway Shiv
  158. New sapper suggestion: Outbreak
  159. Small buff for sappers
  160. Which cosmetic set looks better?
  161. DR buff?
  162. New knife theory
  163. Watch Idea: Healing while Cloaked
  164. Sapper replacement: The Audio Distraction Device
  165. Implementation of tranquilizer Gun
  166. Revolver idea
  167. The five best pub loadouts
  168. Sapper Revamp: Things that aren't buildings
  169. A Sapper that can also be placed on Medkits and Ammo Crates
  170. DR for beginner Spies?
  171. Lighter ?
  172. Question about spy disguising
  173. A Combat Spy set (ohboyherewego)
  174. So to those who honestly believe the Ambassador is op...
  175. What if the Red Tape, was a motion sensor?
  176. I think I figured it out, how to fix the Man of Honor set
  177. Mad milk
  178. So...is Valve never gonna change this?
  179. What do you think of the YER?
  180. A kunai glitch ?
  181. Fun Knife Idea
  182. Rather absurd Spy buff
  183. Give Spy some sort of laser poiner
  184. Ideas for spy weapons
  185. Amazing and Balanced Spy Buff
  186. Satchel Charge
  187. Spy weapon balance
  188. Man of Honor zero thought fix
  189. Swashbuckling Loadout
  190. New sapper idea.
  191. Summer sales and backstabs
  192. Sapper: White Noise "The Silent Killer"
  193. Spy Buildables?
  194. New Cloak type - Stopwatch (For brief repositioning)
  195. New update Dead Ringer
  196. inadvertent Invis Watch Buff
  197. Gun Mettle Update Opinion Thread
  198. DR + L'etranger Cloak Extension is Broken
  199. The Box Trot
  200. Cloak and Dagger abuse
  201. Fix the Dead Ringer [poll]
  202. Bind disguise to +attack = perma enforcer dmg bonus
  203. Thoughts on the new Kunai?
  204. The Box Trot is too effective for taunt.
  205. Dead Ringer: Close, but not quite there yet.
  206. Cloak Speed > Cloak Damage Resist
  207. Big Earner Buff?
  208. Fix whats really important to the spy
  209. Were the engineer changes an unintentional nerf to the RTR?
  210. Sapper script - help needed!
  211. If you want spy to use cloak then buff the real problems
  212. Dead Ringer buff idea: Guranteed Health Mininum
  213. A bunch of old spy ideas that should still be released imo
  214. Attacking while disguised
  215. Possibly quitting spy
  216. DR protection not applying on trigger hit
  217. Do i have to use the amby ?
  218. Disguise buff
  219. Changing Dead Ringer concept
  220. Sapper Replacement Suggestion: Bombs
  221. New Knife Idea: The Counter Terrorist
  222. Slight L'etranger Change
  223. The Booby Sap (A sapper idea)
  224. Weapon Idea: Poison Dart Gun
  225. New watch idea
  226. Cloak and dagger tips
  227. Sneaky Dead Ringer fix
  228. Killstreak Black Rose for Sale
  229. New sapper ideas
  230. Knife replacement
  231. Possible YER change
  232. What will happen...
  233. Would you trade backstab ability...
  234. Allow Bison to be used by Spy
  235. New Sapper Idea: The Spyjack
  236. Evil Enforcer Revamp
  237. Dirty Thief: Knife replacement
  238. Passive sapper replacement
  239. Terrible sapper replacement idea
  240. Why Spy should (or not) fly
  241. Detonating Fork
  242. Spy Weapon Ideas
  243. The Transporter
  244. Taunt for Backstabber's Boomslang
  245. Knife Concept: The Floaty Pen
  246. 1 unlock
  247. So now that the smoke has cleared what are everyones opinions of the Dead Ringer?
  248. Is it wrong to use to stock Revolver? Is it really THAT bad?
  249. A idea for the sapper change.
  250. X2 Improvements