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  1. Beware, game doesn't work for some!!
  2. Are controls a little uncontrollable to anyone else?
  3. Game keeps restarting my pc
  4. If you passsed on this game because the lack of multiplayer, speak up.
  5. Has the mouse accelleration in the game ever been fixed?
  6. Ghost Busters Crashing
  7. Just finished, 14.4 hrs, no bugs -- totally recommended
  8. Error w32set.pod
  9. What's 'stream crossing'??
  10. Localization Patches
  11. Game worked great and was good fun
  12. possible crash fix, finally
  13. The answering machine messages.
  14. Sound Error
  15. 4 dollars!!!! :(
  16. Is it worth to buy it?
  17. Anyone else having problems actually getting the game?
  18. It has been optimized?
  19. Just bought the game and...
  20. Seams strange that the sale/deal is one when...
  21. No Co-op?
  22. Need help at certain part (spoilers)
  23. Has anyone been able to change the LANGUAGE of this game?
  24. ERROR: Can't initalize 3D acceleration... Create device failed.
  25. Download speed is wrong!
  26. Where is this scene?
  27. Framerate
  28. Crashbusters
  29. Will we ever see the co-op mode in this game?
  30. I bought the game and it freeze all the time ! *here*
  31. Wasted Money or a major mess up?
  32. how many huge enemies in this game? like that marshmallow man in the game.
  33. Is my system really that bad for this game?
  34. Bug? Checkpoint Issue (spoiler)
  35. Ghostbusters Issue
  36. GREAT GAME!!!
  37. Cemetery Angels..
  38. fore any with 256mg video card
  39. Marchmalow Man
  40. Best 4 dollars spent in a long time.
  41. xbox controller support
  42. the game is just flopp!
  43. Anyone picking this up on special?
  44. How to get Ghosbusters on Steam to start
  45. Need some help here!
  46. Game Stutter and How-to-Fix!
  47. Atari and Sony plan sequel to Ghostbusters video game
  48. Ghostbusters 2.99 at newegg with free shipping
  49. File: intel_stack_trace.cpp !? Cant get it to run!?
  50. I love this game.
  51. Need to reset Ghostbusters resolution.
  52. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime No online coop
  53. Demo wont install, Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime
  54. Sanctum of Slime - First Impressions?
  55. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, how to have back money?
  56. Sanctum of Slime demo not working with wireless 360 controller?
  57. A Better Suggestion To SoS
  58. no online gameplay confusion??
  59. Does sanctum of slime have any 3rd party drm?
  60. This game is pretty good
  61. SoS - No sound
  62. DO Atari realise how much $$ lost / no real co op
  63. Can't Shoot, can only move, PC
  64. Not working on Nvidia Surround 3840x1024
  65. Petition: Online Co-Op
  66. special items
  67. GB: Sanctum of slime Demo wont start
  68. play all chapters with all weapons?
  69. Lol @ new dlc pack
  70. Error cuando quiero jugar
  71. GB: the video Game - contoller doesn't work
  72. Is it worth it Halloween thread
  73. OK guys, how is the game?
  74. Min 512 MB VRAM, seriously?
  75. GB: The Video Game - Can I use the PS3 gyro to assign controlling the ghosts like PS3
  76. Enabling Online play?
  77. Proton Stream Money Maker
  78. Ghostbuster - The Video Game: Audio Support
  79. Want to get Ghostbusters - The video game so badly.
  80. Kitchen Golem: what am I missing?
  81. DRM?
  82. Ghostbusters Sanctum Of Slime Start Crash
  83. No achievments?
  84. Fixes that Might Help
  85. 285gtx 1gb struggling, seriously!?
  86. Wireless 360 controller not working?
  87. Can't install the game....
  88. Question about GB - the video game
  89. Ghostbusters: The Video Game in True 1080p HD!
  90. Where did the game go?
  91. Love this on PC but good god the difficulty is so ****ing cheap.
  92. Won't detect Nvidia Card
  93. For those of you who missed buying this game
  94. Ghostbusters - The Video Game $4.99 and iit is a Steam Key
  95. Runtime Exception Error