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  1. Warning about prototype
  2. Post Your Moves Here
  3. Is there THAT many cabs?
  4. Why is this game so stupidly fun?
  5. [SPOILERS] Last boss disappointing?
  6. Muscle Mass
  7. so has anyone heard about a sound fix?
  8. man, this game looks like crap (literally)
  9. It's taking forever to download!
  10. Wired XBOX 360 controller doesn't vibrate
  11. Destinations ****** up?
  12. Difficulty?
  13. Has anyopne been able to get this game to work for more than 5 minutes at a time
  14. will my graphics run this game?
  15. Hangs up on startup
  16. Was it just me
  17. why still $30?
  18. Save file corrupt
  19. Prototype experiencing slow performance
  20. I have a few Questions before i buy Prototype..
  21. 2 questions
  22. "Memories" skipping really bad?
  23. Need help with supreme hunter
  24. SteamPlay for Prototype, anyone?
  25. Summer deal maybe?
  26. Should I pick it up at $15?
  27. Watch this BEFORE you buy Prototype!
  28. need help before i buy
  29. has aneyone?
  30. Does prototype support eyefinity
  31. Minimum required CPU 1.86ghz or 2.66ghz Core 2 Duo?
  32. Prototype Doesn't Load at All! Sent Steam an e-mail for refund
  33. I ask you, why no patch?
  34. sound is all jittery in certain cutscenes
  35. huge Problem Fixed: Prototype and the Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse
  36. cut scene crash
  37. So yeah, CTD on new game/load
  38. Uh, menu won't stop scrolling?
  39. Man i love this game
  40. Finale boss impossible?
  41. Underwater disguise?
  42. low framerate with A++ hardware?
  43. Audio/Video stuttering fixed.
  44. So is there still no fix for the game crashing whenever it starts?
  45. Need you guys Opinions
  46. Censored or uncensored?
  47. what power/move wud you make?
  48. I like that trick.
  49. Give us-
  50. Game freezing every now and then
  52. Seriously can't beat the final boss.
  53. not in halloween sale?
  54. Does steam allow prototype CD key?
  55. Is this worth the buy?
  56. Will this run on my machine?
  57. German uncut ?
  58. Is it only fun with a gamepad?
  59. Relation to zombies (possible spoiler thread)
  60. Push Start Button
  61. Flashing Grey Key on HUD ?
  62. Cannot Scan the water tower in the mission to find a cure
  63. Please help!: Unplayable game lag
  64. Patch today?
  65. Black border around game
  66. Awesome game, horrible last boss
  67. Prototype 2
  68. Very lox Sound FIX here
  69. No low violence version yet -> buy it !
  70. Things the Prototype Virus thing reminded you of?
  71. High pitched audio.
  72. No sale, damn you Activision
  73. skip intro? (prototype)
  74. Sprawl's Scrawl Game Review: Protoype
  75. Water tower scanning
  76. Prototype 2 gameplay teaser!
  77. cinematics slow/laggy/bad sound
  78. Australian Version Of This
  79. New idea for Gliding
  80. Similar games to Prototype.
  81. Black ops first strike
  82. Need help, Crashes every time
  83. Generic gamepad
  84. prototype, need help fixing resolution, meet requirements
  85. "Prototype has stopped working” error
  86. So apparently this game doesn't like to be played offline.
  87. Sound during gameplay
  88. Texmod with steam
  89. Daily Deal: The game is great, but make sure you can run it.
  90. Ha. Nice price on a single player game EA.
  91. German Players: Cut/Uncut?
  92. Game's crashing right on loading the world
  94. Mouse has issues near or above 60fps
  95. prototype review
  96. Resolution cannot be set beyond 720p!?
  97. Just a positive rant
  98. How can I get refunded for this game?
  99. Low frame rates... Prototype is pissing me off
  100. I want Prototype
  101. How do you Glide?
  102. This game is so much fun !
  103. Obligatory is it worth it thread.
  104. Steam Deal - Prototype Uncut ?
  105. Prototype HD Gameplay
  106. Problem games -- Valve must act
  107. Never patched?
  108. Issues with Framerate/lag
  109. any sound problems attched to steam ver
  110. Can my computer run Prototype?
  111. Just Cause 2 a much better sandbox game, regularly under 7USD
  112. in need of some help
  113. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!
  114. Seriously Valve?
  115. Hows the day/night cycle work in this game?
  116. game crashes every time i i start playing the game ?
  117. Please HELP! When I launch game it always launches at 640 x 860 and laggs !
  118. Why no Demo??? Hows the performance on this game?
  119. Corrupt Save/Options Data
  120. Web bug
  121. Try this save not loading fix
  122. Din't enjoyed Darksiders could I enjoy Prototype?
  123. FAO: Anyone with Audio issues, chimpmunk sounds
  124. So no way to lower the detail distance?
  125. funny voices in prototype
  126. patch today?
  127. Whatever people say, this game is addictive
  128. Great Game - Now that it is working.
  129. Glitch InGame (spoiler)
  130. Prototype 2 considering the current Prototype game support?. NO THANKS!
  131. A friendly warning for those of you with slow reaction time
  132. Prototype is loading forever, but nothing happens
  133. Save doesnt Save
  134. Freeze (Spoiler)
  135. 480GTX SLI (280.26) - BSOD
  136. Slow reaction time, anyone have a fix for it?
  137. I think I found a way to make my game work
  138. Possible fix for lag, and sound (cutscenes & ingame)
  139. Lag fix that worked for me
  140. Stealth Consume Freezing Alex
  141. This has been beaten like a donkey - but its the sound issue
  142. Video config problem
  143. Crash with dual monitors.
  144. I cannot *believe* I've missed out on this game for two years!
  145. That's my decision made, then.
  146. Post-Launch Review: Prototype
  147. Buy this game
  148. When will prototype 2 be released???
  149. Discount, or Price Drop?
  150. add serial to steam
  151. Just a heads up, got a 66% off coupon for this game...
  152. Wtf is wrong with this piece of crap game
  153. Terrible framerate issues no matter what I try.
  154. The inevitable "is it worth it?" thread.
  155. The Is it Worth it Thread
  156. Watch out...
  157. Short video
  158. whenever I see this pic, I'm like ..
  159. Lag and stuttering in major cutscenes.
  160. Free Prototype Draw
  161. An error occurred while installing Prototype (Connection timeout)
  162. Yet another sound issue question
  163. Prototype doesn't support 1368x768
  164. Prototype doesn't support 1920x1080
  165. Wanted to buy this but too late now
  166. Is there a fix for game crashing?
  167. Quick question
  168. Prototype 66% OFF Coupon
  169. Controller enabled?
  170. Removing bullet dive drop
  171. Prototype 2 any info?
  172. want to trade someone who owns this game
  173. Couple questions about the infection
  174. need some help with getting it to run
  176. Prototype.dll
  177. prototype 2 pc version delayed
  178. pc maual
  179. 66% Off Prototype.
  180. Boss battle strategies
  181. WTF settings all messed up
  182. Is it worth it? Not on PC, no.
  183. Will Prototype 2 be on Steam?
  184. Questions about retail version
  185. I load my save game
  186. Wrong resolution
  187. Why doesn't Prototype have Steam achievements?
  188. Combo problem
  189. Prototype 2 has at least one DAY 1 DLC
  190. Prototype crashes when I'm not connected?
  191. Holy sh*t, the menu music is quite good
  192. Error on 2012/Apr: "FAILED TO SAVE DATA" / Game does not work w/ Folder Redirection
  193. Get Prototype 2 on 360 or wait 3 months?
  194. Small question about the sequel.
  195. Better Resolution Out of Prototype and my ATI 3D Application Profile
  196. [Want]Prototype 2
  197. Prototype 2 multiplayer?
  198. Prototye 3 really?
  199. Prototype 2 Over pricing
  200. Loads to black screen.
  201. Prototype 1 stuttering
  202. PC Gamers, dont buy the PC version of Prototype 2
  203. Would both Prototype games run on my laptop?
  204. Cutscene audio issues with Prototype
  205. Pre purchasing Prototype 2 question?
  206. Gifting preorder
  207. Wanted: Your Extra Prototype 1
  208. Prototype crashes whenever I load a save
  209. Prototype 2 is a steamworks title
  210. A Question about Alex Mercer's skin
  211. Bought Prototype 2 for PS3, regret after 2 hours
  212. Radical announces a cool thing about P2 PC's Radnet
  213. Prototype (1) stupidly low FPS
  214. Review of Prototype 2
  215. Copy of the original Prototype
  216. Prototype... Not even starting?!
  217. Framerate Problems..
  218. So will the Radnet stuff be DLC later?
  219. Anyone has a spare copy?
  220. Patch for Prototype 1
  222. Mission Hive Bug
  223. Is there a way to increase FPS slightly.
  224. Mouse view movement very jagged and "laggy"
  225. Total Evolution Points:
  226. This game has an absolutely beautiful skybox
  227. Has anyone ever body-surfed a Supersoldier?
  228. P1: Decent game. Tedious boss fights. (quit during Elizabeth fight.)
  229. Protoype disappeared from my library
  230. Studio behind Prototype closed
  231. Sudden FPS droppage
  232. Menus flicker on Intel HD 4000
  233. Prototype 2 System requirements?
  234. Prototype 2 Pre Order Question
  235. Pre-purchacing Prototype 2
  236. anyone give me prototype? i give csgo
  237. Pre-load
  238. Need patches
  239. //Logic.Failure
  240. The awesome, wicked cool, 180 degree backflip
  241. I wonder how bad this port will be
  242. Prototype sale?
  243. People have Prototype2 already.
  244. Cannot buy/pre-purchase Prototype 2
  245. Germans: Proto 2 modified!
  246. Might want to avoid preordering Prototype 2
  247. Is Prototype 2 Worth Preordering?
  248. Is there a possibility that Prototype can be picked up by another company?
  249. Release Date: 27 Jul 2012?!
  250. Prototype Asia