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  18. Just finished it, but got 2 things bothering me <SPOILERS GALORE>
  19. Character Select Screen?
  20. Story Speculation *Spoilers Possible*
  21. Everything ok, guys?
  22. To the Devs...
  23. Are the creatures you fight clones of each other?
  24. Please Make Ultimate Edition DLC for PC
  25. More content?
  26. resolution problem
  27. i'm an idiot
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  29. Zeno Clash soundtrack available for free!!
  30. Hello there.
  31. motion sickness
  32. High-res art of the Shotgun?
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  38. Is the steam version the Ultimate Edition?
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  40. let me get this striaght...
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  42. This game is...
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  45. Game is too short
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  47. Is it OK to use a trainer?
  48. A couple of suggestions for the devs
  49. A nice humor sense, *****'s **** in Zeno Clash!
  50. Can I has a curve?
  51. I'm curious...
  52. Error: Can't find materials/console/mainmenu1.vtf
  53. Missing textures / weaponry and such
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  55. Done
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  57. teh lol
  58. Great game, a real treat
  59. After installing, McAfee deletes a file and I can't play
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  69. Zeno Clash Story Discussion *SPOILERS*
  70. It is possible to change resolution outside ofthe game'
  71. I love this game
  72. Graphics settings are not changeable?
  73. Pen and Paper RPG
  74. Waitaminute, wait wait!
  75. Grats to ACE for making Top 100 PC Games Ever list with Zeno Clash!
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  77. Update?
  78. Street Fighter Achievement
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  80. Yes, Zeno Clash is worth it for $3.75.
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  83. controls
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  87. Vibrating eyeballs?
  88. No level select and no manual save?
  89. Just fight after fight... only
  90. game Won't launch
  91. My 2 cents, a short and simple review for a short and simple game
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  93. Worst game ever award
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  95. Impossible to complete early installation process.
  96. This game is a piece of....
  97. Jerky motion when turning/looking around.
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  100. Major FPS drop after upgrading to 6 core CPU
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  103. Validating game cache files always reports it has to redownload files
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  107. Thats it?
  108. hey dev's
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  117. This game is awesome! any ideas for Zeno Clash 2?
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  125. Mouse buttons work but can't look around
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  127. will this game run on intel 3000 hd graphics??
  128. I love ACE Team
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