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  1. Create your own Zombatar! (zombie avatar)
  2. Plants vs Zombies FAQ
  3. Restart Steam, its availible NOW!
  4. How to run in higher resolution?
  5. Windowed mode
  6. Music from Plants Vs Zombies?
  7. Efficient ways to earn money for Crazy Dave?
  8. What happened to my saves?
  9. popcapgame1.exe Has Stopped Working...
  10. Mustache Mode: Thats it?
  11. Bobsled Bonanza is too hard.
  12. Get Money from your Zen Garden while you do other things
  13. Can't start up Plants vs Zombies
  14. 100% achievements club!
  15. "Error reading user file: Invalid file version"
  16. Game freezes at the end of a level when the screen turns white.
  17. Highest 'Vase Breaker Endless' record?
  18. Endless Survival Guide - Hints, tricks, setups & more
  19. Need help with I, Zombie Endless Achievement
  20. Failed to user write file error
  21. Mini games you do over and over.
  22. Plant idea: dragon fruit
  23. Moar Plants and Zombies
  24. New plant idea thread.
  25. New Zombie Idea Thread
  26. PVZ Hotkeys
  27. PvZ Steam Adding?
  28. Can't run PvZ 'popcapgame1 has stopped working'
  29. Favorite Mini-Game and/or Puzzle?
  30. Dear PopCap, please can you use Steam Cloud for Savegames.
  31. I want to know how to beat one level
  32. My game just updated
  33. New PC backup saves won't work.
  34. Error: User File is Wrong Size
  35. Wont Start
  36. Transferring PvZ to another computer?
  37. I need more stuff to unlock
  38. BASS_ChannelPlay function not found in bass.dll
  39. What is your favorite plant?
  40. crash on startup
  41. No Saving. Stuck On Profile; Help
  42. Plants VS Zombies Seeds Of Glory fanfiction
  43. No Aquatic plants dropping...ever!!
  44. Plants Vs. Zombies 2
  45. Zen Garden Marigolds all of one colour ...
  46. What is the plant you never use
  47. Overlay Not Working
  48. Plants vs. Zombies Demo
  49. Steamplay question.
  50. Can the Steam and non-Steam versions coexist?
  51. Extra Money from Graves
  52. importing my save game.
  53. game minimize when I open it.
  54. Start error: No permission to run
  55. No sound!
  56. What files should I save from Xp to Win7?
  57. How to fix 64bit OS 3d Accel. letterboxing/ pixelization problem
  58. So when do you get the zen garden?
  59. Jump to the last flag?
  60. iPhone/iPod app
  61. Can we get a upgrade to Plants vs. Zombies HD?
  62. "Fatal Error - Failed to execute game"
  63. I just wanted to say...
  64. Last Stand Mode?
  65. Lawn Ornaments
  66. Plants Vs Zombies 2 Guaranteed To Ship In Next Decade, Not In 2010
  67. Running at a lower quality?
  68. "Failed to user write file"
  69. Bacon? (iPad version)
  70. Dear Popcap,please fix these two problems/Help me please!!!!
  71. Can't shift+tab
  72. Online Multiplayer Feature for PvZ 2
  73. Ultimate cash money making trick
  74. userdata folder does not exist in windows 7?
  75. Ammoless
  76. PvZ Challenges?
  77. L4D2 - The Passing
  78. beat that: 100 Flags and counting... :)
  79. Secret Zombie?
  80. What I want to see in PvZ 2...
  81. Do you expect a 1 year anniversary price drop?
  82. Game looks like crap, please help
  83. Time to Retire
  84. One Year of PvZ - Discount Pls?
  85. Damage difference between melon pult & winter melon?
  86. Anyway to fix the Pixelated look in Win7? (Doesnt happen in WinXP)
  87. PvZ problem?
  88. All: How to fix the pixelated look in Win7 (with NVIDIA)
  89. This game does not run on my Vista64 and there is no official support available
  90. mac?
  91. Game runs very slow...but only at the start of each level
  92. PvZ needs steam cloud and HD version!
  93. Won't run / Windows 7 x64
  94. Bought the PvZ CD
  95. Best way to get more plants?
  96. Where's the Steam Sale?
  97. What to do with a full Zen Garden
  98. How to fix achievement?
  99. Steam newbie question
  100. Haven't played in a while save file gone
  101. Wrong Language in Game
  102. Spikerock
  103. Backup/transfer save file?
  104. PvZ in french language?
  105. A question
  106. PvZ coming to Xbox and PS3
  107. PopCap Please!
  108. Sprites?
  109. Does adventure keep repeating itself forever?
  110. Does it work on Win7 x64?
  111. How long is the "fun factor"
  112. PvZ card/board game
  113. Won't Start - Bass.dll
  114. What would really make this game 90x better
  115. Game is causing my computer to crash
  116. Localized versions of the game
  117. problem
  118. Play Plants vs. Zombies on USB device?
  119. Game Freezes and crashes
  120. Profile deleted?
  121. Old Version?
  122. Dont make this a clicking game!
  123. Where are saved games kept?
  124. Plants vs. Zombies 2 (ideas)
  125. Rumor: Plants vs. Zombies 2?
  126. Game Randomly Shuts Down PC
  127. Awesom,e PVZ Birthday card
  128. Change resolution?
  129. Idea for Plants vs Zombies sequel
  130. Multiplayer/Co-op added to Xboxlive version
  131. Favorite strategies in PvZ?
  132. So you think you are good at PvZ?! Last stand challenge!
  133. Xbox live - PvZ co-op mode? / Peggle
  134. New PC and deleted account?
  135. Unable to activate 3D Harware Acceleration
  136. How do I play Plants vs. Zombies through Steam?
  137. Michael Jackson Zombie Moonwalks Away From PvsZ
  138. New dancing zombie is Disco Stu
  139. PC game of the year version announced
  140. Error Writing User File
  141. Game frozen
  142. Infinite sun cheat for goty version?
  143. Crashing - Windows 7 64
  144. anyone else having this problem? screen keeps turning black
  145. Plants vs Zombies Game of the Year Limited Edition
  146. Xbawx PvZ will have coop and VS
  147. Windows 7 upgrade at my saves :(
  148. Update
  149. Anyone else notice that there are bugs after the update?
  150. GOTY achievement bugs
  151. I can't get beyond the Grave achievement because I already beat all the mini-games!
  152. GOTY update broke the game
  153. User file is wrong size (GOTY bug)
  154. Awesome...
  155. August 10, 2010 update. Post bugs here.
  156. Secret in achievements
  157. save game erased :(
  158. properties\partner.xml error
  159. Cloud between PC & Mac
  160. Post your Zombatars!
  161. Steam Cloud - Save Locations
  162. About the Zombatars
  163. Can't launch game now
  164. Zombator is causing PvC to crash
  165. No Support?
  166. Achievments gone
  167. Retail update or updatable?
  168. anyone contacted steam support?
  169. What to do if auto-updated without backing up Saves?
  170. My bug
  171. Where Are All The Achievements?
  172. What's so GOTY about it anyway?
  173. High resolutions?
  174. Zombitar, only the head?
  175. In game zombitar bug, crap quality JPGs saved
  176. Non -steam saved files over to steam?
  177. Beyond The Grave Achievement
  178. How to bring back the original disco zombie! Instructions inside
  179. GotY but no German language? =(
  180. GOTY is an EVIL PLOT
  181. Savegame problem
  182. Any chance on porting Co-op/Versus to PC?
  183. PC version saved to Cloud, now crashes Mac version
  184. Zombatar
  185. Running in Background
  186. resolution
  187. Plants vs. Zombies completely broken, title screen crashes, can't play
  188. laptop vs. desktop in the cloud
  189. Steam Cloud ate my save
  190. Retrieving Cloud saves on the Mac
  191. More Save Woes :(( semi-workaround to getting Saves Back
  192. User file is wrong size
  193. New OS X save overwrote old Windows save
  194. I have game1_XX.dat files, but lost user1.dat
  195. Demo minimizes after launching
  196. Shamemaking update
  197. Important information about playing GOTY Edition for the first time.
  198. Plants vs Zombies "upgrade"
  200. Why did my game Update?
  201. popcapgame1.exe has stopped working...
  202. Zen Garden Crashes PvZ on OS X
  203. Where are the save files located (Mac)?
  204. P vs Z Storefront problem (no cloud)
  205. Will Retail GOTY Edition Work on Steam?
  206. Miscellaneous PVZ questions
  207. China Shop achievement
  208. How can i get the Mustache Mode?
  209. How can i get the Mustache Mode?
  210. More goofy Mac <-> Windows Cloud Problems
  211. Save the date: Aug 2 2010
  212. Lost everything
  213. The Endless Survive
  214. How can i know the feet of the tree?
  215. My Tree
  216. Best method of cash generation?
  217. Game Freezes
  218. My Tree
  219. I zombie endless - help
  220. The Endless Survive
  221. Zen Garden Coins
  222. A bag of suggestion for next ver
  223. No Fungus Among Us
  224. Roll some heads
  225. In game Steam "Friends" Chat
  226. Howto get your old savegame to the cloud/working?
  227. Zen garden question
  228. PvZ lost my saves
  229. Bug? Why can I "fix" Walnuts, Talnuts and Pumpkins but NOT Garlic?
  230. Steam sync
  231. Aaargh when will this game go on sale
  232. [Bug] Steam Cloud Sync
  233. The Endless Survive
  234. China Shop
  235. What am i get...
  236. Better of dead
  237. Good Morning achievement?
  238. Plants vs Zombies 2
  239. Zen garden and achievements bugged
  240. How can I repair a save file?
  241. Freezing bug still present with catalyst 10.8
  242. The mini game I wish the game had
  243. HELP! PvZ won't open, but a warning message does
  244. Hinde Sight
  245. Force steam cloud sync??
  246. Can't Play Plants vs. Zombies
  247. PvZ game of the yr on mac not downloading?
  248. Another Cloud Sync Issue
  249. Quick Play?
  250. getting rid of P vs. Z