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  1. Freedom Force 3rd Reich on Windows 7 64 bit
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  13. patriot city free roam mod
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  20. windows 7
  21. Multiplayer now :)
  22. many people play online?
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  24. The game really in english only? German support?
  25. "alert: init renderer," Windows 7
  26. Freedom Force freezing
  27. Mouse/Keyboard problems with Vista/ win7
  28. Won't recognize keyboard.
  29. What view do you use? How many of you use "z" mode?
  30. Dev console
  31. Freedom Force, awesome! FF vs. 3rd Reich? Not so
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  33. Mouse Lag
  34. Doesn't even launch!
  35. Freedom Force Editor
  36. Freedom Force vs. 3R freezes in Windows 7?
  37. Doesn't support XP?
  38. Anyone want some of my 10 pack?
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  40. multiplayer dont work even direct ip connect
  41. game glitches / errors or bugs
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  50. Import Characters to Third Reich?
  51. Compatibility issue
  52. No Sound
  53. Holiday sale: miscalculation ?
  54. Mac Support
  55. No Sounds?!
  56. black screen; 7 files failed to validate
  57. Minuteman's skin missing
  58. This is the best game ever made
  59. Someone have extra copies to sale ?
  60. Can not enable developer console
  61. Trading a game for this game
  62. Looks like a fun game
  63. Customize character appearance in Freedom Force?
  64. Got annoyed at the destroy Pinstripe's warehouses level
  65. WHat has happened to this game?
  66. Running off the screen?
  67. Is this worth buying?
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  69. Endless Fun
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  71. Where does steam keep your FFvTTR saves?
  72. new to the series, enjoying it so far
  73. Not Launching on Windows 7
  74. stuck on "Seeing Double" mission in FF1
  75. Does this game have online co-op?
  76. Which game is better?
  77. Freedom Force & Third Reich available for 2.49
  78. I have extra copy of Freedom Force PM will trade for coal or other game
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  81. Weird mouse bug
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  87. Weak Superheroes
  88. This game is ridiculously hard or I am doing something wrong:D
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