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  1. Sapper unlock: Reverter
  2. Spiffy Revolver Idea?
  3. Quick Spycicle Idea
  4. New Knife: The Ammo Sucker
  5. Sapper Idea: Think before you solve
  6. Any mechanical keyboard users want a Spy keycap?
  7. Do Trickstabs works on bots?
  8. Good servers where are you ?
  9. Favorite Spycheck method?
  10. Quite important!
  11. Sapper glitch or part of the design?
  12. My first vid
  13. Why hasn't the Enforcer been nerfed yet?
  14. Sapper Unlock: Resonance Sapper
  15. A funny little replay I got
  16. My Craziest Ideas Yet?
  17. Spy guide to killing pyro's
  18. The Doppelgänger Unlock Idea
  19. Is it possible to be good at spy without the Dead Ringer?
  20. I want you to come back in time with me...
  21. Can we make the DR's arming instant?
  22. Being patient as a spy, getting the right stabs (video)
  23. Just can't seem to get down stairstabbing...
  24. Sneaky Spats should reduce footstep volume
  25. Teleporting Watch Idea (please murder me if this is an old idea)
  26. Seeing through my cloak ?
  27. The nerf we wanted?
  28. Valve buffs the enforcer
  29. Makarni vid archive
  30. Enforcer has been nerfed!
  31. Oh, SPUF, I love you.
  32. Get rid of the 'Enforcer was OP' mindset.
  33. The Enforcer Nerf , we should be satisfied , it is good and balanced
  34. Spy knife Idea.
  35. Oh look ANOTHER knife
  36. Just another L'etranger thread
  37. So, with the Enforcer finally nerfed...
  38. The Enforcer
  39. New Enforcer - tested
  40. Quick Commentary Ashville Pug
  41. Best revolvers
  42. The Photon Stabber
  43. Your Eternal Reward Friendly Disguise
  44. FOV script for amby
  45. New Disguises?
  46. Valve's Makin' a new Weapon
  47. Swap DB and Enforcer's Models and Textures Plox
  48. Gazer watch ( full instant )
  49. Upgraded disguise kit
  50. Indi's spy weapon ideas
  51. About the Enforcer's attributes...
  52. Fez?.
  53. Dear spy..
  54. Spring Loaded Knife
  55. The New Enforcer Balance Discussion
  56. Spy should look similar for both teams
  57. My idea for a new invisibility watch
  58. Enforcer: What changed?
  59. Spy Primary Idea
  60. Minor buff for ambassador
  61. Jumpy Sapper Replacement
  62. Minor buff for Diamondback
  63. I want to thank you guys
  64. Do you like the stealth mechanics?
  65. Disguise kit replacement
  66. The stock assassin challenge
  67. Trickstab fever ! srs bzns
  68. Pictures of loadout Misc/Hat Combos
  69. unlock ideas! for misdirection and paranoia and stuff.
  70. Mooooovie style Spy vids?
  71. (IDEA) The most likely already suggested before Disguise kit
  72. C&D suggestion
  73. Any Tips?
  74. Sexy Spy :3
  75. Did i do good?
  76. Idea for a spy knife
  77. What if... (Dead ringer)
  78. When the disguise is done
  79. Spy watch ideas!!
  80. Binding last disguise + attack to Mouse 1
  81. Buff of Diamondback - explosive non-crit bullet or knockback from shot
  82. Kilo's what-attention-all Spy change thread
  83. Underwhelming Rewards: A write up about Cloak Restoration
  84. Spy versus Tf2
  85. That sandvich is a sapper!
  86. Assassination taunt for Sharp Dresser
  87. Gentlemen, we need to improve our dying.
  88. What if (The Enforcer)
  89. Worst spy loadout?
  90. Remove Spy Backstab animation?
  91. Making Spy More Team-Based
  92. People These days
  93. Enforcer
  94. New sapper for big nests.
  95. The Devilish Rogue set suggestion.
  96. The Enforcer Nerf is useless and stupid
  97. If you are going to give Spy an Anti-Pyro weapon..
  98. New Sapper Idea: The Suicide Sapper!
  99. Last Enforcer Vote Thread
  100. Sapper idea
  101. Invis. Watch Unlock Suggestion- Daring Gambit
  102. Cloak Ideas
  103. When watching Spy videos...
  104. A spy mirror
  105. [Set idea] - The Cardsharp
  106. New knife Idea
  107. 2 non-lethal knives ideas
  108. Knife in the Back
  109. Best Knife EVAR
  110. New spy revolver idea
  111. Spy weapon ideas a full set.
  112. New Enforcer Overview
  113. This is probably a bad idea...
  114. Good Saharan Spy Maps?
  115. Faster fire rate for Diamondback?
  116. The "Let's Fix The Diamondback" Thread
  117. Spy's "Bland" Weaponry. [Giving Spy a new edge]
  118. Flipped models when disguised?!
  119. Invisi Watch vs. Cloak and Dagger
  120. What's the consensus on the new Enforcer?
  121. Unedited gameplay video -> Feedback appreciated!
  122. Ninja Smoke Bomb Cloak
  123. Imagine that it exists some kind of a Spy tf2 Academy
  124. Cheap gaming laptop?
  125. Criticize my Spying
  126. The Dead Ringer...
  127. New Watch Concept kinda...
  128. Spice up my Spying, SPUF
  129. Spy Skills/Tricks interchangeable with the Pyro?
  130. Your best loadout
  131. Spy differences between gamemodes
  132. Knife/gun swap script
  133. Tobias Fünke Spy Scripts
  134. nerf dead ringer
  135. nerf dead ringer
  136. nerf dead ringer
  137. Dead ringer VS IW
  138. nerf dead ringer
  139. Please nerf the dead ringer please
  140. We all know it's about time we nerf the DR.
  141. In response to all the Dead Ringer threads.....
  142. Bleeding Knife Idea
  143. Stop with those 'nerf the DR' themes
  144. The Evil Presence: Watch for stalkers!
  145. Your Eternal Reward
  146. New sappers for fake buildings
  147. Loadout preparedness
  148. Good strange parts on a S. Knife?
  149. The Magician Set Predictions
  150. Attack with no loss of disguise: overpowered?
  151. General idea for a getaway revolver
  152. Le Coup de Grace + The Blackjack
  153. First competition coming up, need advice.
  154. Advice on dstroying pub lvl3 sentry nests.
  155. On-hit effects and disguise
  156. This sub-forum is disappointing me.
  157. Strange Knives -- Critical Kills Part
  158. Revolver idea to match with the kunai
  159. Finisher finesse pistol.
  160. Solving of problem with cloak hacks
  161. Spy Video Feedback
  162. Dead Ringer doesn't flicker?
  163. hard mode since next monday
  164. Ideal Network Settings for Spy
  165. Meet the Pyro Looms
  166. I want to change my revolver crosshair.
  167. Playing Vitalism tonight? This might be useful :)
  168. Few questions about Spying.
  170. spy idea for workshop
  171. Will the Spy receive a new weapon in the update?
  172. Badwater secrets/tips/good spots etc.
  173. New Spy sapper ideas
  174. Soldier Needs A Home - Spy
  175. Spy disguise inadvertantly buffed from new weapons.
  176. Spy disguise idea
  177. So, uh, maths.
  178. So Spies, what do you think of the new Pyro Flaregun?
  179. Scout Disguise even more viable now
  180. Think of a New Sapper?
  181. This update, as a Spy item.
  182. my problem with spy
  183. Groundbreaking sapper unlock ideas
  184. I be Trollin
  185. Even though I hate you all
  186. Every Pyro we've stabbed just wanted to give us flowers.
  187. Tripwire
  188. Sapper Unlock
  189. Brace yourselves...
  190. Well...er...guys
  191. Phlogistinator DR gets nerfed, but not the Dead Ringer?
  192. Spy's opinion of Doomsday?
  193. Business Casual
  194. pyrovision and the fez
  195. So, I was just thinking, for the Ambassador...
  196. Weird Visual Glitch - Possibly Gamebreaking, Currently Not Fully Known
  197. Why do you have to wait to sap?
  198. thoughts on the baby face basher
  199. Strategy when uncloaking and then backstabbing?
  200. [Stat Ideas]The Sleeper Agent
  201. Why do people bash Enforcicle?
  202. Wrangler for spy plis
  203. So, Sniper got silenced weapons.
  204. Best cl_interp for the spy.
  205. What's your Amby headshot/kill ratio?
  206. Do the GRU skull & crossbones appear on disguises?
  207. Slight buff of disguise
  208. Make a Baby Face's Blaster-esque knife
  209. Sapper should have ammo.
  210. Strange Sapper Problems - Buildings Destroyed
  211. I would really want some help with a spy script
  212. Alternitave spy styles. Would you?.
  213. What if the spy got a "fire and forget" type primary
  214. Big Earner Fix? Revenge Kill Time!
  215. Silent gun it's time
  216. Knife suggestion - The Groggy Daze
  217. New Enforcer vs Revolver?
  219. What if there were promos for Hitman: Absolution?
  220. BONK! Atomic Watch (take 2)
  221. New Watch: The Windrunner
  222. Disguise Smoke in Replay Blocks Visibility
  223. Would Revolver be overpowered if it had a DPS similar to the pistol?
  224. Fix some problems with disguise
  225. Telegram from the Spy; Fix DeadRinger Error, or Kittens will Die...
  226. Something that has to be said
  227. EEL jar o fun
  228. Dead Ringer Spies, I have a question for you
  229. Saharan Spy vs Vanilla Spy
  230. The Counter Espionage - Reveals enemy spies on hit, stuns other players using it.
  231. Chucklenuts' New Enforcer
  232. Make disguise knockback immune
  233. Primary Weapon: The Je ne sais quoi
  234. I don't know if this issue is known, just putting it up
  235. The fancy class
  236. Nerf the dead ringer already
  237. A serious talk about the dead ringer in a competitive setting, with a suggestion
  238. What's your favorite spy loadout?
  239. Why is the spy forum so forsaken?
  240. DR tweak idea
  241. How often do enemy Medics heal you?
  242. Tell me what you think about my first tf2 gmod machinima :)
  243. What if the Enforcer was reversed?
  244. l'araignée (google translate for ''The Spider'',lol).New watch
  245. Penalty for too many spies on a team?
  246. Nanoclava
  247. Booby Trap Idea: An Epiphany
  248. Your Spy Outfit?
  249. Indestructible sappers?
  250. Spytech advanced physical maneuver: G.O-P.R.O (+NE)