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  1. Blue Shift Question/Answer Thread (updated 08/30/2005)
  2. Sings are not blue but orange???
  3. In the screenshots, the hud is blue, but in-game it's yellow?
  4. Physics glitch - unable to proceed
  5. Frozen
  6. Fix the HUD color.
  7. Game wont even start
  8. Annoying audio
  9. A crash..
  10. Game stops at
  11. Easy is too hard
  12. game crashes at startup
  13. Orange HUD in Blue Shift?
  14. blue shift help
  15. My dream update for Blue Shift
  16. Pack de alta definición para HL, HL Opposing Force y HL Blue Shift. LINK AQUÍ
  17. Nooooow I get it...!
  18. Gordon got no glasses
  19. crash when starting up
  20. Can Anyone Do A Good Dr. Rosenberg Impression?
  21. Odd Crash
  22. Odd Freeze
  23. Calhoun vs Freeman
  24. Elevator Bug results in dama
  25. Uh.. I don't think that is normal..
  26. Blue Shift High Def pack?
  27. Can't Download Blue Shift Unlocked anymore?
  28. Found bob, but can't play!
  29. Help with Floating Platforms
  30. Windows 7 and BS
  31. Game acting buggy?
  32. Way Too Easy?
  33. Blue Shift: Unlocked in HD!
  34. Blue Shift: Unlocked - Download Link
  35. Question about Blue Shift Unlocked
  36. HD pack for this game?
  37. Third-person model is Freeman instead of Barney?
  38. Can't pick up the vest
  39. Elevator problem (possible minor spoiler lol)
  40. Crashing on loading
  41. About HUD color and some minor differences...
  42. Does BS unlocked include the music patch?
  43. HD pack for this game?
  44. Workaround for the Lift glitch
  45. The end of the game
  46. Can someone upload their BS Unlocked sounds file?
  47. Quick Question
  48. Elevator Bug
  49. It Crashes!!!!!
  50. Is this a bug?
  51. elevator glitch
  52. Half Life Blue Shift LP
  53. Freight bay bug
  54. Mouse pointer issue
  55. Constant Freezing at certain loading screen.
  56. This game's story
  57. Mouse fails in Half Life, Blue Shift and Opposing Force
  58. A glitch prevents me from playing
  59. Keeps crashing
  60. How do i get blue shift ost in right order?
  61. Unable to get past Sector G Main Access Lift
  62. Opposing Force & BlueShift en Steam: Bugs Everywhere
  63. Spanish audio for Blue Shift
  64. The Blue Shift Forum...Is now MINE!
  65. Do I have to own half life in order to play blue shift?
  66. Do I have to own half life in order to play blue shift?
  67. Blue Shift Freezes
  68. Elevator of Doom!!
  69. Half Life Blue Shift Freezing, weird noises
  70. Flickering characters?
  71. I am now President of the United Board of Blue Shift.
  73. Steam Version of Blue Shift is not like the WON Version and that makes people cry.
  74. HL Blueshift Freezing (FIXED!) @ ba_yard3 (
  75. Blue Shift Stuck in Freight Car Room ba_yard5
  76. Pistol looks different to screenshot
  77. ignore this. sorry
  78. Lets talk Barney's Mind.
  79. Blueshift Fan art.
  80. Can't get Barney's uniform
  81. Blue Shift -0.00k of memory and won't run
  82. ...is he doing the chicken?
  83. Glitch
  84. Door Glitch
  85. Traduccion Español Blue Shift
  86. Dr.Rosenberg
  89. I'm trading for this game!
  90. Update canceled?
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  92. missing decals.wad
  93. [IDEA] Combine GoldSrc games like Sierra version
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