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  1. Game won't start!
  2. Can't connect to LIVE. You may be using a Windows Live ID from a region that is not s
  3. Para Brasileiros - Como configurar seu GAME FOR WINDOWS corretamente.
  4. Street Fighter 4: Websites, Guides, Tips, Matchups and More!
  5. Slowdown for Cruise ship stern
  6. Wasn't GFWL supposed to restore my profile?
  7. Your top 5 Most used NO.1 least used And never used character.
  8. Streetfighter FPS going ape[color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]! frim thre to like 500.
  9. how many people would want to see marvel vs capcom 2 on steam?
  10. So I finally got around buying SFIV, not as good as people make it out to be.
  11. Careful when you format, this game uses key limit
  12. SF4 Save Data Corrupted - Cannot Create New Save Data
  13. Countering Bison.
  14. Countering Sagat.
  15. Sat Apr 24 @ 2pm [L.A.] UGTL6: SF4 3v3 Tourney/Pixel Drip Gallery debut/Chiptune show
  16. Hakan - The Turkish Oil Wrestler is Confirmed
  17. lets talk bout this now...
  18. Coolest All Around Moves
  19. Random fail vid by the ZDSgroup
  20. Street Fighter 4 online server doesn't work
  21. Online is barely working for me
  22. SSF4 PC - There may still be hope.
  23. 360 pad is cack for challenge trials in my opinion
  24. Madcatz Arcade stick Standard edition video
  25. Available Video Resolutions?
  26. Game pad problem
  27. Keyboard remap?
  28. Questions about SF4 on PC
  29. Playing as Bison, how to counter Ryu and Sagat?
  30. Let's show our support for Capcom! Make them consider SSF4 PC
  31. SF 4 on Steam... What is LIVE?
  32. Like a flick book
  33. Dose this have a lot of online players?
  34. Is removing the in-game music considered to be an exploit?
  35. Disabling lobby and training mode music
  36. Why is this $40??
  37. Don't understand what Is going on.
  38. King Vega (Claw) ?
  39. Super Street Fighter IV
  40. people still playing?
  41. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike on STEAM ?
  42. DLC not downloading
  43. Kens Kara Throw
  44. dont understand at all
  45. difference between box and steam?
  46. Is SF4 not going to be on sale?
  47. Saved game files
  48. Hard trials. As frustrating as working out a magic eye picture!
  49. SSF4 PC features that would be great.
  50. GFWL Gamertags
  51. No SSFIV PC announcement at E3 = sadface.
  52. My opinion on the game
  53. When will this game be available in the US and Canada on Steam
  54. Anyone noticed that the image being displayed right now
  55. Why is Street Fighter the hardest game I have ever played in my life?
  56. Failed to contact Keyserver
  57. Anyone still play this online?
  58. $10
  59. Does this game support two player combat on same PC?
  60. Note : Steam overlay has issue's with SF4
  61. ps3 controller with this game??
  62. Was working earlier, now I can't connect to profile..
  63. unable to participate in this session
  64. is it worth it
  65. Cannot connect to LIVE
  66. Turn off "indestructible" song?
  67. how can i get this game?
  68. Constantly Hanging???
  69. Controller or Keyboard, which do you prefer?
  70. This game is impossible online!
  71. Sound volume
  72. Sound volume
  73. Using Mad Catz Fightstick
  74. Game Runs Like It Is Always In Slow Motion
  75. Unable to establish connection TO FRIEND LOBBIES
  76. Resolution change.
  77. Cannot Connect to Live
  78. I purchased Street Fighter IV and an error always happens, preventing me to start it
  79. Does anyone....
  80. Street Fighter Fan Website?
  81. A word of warning about Games for Windows LIVE
  82. How to play with a friend
  83. Seen this online before
  84. Strange sound
  85. Looking for more buddies
  86. Question
  87. Blazblue coming to PC... Aug 13
  88. Super will definitely release on PC
  89. Upcomming SSF4 arcade means PC version?
  90. Prepare to witness the Saikyo legend!
  91. Ryu's Solar Plexus Strike combo
  92. Code: 80154017
  93. steam street fighter IV and GFWL limitation?
  94. Button Configuration Not Saving
  95. Cannot get Ultra to work :(
  96. SFIV and ESET SmartSecurity
  97. Can't finish the game with dan/dhalsim
  98. Dont you think this game is too expensive right now?
  99. Stage Screenshots
  100. In The Moonlit Dojo - An Akuma Combo Video
  101. Almost Bought
  102. Can you hook up two controllers to play?
  103. Can't play Online???
  104. SSFIV coming to pc (proof)
  105. sf4 pc...still play<<new buyer
  106. Justin wong beat me at PAX...
  107. SSF4 PC announced at TGS "/Maybe"
  108. how am i changing match speed?
  110. At least Super Street fighter 4 is coming to 3DS
  111. Street Fighter High...The Musical
  112. Impossible moves with keyboard
  113. Most popular SSFIV character is...
  114. The REAL reason SSIV is not coming to PC
  115. Getting an error while loading street fighter
  116. UGTL 7: SSF4 & TvC Tournament - PixelDrip Gallery Art Showcase - L.A., CA - 11/20/10
  117. Sorry CAPCOM
  118. Game stopped working for anyone else?
  119. Game won't even open
  120. What's tatsu?
  121. BlazBlue available on the new GFW. When on steam?
  122. Custom Skin Question
  123. sf4 don't want launch in 64 bits
  124. Still being played?
  125. Where do i enter the CD Key?
  126. Two players on one PC with two controllers?
  127. Games For Windows Live Won't Update
  128. controller w/ 6 face buttons?
  129. Exceeded the usage allowed by my product key?
  130. Awsome
  131. Anyone think some of the controls are really dodgey?
  132. help with "Hosenka" move (Chun-Li's ultra)
  133. Help with sound
  134. Could this be a sign of SSF4 PC?
  135. hope you enjoy my 10 euros, because I wont buy more
  136. cant get GFWL achievements on this pc but i can on another pc
  137. Multiplayer
  138. I meet the requirements but the benchmark program runs slow?
  139. Do not buy this game if you're in a non-GFWL country.
  140. SSFIV let's go to make happen for PC!!!
  141. How do I set player 2 to use keyboard?
  142. GFWL 3.4 breaks SFIV?
  143. Controller default settings?
  144. Low resolution on start up
  145. SF4 via ATI Eyefinity
  146. Official Game "bonus" Manual
  147. Why won't this game be patched?
  148. Japanese version
  149. Street figher 4 pc version now playble with kinnect!
  150. 1/2 scale Akuma/SHIN AKUMA STATUE
  151. SF4 and DualShock 2
  152. If I got SF4 from Games for Windows and PC controllers
  153. Leagues?
  154. Save Files
  155. Lag
  156. When the next special offer?
  158. Is it possible...
  159. is it possible to be good at this game on a keyboard?
  160. Windows live won't update, can't save my game. Help.
  161. Menu and Crash
  162. Disabled Player Dominates Street Fighter IV Competitive Scene
  163. SSFIV on Capcom Captivate 2012
  164. SSFIV AE DLC announced, no word on PC
  165. GOOD NEWS!!!!!!.....ok may be
  166. Confirm its coming!!!
  167. Street Fighter X Tekken confirmed for PC release in 2012
  168. Keep getting wasted online
  169. Is there any petition for SSF4 not be GFWL?
  170. SSF4 benchmark tool?
  171. What the hell is wrong with the community?
  172. invalid cd key?
  173. I see that SSF4 (with Arcade add-on) is coming but...
  174. Bad News for Street Fighter X Tekken
  175. Guile
  176. SSFIV on Steam
  177. lag issue
  178. SSFIV AE (D2D: Pre-Purchase)
  179. Capcom confirms SSF4: AE on Steam, 4 pack option, and discount for Steam SF4 owners..
  180. Looking to get into 4 pack deal
  181. SSF4 Arcade Edition Available for Prepurchase; 10% off for SF4 Owners
  182. Should I get SSF4 Arcade Edition or SSF4 Arcade Edition Turbo?
  183. We need to buy the ♥♥♥♥ out of this game to make Capcom support us more!
  184. cross-platform multiplayer?
  186. I cant buy SSF4:AE :...( is currently unavailable in your region
  187. Will AE use GFWL?
  188. SSF4AEPC Resources, Tips, and F.A.Q.
  189. Do people even play this game anymore on the PC?
  190. I hope SSFIV:AE doesn't get TF2 pre-order items
  191. SSF4 UK Full retail price?
  193. *Cough couch RIPOFF cough*
  194. is there any way to buy ssf4:ae in non gfwl country?
  195. JAPANESE VERSION!!!!!!!!
  196. 10% off is not a good upgrade incentive
  197. How do you guys play this on PC?
  198. the difference?
  200. Save 10% for Owning 90% of the Game!!!
  201. Steam = 200% of normal price ? WTF ?
  202. Price Information
  203. GFWL Friend Requests
  204. Help please
  206. A Few Questions Before I Buy
  207. ssf4 ae question
  208. What are the rules with Ken's hurricane kick X_x.
  209. Starting a 4-pack group-buy for Super SF4
  210. Multiplayer Question
  211. I swear to god, you runts!!
  212. What's the state of Akuma\Gouki in AE?
  213. Anyone else worried about one button special moves for keyboard
  214. A note about the DRM
  215. ♥♥♥♥YOU CAPCOM. Go ♥♥♥♥ yourselves
  217. Couple questions
  218. Am I the only one who doesn't care about GFWL and will enjoy the game for what it is?
  219. Refund
  220. PC vs XBOX 360
  222. So in essence, it's an activation?
  223. SFIV DLC - SSFIV:AE PC Versions
  224. How Do I Defend Against Abel?
  225. WARNING for AE: Offline == DEMO Only!
  226. Would you haters please stfu now?
  227. Will this laptop run Street Fighter IV ok?
  228. Controls in Super?..
  229. Capcom - why do you even try?
  230. Quick question before I buy
  231. SF IV & SSF IV: AE. Worth buying both?
  232. (DRM Update)Sven has spoken... i am of gratitude
  233. Release date of SSF4:AE
  234. Sold On Steam, But Doesn't Support Steam
  235. SSFIV:AE Art styles
  236. Why is SSFIV not available here in our Region?
  237. SSF4 AE for PC on July 5th (North America) and July 8th (Europe)!
  238. Looking for 3 others for an SSFIV Package.
  239. Street Fighter Steam Group
  240. Anyone interested in a 4-pack group buy?
  241. Fight sticks?
  242. Does SSFIV: AE PC offer anything exclusive?
  243. Wii Tatsunoko vs Capcom Fight stick to 360 + Pc conversion question.
  244. GFWL
  245. Need two more people for the 4-pack.
  246. Is multiplayer, cross-platform?
  247. Vanilla SF4 should sell for 5$ not 30
  248. SF4 mini hud UI Mod.
  249. does arcade edition require sf4?
  250. Transferring SF4 save file?