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  1. Windows 7 Compatibility
  2. Game Stopping Bug
  3. Fix for game not loading!
  4. Glitch at Chapter 7
  5. Crashes when moving items?
  6. Final bug (may contain spoilers)
  7. I just finished the game!
  8. Im happy cuz im buy this game just 10 dollars
  9. Great Game Despite The Bugs..
  10. Update...when!?
  11. Weird Stutter Issue
  12. So who else has actually READ Call of Cthulhu? (H.P. Lovecraft)
  13. Would my PC run this game?
  14. The tabletop RPG is better
  15. How to enhance the player experience with this flawed Gem of a Game
  16. Forcing the game to run in DirectX 9?
  17. game often crashes
  18. Chapter 7 gun, tidalwave, and reef bug
  19. alguien sabe si este juego funciona con la traducción de clandland?
  20. Game crash
  21. Attack of the Fishermen Finale: Critical Game Crash
  22. early crash ( Vista 64 )
  23. So, Im sure this is a dumb Q but...*spoilers*
  24. Unable to save game.
  25. Couple questions about the game.
  26. Unofficial Patch by Digital ArchAngel
  27. Attack of the Fishermen Help
  28. There a Quicksave mod or something?
  29. Pyramidal artefacts etc.
  30. Is there any fix for the mouse speed?
  31. Can't load autosave?
  32. Remake for next gen consoles and pc?
  33. Weirdest game ending ever!
  34. Do not buy! Bug filled and cannot be completed!
  35. Patch?
  36. is this game scary
  37. So who wlse thinks a remake would be badass?
  38. Error Code 80
  39. Pulley and collapsed bridge...?
  40. Workaround/Fix for Bug on the Ship/Cannon Chapter 7
  41. Can't get past the first chapter (Crashes)
  42. Game Crashing when moving objects
  43. crash early in the game, can't progress
  44. Has this game ever gone on sale?
  45. Prologue Crash
  46. How do I run this game in windowed mode
  47. Can somone explain the ending to me please? *Spoilers*
  48. brian refuses to follow me out of the jail
  49. Why is this game called Call of Cthulhu and not Shadow over Innsmouth?
  50. Critical Crashing at th fishermen's attack Chapter
  51. Advice before I install.
  52. keep crashing at the Jailbreak Chapter...
  53. CoCmainwin32.exe has stopped working.
  54. Confusion
  55. i demand an NEW cthulhu game.
  56. Crashing after intro
  57. Marsh Refinery Red Gem Glitch
  58. Bug fix for steam version?
  59. Apple Mac OSX
  60. alt tab crash - win 7
  61. When do you get a gun?
  62. Regarding CoC...
  63. Way to window this game?
  64. Bug in Part 1. Can't progress. Can't move. Stuck.
  65. Cannot save the game?
  66. Field of view?
  67. Can't bind mouse3?
  68. I want my money back
  69. [PATCH] Working Patcher 1.20 for Steam users
  70. clinically insane
  71. CoCMainWin32.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close
  72. Dual core crash fix
  73. when damaged movement chugs?
  74. New patch 1.3 for blue lights bug
  75. @sucklead, problems with Patcher 1.3
  76. Hangs when using wrench in Marsh refinery
  77. Win7 and WIndows Media Player 9 Codecs
  78. Will this game work?
  79. game not working HELP Please
  80. Game crashes when i press the x key
  81. Would've been better as a straight up adventure game
  82. Solution to Crash & Freeze
  83. Air filled tunnels.
  84. Inventory bug - Air filled tunnels
  85. Vista compatiblity
  86. I've stated a "Let's Play" for Call of Cthulhu
  87. A question about modding
  88. Hate. FISHMEN.
  89. crash to blue screen
  90. Ruth brooth won't fit in the craving
  91. So I have more than one bug in my game, help is appreciated immensley.
  92. The "invisible reef" glitch isn't a glitch???
  93. This game introduced me to Lovecraft's work.
  94. What resolutions are supported? Widescreen, 1080p?
  95. It's not a bad game, but not what I expected from Bethesda
  96. no windowed, no alt tab, crashing with patch
  97. (In)Sanity
  98. Spiler warning, crashing issue
  99. Windowed mode?
  100. Brian wont leave cell: Jailbreak
  101. No discount on halloween sale?
  102. New DCoTEPatch 1.5 available
  103. Script modding tool chain
  104. Indie Cthulu Inspired Game
  105. FOV and bug fix for Steam version (DCoTEPatch 1.5)
  106. Marsh Refinery - Game stops working