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  1. A post to the new players (read, informative)
  2. How big is Guild Wars' world compared to WoW's?
  3. Question about retail vs steam versions
  4. Should I buy it on Steam or retail?
  5. Guild Wars price on Steam
  6. Unable to log in (Code 227)
  7. Guild Wars account doesnt work
  8. Amazing artwork of Guild wars 2.
  9. Guild wars crash
  10. Eye of the north question
  11. Really Steam???? REALLY????
  12. people lookinh for group
  13. Need Help
  14. Possible if email can be changed?
  15. Can a character made in one campaign move on to another one?
  16. Is It Fun...
  17. Is it possible...
  18. Guild Wars Code=058???!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!
  19. Looking for campaign co-op partner(s)
  20. Stupid account issues help please
  21. Any info on Guild Wars 2 being released on steam?
  22. Guild Wars Beyond
  23. Guild Wars 2 Design Manifesto
  24. Guild Wars 2 PvP zone
  25. Why GW2 is going to be great...
  26. Maybe this sale...
  27. Hesitant to purchase the $14.00 Guild Wars. How big is the community in Guild Wars?
  28. Is it normal about Guild Wars shown on my account?
  29. How long is the sale?
  30. I don't play multiplayer. Is GW an engaging solo experience?
  31. Bought Guild Wars retail, but want the the other two on sale
  32. talk me into it
  33. umm im so upset
  34. Isn't Guild Wars Trilogy..
  35. A Good Game ?
  36. how long will guild wars sale last
  37. Guild Wars Demo
  38. Steam Trilogy + Retail Eye of the North?
  39. do you need a guild?
  40. Question: Retail & Steam
  41. how long and trial
  42. Should I get this?
  43. I hope...
  44. If I download the steam version of GW will it have a fully updated .dat file?
  45. Arghhh!!!!
  46. How is the game sold?
  47. cannot login to game
  48. Worth getting?
  49. The deal is very tempting but....
  50. party size ?? need help
  51. Just a quick questions
  52. trilogy..
  53. Why no eye of the north?
  54. GW on steam
  55. PvP seperated by expansion pack?
  56. Move GW account on steam
  57. PSA: Old GW Accounts and Steam
  58. An open invitation
  59. Guild Wars Trilogy Question
  60. Crashing and freezing
  61. Silly questions about Guild Wars
  62. Guild Wars Offer
  63. GW:T Cannot write to directory
  64. A Question
  65. How far can you get solo?
  66. can someone share with me more about the game? please?
  67. Worth getting it even GW2 is coming out ??
  68. Confused, so many versions...
  69. Which campaign to start?
  70. CD Key Question: Tied To Account Permanently?
  71. Im glad to see new players!
  72. Classes are Campaign Limited?
  73. Key already used?
  74. What if I buy triogy + the 3 stand-alone?
  75. my henchmen are gone
  76. Req 10 Silverwing Recurve Bow
  77. really slow download?
  78. Bonus Imp?
  79. [Character Slots] Prophecies + Trilogy
  80. View Integrity of game cache...
  81. Redownloading
  82. Should I buy Trilogy? + Other questions
  83. Differences between versions
  84. what's the pvp like in this game?
  85. Quick question
  86. Confused about character progression
  87. confused about using expansion
  88. Is getting BAMF stuff hard?
  89. Frustrated at lack of stable connection.
  90. The Trilogy and the Individual Packs
  91. Do not buy: Worst pc game of all time.
  92. Bought game, wish I could login...
  93. I own cd of GW:P, Should I buy expansions off steam?
  94. Connecting to Arena Net - China problem?
  95. M.O.X in GW: Trilogy
  96. Another "Should i buy this?" thread
  97. Starcraft 2 comes in July and now I don't want to play Guild Wars!
  98. NCSoft support
  99. NCSoft complaint -hacked account
  100. Want to Play GW Trilo with others
  101. Anyone know when Steam will get GW: Eye of the North?
  102. Reminder for anyone who forgot their character names
  103. the 50% discount...
  104. key server down?
  105. No EotN?
  106. Really slow d/l?
  107. PVE and PVP
  108. How is the single player story?
  109. r they gonna do the 50% discount again anytime soon?
  110. Steam game backup feature broken on GW
  111. Connection issues - help needed :(
  112. What's your /age
  113. WTS/WTB/WTT Suggestion
  114. Doubts, Very confusing!
  115. Valve please sale Eye of the North :(
  116. Bug with steam related to GW.
  117. Question about GW
  118. Got some questions...
  119. best $20 ever
  120. ncsoft vs steam (will they link together?)
  121. Dynamic Events overview for GW2
  122. Asian/Oceania servers?
  123. Tips for dealing with lag?
  124. Dont forget ...
  125. So, about this New Mesmer Update
  126. Guild Wars Machinima
  127. Want to buy
  128. Zaishen Menagerie Music?
  129. eye of the north available on steam
  130. Account not working?
  131. I Own Retail GW, how can i put it on steam?
  132. Considering of buying GW
  133. Secondary Class for Warrior?
  134. First Time Login Troubles
  135. Golem?
  136. Attributes, I don't get them
  137. WARRIOR!!!
  138. Underplayed/overplayed classes?
  139. My PVP build for Warrior [Axe]
  140. Which is more valuable?
  141. Guild Wars 2
  142. SPUF Guild
  143. Do my PVP awards/titles transfer to my PVE character?
  144. Problem logging in
  145. Monk Elite Tomb/55 Monk Help
  146. Should I return?
  147. Guild Wars black-screens then laptop powers off?
  148. Just bought the game on Steam. Where would my access key be?
  149. Newbie question: what's the matter with the Diessa Lowlands?
  150. Travel question
  151. some questions regarding bot and levelling
  152. how to install properly?
  153. GW: Eye of the North ?
  154. Can I buy the game for myself, but give the code to my brother?
  155. Guild Wars Trilogy question
  156. questions before buying
  157. Steam in-game [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]s up Guild Wars
  158. Trilogy
  159. In-game tutorial issue
  160. I don't underatand a thing!!!! please help
  161. Player, Heal Thyself - Healing and Death in GW2
  162. Choppy. Help!
  163. How do the campaigns tie together?
  164. RANGER!!!
  165. New to game
  166. Isaiah's Balance
  167. Guild Wars EotN 6.99 Free Shipping
  168. New to game- Want to find partner
  169. How long and what will happen ?
  170. Looking for people to run with!!!
  171. Blue Screen of Death only in Guild Wars
  172. Returning player looking for fresh start/new players
  173. is GW worth getting?
  174. Play, anyone?
  175. Mouse Look Way Too Slow
  176. Guild Wars 2 available November 2011...
  177. Question about Steam purchase.
  178. Gamescom 2010
  179. Trilogy Question
  180. Forgot my account and Password
  181. Creating Guild Wars 2 Cinematic
  182. [Speculation]Four remaining professions in GW2
  183. Guildwars "Should I buy?
  184. Is there a new game plus?
  185. Guild Wars help
  186. Guild Wars II - what do you expect?
  187. Eye of the North 4.77 on Play.Com
  188. Anyone have an vanilla account they don't want anymore?
  189. is steam req'd to run gw1?
  190. Guild Wars 2: 2011 Wall Calendar
  191. Finding players
  192. 1. A Rewarding Experience John Hargrove Talks About Loot
  193. Guild Wars Games List Changes
  194. Any Chance of All Inclusive Guild Wars Pack?
  195. View your hall of monument rewards
  196. Guild Wars Trilogy Lost!
  197. do i need the trilogy for eye of the north
  198. Can I use a character from original campaign in Nightfall?
  199. Mixing Steam with non Steam
  200. What?...
  201. Looking for new players
  202. bonus
  203. EotN and HoM points
  204. EotN FYI
  205. I need to be educated about Guild Wars before buying
  206. Questions
  207. Eye of the north, not there?
  208. Which one should I buy?
  209. Help!
  210. How to Dedicate a Miniature?
  211. Skill Unlock Packs for PvE
  212. Nightfall bought but not available in-game
  213. Constantly disconnected from the friend list
  214. Eye of the North - Far Shiverpeaks;
  215. What is to come: 7 heroes, centralized party forming
  216. Game does not load.
  217. Had a trial account and looking to buy full game? Read here first
  218. YAY! Halloween 2010 is here!
  219. PC Gamer Looks at Guild Wars 2 All Week
  220. Hey guys. I'm having trouble deciding if I should get this.
  221. Good profession to choose with a Warrior?
  222. Best class (profession?) for soloing to 30/50 for GW2 HOM rewards?
  223. Steam Issues
  224. Have Prophecies (GOTY), want the others...but...?
  225. Taking advantage of weekend skill cap/green drops
  226. Adding a Steam key to the retail version
  227. what the heck?
  228. Does Guild Wars run on Windows 7?
  229. Guild Wars 2 race analysis
  230. Heart of the North.
  231. Not able to log in again?
  232. Will Guild Wars 2 be on Steam?
  233. If I buy a retail Copy of Guild Wars...
  234. Saving Money
  235. If I like diablo.
  236. Need buying advice
  237. Eye of the North Christmas Sale
  238. Want to buy GW Trilogy on Steam, and EotN from NCsoft Store...
  239. Looking for Leaders! Apocalyptic Harbingers [AH] - ClanAH.net
  240. Are lot of players online? Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition?
  241. No daily deals?
  242. Installation of GW Downloading Twice ?
  243. Fun to play as a duo?
  244. I need Guild Wars players!
  245. Newbie Questions
  246. Game still way too expensive or is it just me?
  247. GW2 on Steam?
  248. Guild Wars 2 : The Guardian
  249. A friend got me the game but I already had the trilogy
  250. Unable to download the trailers