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  1. Missing save files FIX
  2. /bmrender/rmode.cpp(/2590/): directx call failed: -1, -1, D3DERR_INVALIDCALL_
  3. Good Troops and Tactics
  4. Is this a Homm clone?
  5. Running in 16:9 wide screen KB:AP
  6. Midweek Madness deal: King's Bounty Gold Edition for $11.25 US.
  7. Only English?
  8. Higher Magic?
  9. Save Games erased in Folder?
  10. Finshed KB:TL - Worth every penny (no spoilers)
  11. There is no more space in your spellbook
  12. Hard is, well exremely hard.
  13. Error Message
  14. King's Bounty: Armored Princess Basics
  15. Where to buy Emerald Green Dragon?
  16. Armored Princess Demo doesn't load
  17. KBAP non-steam will work with steam KBL?
  18. Armored Princess Won't Launch (Win7 64bit)
  19. a Bagful of New Year's Presents
  20. Armored Princess mods
  21. Error trying to load Demo
  22. Kings bounty : Armored Princess ,crash win 7 x64
  23. The Legend will not run... vista 32
  24. Switching the game's language?
  25. Can you scroll the map independently of the your toon?
  26. King's Bounty: Crossworlds in Developement!
  27. King's Bounty The Legend - Recommended Mods
  28. Armored Princess will it work?
  29. Amelie in combat?
  30. Solution for directx error and ATI cards
  31. Looks Interesting.
  32. KB:TL New Game crash
  33. KB: TL Won't Start
  34. This or Armored Princess
  35. tips for a newb in KB
  36. Can you split stacks of units?
  37. Question about The Legend
  38. Is there a manual?
  39. KBTL Freeze/Stutter?
  40. Amored Princess - Refresh Troops?
  41. "This Game is Not Available"?
  42. Black Borders on the side
  43. How long is The Legend?
  44. Question about Frogs (Minor spoiler)
  45. Is dark lord worth it?
  46. Should I go Paladin or Mage?
  47. Game crashes when I enter mines... Help please!
  48. My Thoughts on Both Games
  49. Is anything random aside from combat damage?
  50. KBTL: Graphic corruption leading to crash?
  51. So, how do you unlock the spirits of rage?
  52. "Don't have enough money for weapon"?
  53. Do mods work with the Steam version?
  54. KBTL- Ok, what the hell is Evlin, and why is it killing my units oustide of combat?
  55. Finished KBTL, some questions remain (spoils).
  56. Just tried demo - rotating map made me dizzy
  57. Where are the save games kept?
  58. Stuttering sound and performance problems in KBTL
  59. King's bounty won't start, won't launch... someone from steam should read this.
  60. King's Bounty: Crossworlds is coming on 17th September!
  61. Crossroads Pre-purchase and gifting
  62. Starforce Protection on Crossworlds?
  63. Buying crossworlds reinstalls AP
  64. Crossworlds promotion only works if you want to gift?
  65. Wierd Pricing
  66. crossroads unlocks in 6 days wrong?
  67. Crossworlds from Steam with retail AP?
  68. Can't Play or Uninstall Crossworlds or Armoered Princess
  69. Can't Play or Uninstall Crossworlds or Armored Princess
  70. Price hike mid purchase
  71. Question
  72. What's going on with Armored Princess?
  73. which one should i play first? :)
  74. Crossworld removed from my steam list
  75. Price mistake: Will I have to pay the difference or what?
  76. Kings Bounty or HOMM5
  77. skilling?
  78. Gifting The Legend if pre-ordering Crossworlds
  79. won't let me add to cart
  80. Editor? Location please
  81. Crossworld gone ?
  82. Crossworlds with d2d Armored Princess
  83. Crossworlds unlock?
  84. Armored Princess + Crossworlds possible problem
  85. "Thank you for pre-purcashing Crossworlds"... I didn't... :|
  86. Where's the map editor?!
  87. Crossworlds install seems to break Armored Princess Install.
  88. New Skills?
  89. Validation Hell? Turn off auto update for the game
  90. When does crossworld start?
  91. Crossworlds even worth it?
  92. auto-update
  93. Can't play new campaigns
  94. Crossworld, do i have to start over?
  95. Game Manuals: They are found here:
  96. Please help me with my problem of game installation
  97. KB Crossroads Starforce DRM?
  98. Crossworlds... Camera mod for further zoom out
  99. Official: Problem with Armored Princess and Crossworld
  100. Problem with Armored Princess and Crossworld
  101. Problem with Crossworld on Games List
  102. Missing object
  103. Cannot uninstall CW or AP
  104. I will play CW
  105. English vs. German
  106. flickering with ATI 10.08 and 10.09 drivers
  107. The difference between pet dragons?
  108. Crossroads will not play! Nor will Pincess!!!
  109. Kind of stuck at level 9 in KB The Legend
  110. savefile
  111. I can't load the tutorial level
  112. Anyone here thinking about using the editor?
  113. someone have kill ball now in cw?
  114. King's Bounty: Crossworlds Hotfix Available
  115. Texture files...here for download?
  116. Graphic problems & freeze spikes
  117. Anyone else loves the pet dragon?
  118. How does Stack Size affect units?
  119. Crossworlds Update from mid-September
  120. Wizard's Tower exploit (orcs on the march)
  121. Where to get archmages?
  122. Requirements.
  123. Crossworlds - Steam compatibility
  124. Blue gameworld, weird texturing
  125. champion of the arena
  126. Still no icon in list view?
  127. Crossworld mods
  128. KB: Legends
  129. KB:Legend - So what do I do now?
  130. Orc Shaman Bug?
  131. Armored Princess and CW won't start
  132. BROKEN QUESTS: King's Bounty - The Legend 1.7
  133. not enough magic crystals?
  134. How do I travel to the Island of freedom?
  135. Just how many "king's bounty" titles are there?
  136. Get the KB platinum pack or not?
  137. What order are these?
  138. need help making a decision
  139. Will I like these games if. . .
  140. How long does the game last and replayability
  141. is this game any good?
  142. King's Bounty: The Legend WIN7 64bit Crashing Problems
  143. I will trade a $20 game for King's Bounty: Platinum Edition
  144. Any tips for a new player?
  145. Problem with Mouse-over Tooltips
  146. King's Bounty Platinum edition problem
  147. Question on Crossworlds
  148. I'm horrible at this game (Orcs on the March)
  149. Game does not start
  150. Need help to decide!
  151. How to go inthe field?
  152. How exactly does the leadership stat work?
  153. Issues with saves
  154. Do purchasable units reset?
  155. Widescreen?
  156. Can I run this?
  157. Any way to make the game... bigger?
  158. Do i have a problem or not ?
  159. Uhh, how did I get this game?
  160. I switched to Champion of the Arena and now it wont start
  161. Just baught 3pack where to start
  162. No cursor
  163. Does the Telescopic Scope affect all archers?
  164. Your favorite units race to play?
  165. Mirabella bug (1.7)
  166. completely unplayable
  167. Difference between campaigns?
  168. Save files location
  169. Enabling console?
  170. +30% attack against undead
  171. Armored Princess Final Battle advice
  172. Stealth patch?
  173. New patch: FIXED WIDESCREEN issue
  174. If Crossworlds contains improved AP, do I need to install AP?
  175. Any tips for the hardest difficulty?
  176. AW Mx11 R2 & Armored Princess
  177. stopping the screen from spinning?
  178. I already own two of these games
  179. this or..
  180. Love Letter to King's Bounty
  181. King's Bounty Platinum Edition Question
  182. I'm surprised that this game isn't in the Top Sellers while it's on sale
  183. Where's the hero?
  184. Crashes
  185. What the best way to defeat Dragons
  186. Sound Stuttering?
  187. Random crashes, graphics problems on nvidia fix
  188. Simple Fix to start off crash...
  189. Error keeping me from playing
  190. Flickering & Crash
  191. Favorite Dragon Ability?
  192. Silly Question?
  193. Meaning of On-hit effects
  194. I lost Haste in KB:L
  195. Is the Platinum Edition download only?
  196. Just finished King's Bounty: The legend
  197. Screen Flickering with ATI? Try this
  198. any tips for more rage as a mage in CW?
  199. kings bounty editor
  200. Crashes and Unavailable
  201. max rage 28, dragon dive req: 29
  202. Village of Ocular quest bug
  203. Do the developers get supported if we buy this game off steam?
  204. Never knew this game even existed... advertising problem for dev/publisher?
  205. Cannot get past loading screen
  206. Unclaimed treasure and question about Zigurd's boat
  207. Not Real Fullscreen, why?
  208. + counter attack?
  209. KB: AP locks after load up
  210. Not Steamplay ?
  211. Few questions about Crossworlds
  212. Stuck at Adrenaline lvl 2 in Crossworlds?
  213. 600 hour
  214. What kind of Sales?
  215. How long did it take you to beat KB:TL
  216. Master Mod
  217. Black Screen when starting the game.
  218. call stack functions
  219. King's Bounty The Legend
  220. Is there a spell limit?
  221. Problem with increasing stats and leadership
  222. Can't get this game to run on an EEEPC...?
  223. retail with steam?
  224. Dragon Teeth
  225. good physical/melee units?
  226. brightness problem with new catalyst driver
  227. Wizards Tower in Crossworlds unplayable
  228. So, is there a new KB in the works?
  229. stuck on Titan's Tear quest.
  230. Angas Ruby
  231. Wording Bug - Pet Dragon Ball of Lightning
  232. Getgamesgo activation
  233. How much shorter is armored princes than legend?
  234. Crossworlds GOTY edition?
  235. Played the legend... should i start with armored princess or direct crossworlds...
  236. King's Bounty: Crossworlds GOTY - Video Review
  237. Is using cheap troops + armageddon good combo?
  238. Kerus sword?
  239. is crosswolrd worth of 15 euros?
  240. is +20% exp to dragon worth put more points than 1/3?
  241. In anticipation of a possible daily sale today
  242. Anything like Fire Emblem?
  243. Armored Princess vs Legend vs Crossworlds
  244. Ok, so which do i play first?
  245. Kings bounty VS HOMM
  246. free play/sandbox mode?
  247. Will i like this if i liked.....
  248. Question about downloading the Platinum Edition
  249. If I already own The Legend..
  250. Should I install Crossworlds or AP?