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  1. Spy Knife Unlock: The Lethal Injection
  2. TF2 Espionage: A Guide to Playing Spy
  3. Spy Knife Nerf
  4. Tricking Medics Into Healing You
  5. Would you be angry
  6. Is it just me...
  7. Spy unlock: The Voyeur
  8. Don't waste your metal on "Your eternal reward" it is beyond worthless
  9. Standard Knife vs "Your Eternal Reward"
  10. Spy Revolver Unlock: The Silencer
  11. Helpful Spy Scripts
  12. Spy Watch Idea: The Knock Off
  13. Did OMFGNinja Die?
  14. Will helpful spy suit ever come?
  15. Spy Sub-Forum Discussion
  16. Spy is Under-Powered?
  17. Hats - A nerf to the spy?
  18. Virus.'s intermediate-advanced Spy guide (large, text)
  19. A Somewhat Formalized Topic on Matters of Backstab Detection
  20. Anti-Spy Counter Weapons List
  21. Sapper Unlock: The Treacherous Traveler
  22. Your Favorite Trickstab
  23. Looking for simple random disguise script
  24. 2C3C's Spy Guide
  25. Sapper Unlock: Unstable Explosive
  26. Will they ever buff the kunai?
  27. [Suggestion] Reparation [Knife]
  28. Backstab script
  29. I'm starting to hate saharans pies with dead ringer
  30. Strange Sapper?
  31. Possible to script to play a sound every time the Ambassador reaches 100% accuracy?
  32. New Spy Weapon (IDEA)
  33. What if the Big Earner had less swing speed?
  34. New Spy Weapon: The Reclaimer
  35. Spygroot Keep! (Vid)
  36. Ninjacap Knife
  37. Email to Brandon - Earner, Enforcer, L'Etranger, Kunai
  38. Concept: Cyanide Capsules
  39. spy one life
  40. Decloak sound heard by enemy
  41. The String Voyageur (IW Unlock)
  42. Poker Face [alternative watch idea]
  43. The Saboteur Spy set, and you get to tell me what's wrong!
  44. Is the enforcer OP without the dead ringer
  45. Would the cloak and dagger be OP if...
  46. Stab and Dash
  47. The Paralyzion
  48. Best spy hat in your opinion
  49. Most kills as Spy: Journey to create Hales Own Knife!!!
  50. A Subtle Sapper
  51. cheese20
  52. A teleporting watch.
  53. The Hawk and the Spider, an analysis of two watches
  54. Spy Hat/Misc Loadouts + Color Combos (A style thread)
  55. Traps
  56. How long did it take YOU to get YOUR Sharp Dresser?
  57. The Hi-Jacker
  58. Odd new disguise kit.
  59. Spy-cicle buff
  60. Finding A New Use For An In-game Feature
  61. Dr Enforcicle
  62. Dr enforcicle is new tomisandvichgru?
  63. Spy-cicle Names
  64. The simple reason that makes the spycicle something that shouldve never been introduc
  65. Spy says: F**k That.
  66. Vintage Kunai
  67. Valve, admit it.
  68. Dr. Enforcicle
  69. Sharp Dresser Balance
  70. So. The Spycicle.
  71. How to fix the enforcer
  72. face-stabbing new knife idea?
  73. The ONLY Problem
  74. Disguise and Holiday Punch
  75. Melee: The Secure Channel
  76. Undisguise script for spy?
  77. What is the Spy about?
  78. The Annoying Ringer - No Ammo Refill!
  79. A Dead Ringer Fix That Might Just Work
  80. is there any way to add this deadringer function?
  81. Two simplest dr fixes
  82. Can Valve fix disguise bugs already?
  83. The Problem Isn't The Spy-Cicle
  84. Spy-cicle script
  85. UGC Highlander Season 6 starts Jan 23rd. Spies: This is your chance to shine
  86. Engineer nest tactics
  87. Spy-cicle vs. Knife
  88. Dr Enforcicle - Breaking the synergy while barely touching the weapon stats
  89. You handsome rogue (movie)
  90. Short and Sweet montage
  91. When is the spycicle OP?
  92. A Rapier.
  93. Photographic proof that the Spy-cicle statues are indeed a downside.
  94. The Sharp Dresser
  95. Couple of beginner Spy questions
  96. sharp dresser suggestion
  97. Cloak & Dagger - The Redheaded Stepchild of Spy Watches
  98. Who uses the stock revolver?
  99. Enforcer Suggestion #30 Million
  100. Spy Drinking Game!
  101. Dr Enforcercicle - really that good ?
  102. Deguised enemy spy's bug
  103. Dr Enforcicle set
  104. Weapons from another Dimension... FOR SPY!
  105. Fixing the Big Earner
  106. IRL: Disguise Kit or YER?
  107. Spy watch idea
  108. The Chaos Pack - Confuse your enemy!
  109. Knife idea for Iw/Cnd : Thunder
  110. Dr.Enforcicle general idea thread
  111. Ambassador cooldown script thingy
  112. Do you feel guilty about a facestab?
  113. sharp dresser stab angle
  114. How does the great spies fare as engineers?
  115. So, how common are anti-spy hacks?
  116. [Set Idea:EDITED] The Silent Killer
  117. sometimes i can't ruin heavy's picnic.
  118. help me pick a misc for spy.
  119. Buff Diamondback to level of Ambassador
  120. Is meet the spy/comic spy not in-game spy?
  121. Can we officially rename the Spy-cicle already?
  122. What if the spy could see through walls?
  123. How many of you use Dr.Enforcicle?
  124. The spy and his team
  125. Only noobs stairstab...
  126. Is it bad that I don't like the Ambassador?
  127. Help with trickstabs?
  128. Suggesting spycicle fix
  129. The Sharp Dresser and its Purported Wider Angle
  130. no disguise weapon
  131. Dr. Enforcicle (is not OP) and many of the arguments!
  132. Is it possible to make a knife without backstabs without it being UP?
  133. The most underused trick available to all spies
  134. New watch idea: Medusa
  135. Moving enemy buildings as Spy
  136. New knife No dmg: Frenzy
  137. Knife Replacement: Blackmail Ala' Mode
  138. Knife with no kill
  139. What kind of new watch,revolver,knife would you like to see for spy ?
  140. Pistol idea: Vortex ( won't get any more fun than this ^^ )
  141. New Spy Set
  142. Vote Thread - L'Etranger, Earner, Enforcer, Spycicle
  143. What should you do once you're spotted?
  144. I have a problem with tf2 starting up and black screen! Help me fellow spies.
  145. A fix that makes the Spy-Cicle actually useful without the Enforcer or DR
  146. Give me one reason
  147. Future Spy Set Predictions
  148. Big Earner Fix - Creating an alternate playstyle
  149. An awesome spy Misc+Hat loadout.
  150. Pistol replacement (utility,no dmg) : Illusion
  151. Saharan Spy Watch
  152. Does C&D have a louder decloaking sound than IW?
  153. Spying in a no crit server
  154. Smokebomb idea
  155. A matter of confusion.
  156. Possible diamondback change.
  157. It's good to be back
  158. No backstab, supportive knife idea
  159. Dashin' Hashshashin+Noh Mercy Load-Out
  160. Ground-breaking knife unlock idea
  161. Knife idea ( backstab based,with extra ability) Fear
  162. New "Knife" Idea
  163. magician spy sets
  164. Yet Another Dead Ringer Proposal
  165. Rapier Idea
  166. Super Serious Proposal: Make Dr. Enforcicle a set
  167. Replace the BE's health loss with bullet vulnerability
  168. Newest in Highend Spy Gear.
  169. The Big earner fix
  170. Big spy problem
  171. Which Revolver is for you?
  172. ITT: we gush over how fun it is to play vanilla spy.
  173. Spy Knife Suggestion - The Drain
  174. What if the Spy had an Eyelander-esque knife?
  175. Confusion tactics of any use?
  176. The Extended Deadline Weapon Suggestion
  177. Future Unlocks: Lowered Risk, Lowered Rewards?
  178. watch idea: The deceitful heavy
  179. No Name Set
  180. 3 new spy weapons! "The Unwilling Disguise" sapper, "The Chainstabber" + more
  181. The wrong direction
  182. Spy weapon idea
  183. Knife (no dmg,heavy utility) : Chaos Leader
  184. New spy mechanic to make spy viable in competitive?
  185. Enforcer Names
  186. Moments where you say: "How did I just get away with that?"
  187. The Dead Ringer always steals my glory! [VIDEO]
  188. the enfocer is not OP, in my opinion its UP
  189. Watch: The Sinister Shilouette Setter
  190. i need help with my loadout.
  191. Just thinking out loud here
  192. Spy Clock Suggestion:The Dash'n Stab
  193. A smokebomb.
  194. Knife idea that rewards chainstabs
  195. A watch to further the spy's role as a glass cannon.
  196. Alternative for the Electro Sapper
  197. Is tr_walkway_rc2 bad for practice?
  198. Those two weapons...
  199. Some Spy Item Ideas (Watches, Knives, Revolvers)
  200. Whats ur thoughts about the spy-cicle? And is the enforcer overpowered?
  201. Why don't we have a strange electro sapper?
  202. Saharan Spy vs Dr. Enforcicle
  203. New spy knife idea : the randomizer
  204. The Pestlence (spy knife)
  205. Enforcer Nerf - Making it more unique
  206. Fixed the Spy saying 'Prego' for one of his 'Thanks!' lines
  207. Did Valve fix the 'disguise' bug or not?
  208. Series 37 has a Strange Big Earner
  209. Giving Up Hope on an Enforcer Nerf
  210. With the Spicicle
  211. On the Subject of New Sappers.
  212. Invis Watch help AKA Vanilla Spy
  213. Who else is tired of the word "Rebalancing"?
  214. Simplest tweak to Enforcer ever! (+ Big Earner tweak)
  215. Post your spy loadouts.
  216. Backstabbing a DR spy with YER, no disguise
  217. New Sapper Idea
  218. The knife
  219. The PoisonDart revised
  220. New Sapper Idea:The Spy Hunt (+AoE disable -cooldown)
  221. float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
  222. Teamcolored Ice Sculptures
  223. Disguise with Pomson 6000 and Dead Ringer
  224. Strange Invis Watch
  225. Enforcer nerf to end all enforcer nerfS.
  226. Concept mask idea for Spy
  227. The DR is the problem.
  228. Spy Disguise Errors/Glitches
  229. I'm sick of it
  230. enforcer suggestion
  231. How do I get sharp dresser
  232. The Plot Hook
  233. Le Etouffée, a silenced revolver
  234. Cant Sap buildings
  235. Le Choc-olate
  236. Spycicle's BIGGEST downside:
  237. A revamp for the Big Earner
  238. tratior sentry
  239. Grapling gun
  240. No name spy knife/revolver
  241. The Sap-o-teur (Sapper-Revolver)
  242. What about a Spycicle set?
  243. Question/Advice Thread
  244. Little Concept for a sapper that needs refining
  245. I wonder how this would work as a Knife/BE stat change
  246. Frontier Justice VS Diamondback
  247. Allow Diamondback to steal Revengecrits
  248. 2 Spy watch ideas (Fear and Walkthrough)
  249. Backstab errors/glitches
  250. SPY Changes