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  1. The Dead Ringer is NOT Overpowered
  2. What's Your Favorite Spy Loadout
  3. Let me help teammates with the spycicle
  4. Why I love the deadringer
  5. An idea, question, and possible item
  6. Revolver vs Ammbasidor
  7. Dead Ringer or Invis Watch? And which revolver?
  8. Deadringer + Enforcer is overpowered
  9. L'Etranger needs to be changed
  10. Enforcer Discussion: What needs to be done
  11. Banned for hacking as a SPY (demo included)
  12. *Ahum*, Vanilla Gentlemen.
  13. The Black Rose, Valentine's Day Update 02/14/2012
  14. Sexy, Sexy Knife
  15. Disguising.
  16. A Spy "revolver" suggestion
  17. Why don't we just do this again?
  18. The Enforcer Final
  19. HELP
  20. Beta Enforcer Suggestions 1
  21. The Spy is the only 125 HP class that cannot reach a base of 150.
  22. Spy weapon idea: The poisioned Sandvich
  23. TF2 Tightrope Weapon Concepts: The Hearty Splint and The Holiday Punch (Spy)
  24. Black Rose
  25. Knife Idea: The Swiss Saboteur
  26. The life of Spy
  27. [Set] La Puma Rose
  28. Overpowered knife
  29. Black Rose Names
  30. Spy misc idea: Guido's Guise
  31. Spy skillset, can we improve it ?
  32. Vanilla Spy
  33. the elephant in the room
  34. New Taunt Kill
  35. Big Earner Buff
  36. New knife idea.
  37. Weapon Idea: Poison
  38. Would someone be like a spy "mentor" for me?
  39. A challenge to bad spys everywhere
  40. Ambassador Buff
  41. The Small Analysis of Spy Equipment
  42. Strange Electro Sapper
  43. Another Thread of Man of Honor Set Suggestions + Kunai
  44. You wanna use the Dead Ringer? Fine. Let's do it by some new rules.
  45. nerdrage
  46. new pistol idea
  47. Enforcer is still in this game?
  48. New watch idea
  49. Advanced Weaponizer: The Plot Hook
  50. I have a dare to all you really good spies out there.
  51. How your playstyle changes with different weapons
  52. The Running Man: An Activation Based Watch
  53. Is one able to see if spy faked his death by looking at the score table?
  54. Medic Disguise
  55. Ambassador Vs Revolver
  56. Criticize my Spy (again)
  57. New Spy weapon idea
  58. Do Enforcer promotes bad playstyle?
  59. Concerning nerfing the enforcer...
  60. Who else is pissed off?
  61. Cloak & Dagger Buff
  62. A list of Spy tweaks
  63. Simple Enforcer Fix
  64. New spy watch - Phaser
  65. Gawdl3y's Ultimate (?) Spy Scripts v1.2b
  66. Cornerstabs practice
  67. So all this time i thought....
  68. Silent Cloaking for the Cloak & Dagger?
  69. Dead Ringer Needs Small Nerfs
  70. Ambassador
  71. IW DR or CND
  72. Project Loki
  73. Since everyone else is doing it....
  74. fitzy ~ Eye of the Spy
  75. A Quick Noob Question
  76. The Ultimate Kunai Challenge
  77. Another knife idea: The Phantom's Edge
  78. Random idea that came to me while being half asleep
  79. Is it bad that...
  80. Series 39: Strange Knife again
  81. TF2 Tightrope/Advanced Weaponiser - Ascender/Khopesh Climber
  82. Enforcer rework
  83. How to deal with teleporter camping engineers?
  84. [Set Idea] - "The Aristocratic Assasin"
  85. Attempting to make the throwing knife a reality
  86. Help required, invisible weapons!
  87. Why do a lot of spies walk sideways?
  88. The Narcissus - Watch idea. Everyone loves watch ideas, right? Right?
  89. What spy weapons do YOU use?
  90. Which part of Dr. Enforcicle needs a nerf the most?
  91. Let's take a vote.
  92. Sapper stuck?
  93. New knife idea
  94. [Workshop submission] Die Another Way Set
  95. Got a name...
  96. Sapper Question
  97. I'm Finally playing stock 24/7
  98. The Covert Cooperation Set.
  99. I see the Heavy.
  100. The Dueling Glove
  101. New knife idea.
  102. Random Dead ringer Rework
  103. Give Enforcer Knockback
  104. Your best Spy round scores
  105. [Revolver] The Deal Breaker
  106. Hey LBK.
  107. You know how I said I can't play pubs?
  108. your most hated maps as spy
  109. Give us the objector
  110. These two items need to be changed.
  111. Spy and Comp Play - Can It Be Balanced?
  112. How do you use the Kunai?
  113. Idea for a Grordbort IW
  114. Fast Cloak Idea
  115. [Watch] The Deatomizer
  116. Strange dead ringer?
  117. Slurgi TF2 video, looking for feedback
  118. spy was ment for rewarding for you playing perfectly now with the dead ringer you can
  119. Disguising
  120. loadout
  121. Tf2 Spy Gullywash Video Commentary
  122. Disguise "fix" request: Name tags
  123. Why is the enforcer so popular?
  124. Spy Tips Thread
  125. dr idea
  126. How to stairstab?
  127. Beta Enforcer Votes 1 Round 1
  128. Help with spy script
  129. What sensitivity do you use?
  130. Knife idea
  131. NEW WATCH IDEA: The Phantasm
  132. Footsteps
  133. Grabbing Intel before decloaked
  134. Suggestion for OPcicle
  135. Opinion on the Cloak & Dagger
  136. How do you determine whose a good Spy?
  137. There is no "Perfect" spy loadout.
  138. Dr. Enforcicle Fix
  139. Best Spy skin combo ever.
  140. Make the DR cloak flicker aswell?
  141. A good Spy HUD
  142. How to get the Sharp Dresser?
  143. Rate my spying
  144. Auto-script: auto disguise?
  145. New idea: The Unfortunis Metamorphosis
  146. Spy really NEEDS a knife with random Crits
  147. knife combined into a watch
  148. Seriously Valve, about the Enforcer
  149. Dead Ringer, the watch of paranoia
  150. Unlock Idea
  151. Item Synergy
  152. Spy Stream
  153. [Knife] The Big Earner (Revised)
  154. Wall Cloak Unlock Idea
  155. Spy Voice Communication
  156. The best hat/misc loadout.
  157. Just an idea
  158. What the Dead Ringer needs
  159. Opossum's Timepiece
  160. Slurgi Stabs (Video)
  161. Team coloured ice statues
  162. Can I get anymore obvious?
  163. Issue with community Hud
  164. The Saharan-DR Blues
  165. So, who loves it when...
  166. Stock > Ambassador
  167. A Couple of Questions for Highlander Spies
  168. 5,000th Spy Thread
  169. Sidestab question.
  170. What HUD do you use for Spying?
  171. How many Razorback snipers have you killed?
  172. Enforcer ISN'T OP!
  173. How do YOU fool the enemy?
  174. Quick underneath stab tutorial
  175. Hey guys
  176. spy cicle taunt?
  177. How do I not totally suck as Spy?
  178. 420 hours of stabbing over 40,000 backs claimed
  179. EČ Roundtable: You ask, we answer
  180. Cloak Replacement: The Mass Effect
  181. Big Earner
  182. Stock+YER
  183. I'm starting to love the CnD
  184. I don't mind the Spy-cicle and all, but....
  185. Spy+Razer Nostromo
  186. Current Beta Enforcer - What's wrong with it?
  187. Do bullets spread randomly?
  188. Some Highlander
  189. A Place without the Enforcer/Pomson?
  190. need a hat
  191. Teammate Notification when Disguised
  192. a knife with 0 damage on anything but backstab
  193. How would you like a Holiday Punch-esque knife for Spy?
  194. Should the spy have advanced vertical mobility?
  195. Probably a bad Revolver idea: Exicutioner
  196. Let's play the "What if?" game today
  197. New Spy Unlock
  198. Weapon Idea: The Spylander
  199. Original Enforcer fix
  200. Silenced Revolver
  201. appyling real life physics to the spy...
  202. Small buff to the spycicle
  203. Has anyone been able to get the "For your eyes only" achievement?
  204. Basics of sentry surfing
  205. Does anyone JUST play spy please?
  206. Kunai Revelation
  207. Lets create a Balanced Grappling Hook
  208. Who do you disguise as?
  209. Odd request
  210. Plat Scrim against Blunderful Swiftwater
  211. Side Stab Variation
  212. Would this be worth your primary?
  213. A crazy idea that may help towards the Enforcer nerf
  214. "Would this work?" Crazy Unlock Idea
  215. Somewhat useful bug
  216. I really like the idea of the spy..
  217. Dear Spy Forums: how2kunai?
  218. New Knife: The Blasting Cap
  219. the tool knife
  220. What is wrong with the Enforcer?
  221. Spy vs Spy
  222. I want to play with these "E2" Spies
  223. The CLUE Pack
  224. New Cloak Type
  225. New knife idea:The cereal killer
  226. Tips for YER spies?
  227. Diamondback should have explosive ammunition instead of crits.
  228. The Diamondbassador
  229. Enforce-A-Nature?
  230. Spy fixes
  231. The Spy's anime cameo
  232. DR help & tips plz
  233. New Knife: The Giant-Killer
  234. New Primary Revolver Weapon Idea - Incognito
  235. Hey Dr. Enforcicle-spies
  236. Is there any way to change the sound effect from my watch and keep the sfx from other
  237. 'Undocumented changes'
  238. Quick Spycicle Kill Streak
  239. Hey, Amby Spies: the Cozy Camper is here
  240. Spy Help/Feedback? {Includes HD Video}
  241. Another Enforcer Update on Beta
  242. Invisibility Watches - What would you like to see?
  243. Replay-Friendly Disguise Effects
  244. I hate people *facekeyboard*
  245. What I would love from the pro Spies
  246. In the zone
  247. Buff the amby A BIT
  248. Random thoughts about the sapper.
  249. so what do you consider noob load outs please?
  250. Critical watch cloak