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  1. Valve, you forgot one very important item that needs to be implemented IMMEDIATELY
  2. Why do comp soldiers do this?
  3. Why the hate towards Gunboats?
  4. Secondary unlock: The Insanity of War
  5. Equilizer vs. shovel?
  6. Melee weapon: Soldier Saperka
  7. Ace of Spades
  8. Is it possible to craft the rocket jumper?
  9. Soldier Hat Model
  10. Nametag - how to name my rocket launcher?
  11. New Tankbuster set bonus
  12. What's your Soldier loadout?
  13. Soldier Reload Animation for the Original Rocket Launcher
  14. Primary idea- Full Metal Jacket
  15. What's your opinion of the Gunboats?
  16. Reserve Shooter Mini-crit
  17. Rocket-propelled Chainsaw?
  18. The Cowmangler is an OVERPOWERED OUTRAGE and it's only gotten worse
  19. The raw truth of why Soldier is the best class in TF2.
  20. Help using the Mantreads/Market Gardener?
  21. The Cow Mangler 5000 is now paintable.
  22. Rocket Jumper
  23. Would reversed soldier unlocks work?
  24. Make different rocket launchers have different projectile models.
  25. Would a hitscan rocket launcher work?
  26. Awesome Cow Mangler 5000 Idea!
  27. Rocket Jumper buff needed!
  28. Medieval Mode Idea for the Soldier
  29. Righteous Bison Strategies
  30. I wish to mangle cows but my tool of trade needs tweaks, and this is how I'd fix it.
  31. Advanced Rocket Jumping
  32. Why are there so many soldiers?
  33. Skill-rewarding unlock ideas
  34. Help Me Name My Super Awesome Weapons?
  35. New rocket launcher idea
  36. what if a RL has projectile drop?
  37. The Original's smoke trail clouds my vision.
  38. Soldier Secondary: The Reservist's Rifle
  39. Please buff the Cow Mangler 5000
  40. Sauna Madman
  41. What's a good way to practice/get better at airshots?
  42. Lightning Launcher
  43. Does anyone else think the Battalions Backup...
  44. Question about Kringle Collection
  45. I think its a time...
  46. Is shotgun soldier effective?
  47. Secondary: The Cavalry Cooker
  48. Soldier help
  49. U SRS VALVe?
  50. Just a quick question about 2 items
  51. Payload with soldier
  52. Fix the Rocket Jumper already
  53. An Equalizer Nerf (AKA how to have more shovel users)
  54. If...
  55. [Suggestion] Old Glory [Banner Synergizing Melee]
  56. Opinions about the Salty Dog hat
  57. The Harbinger, a primary revolving around secondaries
  58. How often do you use your shotgun?
  59. Can't we just make the Equalizer terrible until you take enough damage?
  60. Soldier is Underpowered
  61. Yet another idea to balance the Equalizer
  62. Magic Concheror
  63. Having trouble to play good
  64. im tired of the random soldier spam
  65. Rocket Jumper
  66. Scenario: Equalizer is removed
  67. Mantreads needs a buff
  68. New Set: Franklin's Ferocity
  69. the Lucky Shot
  70. Equalizing Rocket Launcher
  71. Alt-Fire for Righteous Bison
  72. How to weild the Cow Mangler 5000 and Righteous Bison like Dr. Grordbort?
  73. Does the
  74. FML
  75. The Pocket Rocket and the Old Abe(Soldier weapon ideas)
  76. How many of you have actually tried Rocket Jumper +Gunboats+Pain Train?
  77. Cow Mangler 5000 tweak.
  78. Cow Mangler 5000 needs a slight buff
  79. Buff Banner Battle Cry
  80. I recently tried out Direct Hit + Buff Banner.
  81. I'm finding Buff Banner, and the Battalions backup to be useless...
  82. Soldier needs a buff vs hvy
  83. Battalion's Backup + Concheror Need Buffs
  84. Melee that reloads other weapons on hit
  85. Isn't that unfair?
  86. Mobility vs. Firepower
  87. Medieval mode and Backpacks
  88. Regarding the Cow Mangler 5000
  89. Explain the class, please?
  90. The Market Gardener
  91. Best Primary for Rocket Jumping?
  92. Your Opinion on The Shotgun Please
  93. So yeah...the Liberty Launcher *whinces in anticipation of rage*
  94. The Re-Adjustment (Shotgun)
  95. The Concheror
  96. Why did you start playing soldier?
  97. Whats your Favorite loadoutt.
  98. The Mantreads seriously need to be altered.
  99. I just got my hind served to me
  100. Righteous Bison
  101. Soldier Concept Set.
  102. Rocket Jumper should be a Stock Alternative
  103. Should the gunboats have been nerfed?
  104. RJumpers please give me tips
  105. Commander Set
  106. Soldier shotgun concept
  107. Your soldier loadout...
  108. Mutton Chops and Pipe and All-Father
  109. What colour to paint my drill hat
  110. Best "Space man Soldier" loadout?
  111. Non Launcher Primary?
  112. Secondary Idea
  113. The Minuteman
  114. Secondary suggestion
  115. Double Barrel Blunderbus
  116. cermonial saber
  117. So about the Rocket Jumper...
  118. Best mantreads maps?
  119. Testing A Rage Synergizing Rocket Launcher - It's Pretty Cool So Far
  120. Cowmangler Names
  121. Reserve Shooter - Downgrade?
  122. Market Gardener Buff
  123. Rocket Jumper suggestion
  124. How to get the Tank Buster set to work?
  125. Gunboats or Mantreads?
  126. Soldier Balance Proposals!
  127. Soldier set idea : The Veteran's Stash
  128. Itano Circus
  129. Lightening the downside on Half-Zatoichi
  130. Gunboats + Mangler?
  131. Rocket Launcher Vs. The Original
  132. Give the Service Medal stats.
  133. New soldier melee idea.
  134. Almost every single soldier unlock is terrible.
  135. What solly hat should I get?
  136. Shotgun Idea
  137. Alt fire cowmangler?
  138. If they are going to nerf the Equalizer, it should be the opposite
  139. A possible Banner tweak [allowing aggressive play]
  140. Increased Range on the Disciplinary Action?
  141. Liberty Launcher with 4 rockets?
  142. A secondary idea: The Madman's Megaphone
  143. What seperates good Soldiers from bad ones?
  144. Black Box Idea
  145. Weapon Changes and Proposals for Rocket Jumping and Juggling Oriented Playstyles
  146. 1 simple question
  147. Bug? Equip region.
  148. Silly Beta, are kids Trix for.
  149. Soldier Weapon Suggestion
  150. Why do some sollies jump everytime they shoot?
  151. How do good Soldiers deal with good scouts who are jumping off objects?
  152. Let Mantreads deal damage from any angle.
  153. Rocket Jumper Improvements
  154. Yet Another Buff Banner
  155. Soldier secondary and melds for support
  156. Equalizers. Plural.
  157. Rocket Launcher Idea: The Javelin
  158. Equalisor nerf: Lower base speed
  159. The buff banner examined (Hi GPS = Episode 46)
  160. On (Advanced) Rocket jumping
  161. Name for Sunbeams Honchos Headgear
  162. Liberty Launchr UP!
  163. Market Gardener
  164. What is the "best" secondary weapon for Soldier?
  165. Simplify (and slightly buff) the Cow Mangler
  166. Equalizer Honorbound.
  167. Soldier dosen't have enough weapons.
  168. Equalizer is Over Powered
  169. Am I the only one uncomfortable with the Liberty Launcher's downside?
  170. Market Gardener = noob
  171. I recently learned how great the Direct Hit Is
  172. The mantreads' usefulness summarized
  173. Rocket Launcher idea- The Fear Monger
  174. Direct Hit is an Upgrade for Pros?
  175. Battalions Backup?
  176. Righteous Bison Alt-Fire
  177. Why the Cow Mangler 5000 got nerfed.
  178. Small Mantreads Buff
  179. Do you consider the Original a unique weapon?
  180. Help Me Make a Viking! :3
  181. Corps' Compact Corpsemaker
  182. How would a Rocket Launcher that has projectile arc work?
  183. The Direct Hit
  184. Supportive Soldier Set-Up
  185. The Dive Bomber
  186. How good are you at Soldier? :3
  187. We SO definitely need a Captain America shield.
  188. Rocket Jumping works . . . sometimes?
  189. Equalisor Overhaul
  190. Degreaser Style Rocket Launcher
  191. gunboats buff/rework idea
  192. Lazer Soldier (Cow Mangler 5000 & Righteous Bison) - Hi GPS - Episode 48
  193. Cap Equalizer damage at 150% of normal
  194. The Market Gardener
  195. What should I name my Manthreads?
  196. Something that's always annoyed me with the Rocket Launcher.
  197. blackbox
  198. What do you guys think of the Cow Mangler 5000?
  199. Hell's Howitzer (Primary)
  200. Soldier Mouse Sensitivity
  201. Do people even use...
  202. The Joke That Was Actually Genius
  203. Cow Mangler Reworking
  204. iTay's place for Soldier weapon ideas - balance ideas and criticism welcome!
  205. Mantreads should reduce airblast distance
  206. Is Soldier the "best" class?
  207. Ideas on making the Libety Launcher a Good Weapon
  208. Do you think that...
  209. Silly Secondary idea: The Reckless Ricochet
  210. Rocket Jumping - Set Damage?
  211. What to do when Ubered
  212. Roll Mantreads and Gunboats together.
  213. Getting better as a soldier?
  214. Reserve Shooter buff
  215. Smoke Trails
  216. Tips on the Direct Hit?
  217. Could the Ullapool Caber work for the Soldier?
  218. Gunboats: -50% Overheal drain rate on wearer
  219. Your Opinion: The Tank Buster Set
  220. Commander Keen pack
  221. Weapon Idea - Mjolnir
  222. The Loch n Load as a Soldier secondary
  223. Would you use this?
  224. The soldigger
  225. Would the direct hit be OP if...
  226. Give Equalizer a negative on-wear attribute
  227. Soldier Balance
  228. i get some weird weapon ideas when dreaming.
  229. Fix the freakin' rocket jumper already
  230. Festive or Regular RL
  231. Favorite Hat?
  232. Pocket Rocket
  233. Idea for a melee boot.
  234. Cowmangler alt fire idea.
  235. Balancing Soldier Über Update melee weapons
  236. Is there a reason not to use the Black Box over Stock?
  237. Soldier's Patriotic Power Pack!
  238. Soldier weapons I want in steam workshop
  239. Probably Already Said but....
  240. DH- The ultimate spychecker
  241. Dear soldiers with buff banners
  242. Videos of professional soldiers!
  243. Make the Concheror and Battallions Backup charge like the Buff Banner.
  244. Rocket Jumper Plus
  245. Soldier OP?
  246. I wish Soldier could...
  247. In pubs, how often do you juggle?
  248. Back Scratcher for Soldier - Would you use it?
  249. Reserve bison? Reserve bison.
  250. Cowmangler rockets should be more visible?