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  1. Can you use retail / other download stores key with Steam?
  2. 3rd party DRM = LOST SALE
  3. TAGES info. Limits, revocation, removal
  4. riddick crashes
  5. TAGES: Is that really why you didn't buy it?
  6. Game crashes on startup
  7. Does this game run poor for anyone else?
  8. Gore??
  9. Dark Athena process launches, but game does not.
  10. refresh rate won't stay at 60...
  11. Don't buy this game if you own windows 7
  12. Multi-player?
  13. well now
  14. Beginning Cut Scene will run, but after that crashes.
  15. cannot change resolution
  16. Only 3 Activations?
  17. Chronicles of Riddick: Only 3 Activations?
  18. The combat
  19. Game crash on startup
  20. Game is not starting
  21. save file for this game?
  22. [spoilers] Missing Enemy
  23. activation code
  24. Does TAGES cause any problems aside server issues/limited installs?
  26. "Access violation at memory address 0x000000."
  27. slow download
  28. The game is a virus?
  29. Worth getting on sale?
  30. Just a reminder..disconnect your unused controllers.
  31. ridock
  32. Steam Fixed it
  33. Won't let me play Butcher Bay
  34. The Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena Scren Black at menu
  35. Issue with 360 Gamepad
  36. chronicles of riddick hangs on load screen - possible fix
  37. Resolution switch crash fix
  38. Graphics issues.
  39. What is the order of the series?
  40. Save File location
  41. Server communication error!
  42. Nonsense graphic issues! Please Help!
  43. I have a bandwidth limit, you know.
  44. On Sale?
  45. Evasive Roll / Dodge?
  46. Tips for running this crap.
  47. Dark Althena on sale for $5
  48. Let's Play - Chronicles of Riddick (EFBB)
  49. Where can I pick up the manual?
  50. Game crashing when I attempt to change video settings!
  51. Too bad games like these..
  52. Can't start the game - activation problem
  53. [BUG] Elevator to Cell Block A won't activate
  54. On sale - worth it? Multiplayer still active?
  55. A few Reasons why to buy this game.
  56. Could someone please explain DRM
  57. Nvidia 3D Vision compatable?
  58. How active is the multiplayer?
  59. For those who are considering read this
  60. TAGES? 30 days? huh wtf.
  61. 64-bit Windows 7
  62. I don't completely understand the notice on steam... Do you have to pay every month?
  63. Buying later, and for you
  64. Do both of the games in the bundle work with the 360 controller?
  66. Mouse lag
  67. This Game is Worth Every Penny - A Must Have Must Own Must Buy
  68. What that sentence mean!
  69. What difficult level should i play ?
  70. Multiplayer revived?
  71. Serial activated too many times?
  72. New version of Butcher Bay vs. original
  73. Censored in germany? And a spoilerquestion.
  74. Input lag?
  75. Does this come with the map packs?
  76. Gamma/LUT issues
  77. How do you launch BB?
  78. Open GL Generic whooziwhat?
  79. no hardware mouse?
  80. Dark Athena not working. HELP!
  81. Problem, PLEASE HELP
  82. Activation Refused by Remotehost.
  83. Cross hairs
  84. Multiplayer: Banned or Invalid Cd-Key?
  85. PC behave different since I installed this game
  86. Is there a crack to remove TAGES DRM from the Steam version of this game?
  87. Full cover art is avaliable for Riddick.
  88. What is Assault on Dark Athena exactly?
  89. Already have Dark Athena, can I get Butcher Bay?
  90. I was about to buy this game i have heared so much about and then...
  91. Chances of DRM being removed in the future?
  92. this game is horrible - all kinds of display issues
  93. Graphical Flickering? (Especially with shadows...)
  95. This May Seem Like a REALLY, REALLY STUPID Question
  96. Resolution help
  97. Intro Movie In Butcher Bay
  98. Steam Overlay prevents game from launching
  99. Game constantly crashes with different errorcodes
  100. Game starts upside down
  101. Chronicles of Riddick Garbage
  102. Game audio starts but black screen remains, help or refund please
  103. Crash after prison riot playing butcher bay portion
  104. um i cant walk foward
  105. Little flickers, harsh changes in brightness, visual style or graphics issues?
  106. Cannot play due to BS tages DRM. How do I get a refund?
  107. Invalid Activation key
  108. Full screen, not so full...
  109. Insufficient Privileges
  110. This is third person action and shooter game!!
  111. Is TAGES only running while the game is?
  112. Gore
  113. Messed up voices
  114. CCExeption Crash
  115. game crashes cant play :(
  116. Fix for missing blood/gore
  117. Any Way to Disable The Start up Ads?
  118. can't resolve video performance issues (FPS, lag)
  119. Why is the picture quality worse then the original? (pics)
  120. Crash
  121. COMBAT??
  122. "Request refused by server: Invalid Information." during first run, wtf?
  123. Cannot even activate my copy
  124. Request Refused by server : Invalid information
  125. My pc freezes while i'm playing The Butcher Bay
  126. Gray intro upside down, Black menue maybe more problems here is a fix
  127. Very Poor Performance w/ Recommended System Specs
  128. Cryo Cell in Butcher Bay
  129. The Pit Crash
  130. Help native resolution not listed!
  131. Getting cheats to work on Steam version of BB
  132. Game not running. CCException.
  133. Steam version resolution problems
  134. AA + SSAO?
  135. Help me Please, I'm STUCK (possible spoilers)
  136. Shockingly Low Frame Rate
  137. COR:DA working and not working.
  138. How do I get refreshrate to stick?!
  139. Signal Over Range
  140. Stuck getting vent tool parts...
  141. A couple question about optimizing this game
  142. Dark Athena worth it?
  143. Dark Athena - Running but not running?
  144. Crash on Second Loading Screen
  145. Fix for people who can't choose higher resolutions
  146. Graphics issue. Reset gfx back to default, how? I screwed up..
  147. garbage game
  148. FPS cap
  149. Fix for graphics issues: Disable Steam Overlay
  150. No blood or gore in game
  151. Problems With Activation
  152. Product Key problem...
  153. Dartk Athena @ctiv error 13:13
  154. Product Key does not work
  155. No sound at all
  156. £3.75 Worth it or Not???
  157. Can not load
  158. WASD doesn't work? lol?
  159. Issue with Black Screen at Start - Tried all other Suggestions so Need New Ones
  160. Activating
  161. I just lost all my saves!
  162. Blood and gore not working - Butcher Bay
  163. This is a great game!
  164. Problem to run the game
  165. Multiplayer
  166. YOTO
  167. Need Help please
  168. Aquila's Block won't load. Progress bar stuck
  169. Only Ship Levels?
  170. Butcher Bay glitch
  171. Crash on start but worked before
  172. HELP! cannot move on
  173. Butcher Bay...Abbott's Door...I'm STUCK
  174. Damn! I don't advise anyone to buy this...
  175. Ridiculously low frame rate
  176. Issues with resolution
  177. Solution for the Access violation crash
  178. dark athena drm ...bah
  179. How to equip just fists?
  180. Where is butchers bay
  181. Game doesn't launch
  182. Butcher Bay (PC) load any level
  183. What is with this notice?
  184. So yeah. Daily Deal
  185. Definition of "activation" according to TAGES
  186. Don't buy this...
  187. How is the multiplayer.
  188. Totally worth it, especially on sale!
  189. Does it work on Win7 64bit?
  190. Graphics compared to the 360?
  191. Escape from Butcher Bay soundtrack
  192. Was $5 in Jan.
  193. More killing than Butcher Bay?
  194. Problems launching the game help appreciated.
  195. Will not work on my system...
  196. Quick keybinding question
  197. Best game EVER
  198. help
  199. Using the vision causes the screen to go all black
  200. Maybe it's just amd radeon unfriendly...
  201. game doesnt run
  202. Mouse Lag and Bad Performance
  203. Activation error
  204. Riddick just wants to be in a Broadway musical!
  205. Play without installing TAGES
  206. Speed Of Bullets (too slow!)
  207. graphics issue
  208. Freezes Permanently
  209. Is there a manual?
  210. I am Riddick Fan Girl
  211. Can't get to Valya?
  212. AA+SSAO Solved!
  213. Are there any texture packs for this game?
  214. Eyeshine vision and brightness problems. Please Help
  215. Differences between original Butcher Bay and remake?
  216. Buy it for $5?
  217. Warning for those thinking of buying this
  218. Was Going To Buy
  219. what is the problem with the drm?
  220. game won't launch
  221. strange bug, character always see over head
  222. what if i activate this games for 3 times?
  223. Found a fix for brightness/gamma issues
  224. Question about TAGES
  225. Game Won't Activate
  226. The Best Movie Game Tie In Ever (Short Review-ish Thing)
  227. Tages
  228. Commentary Mode
  229. Download stuck at 99%
  230. Unable to activate on 1st install
  231. Cant get it to work after install, any tips?
  232. Buyer beware: TAGES DRM
  233. Can't start donloading it...
  234. Yes, It's Worth It.
  235. You just lost another sale on The Chronicles of Riddick™ Assault on Dark Athena.
  236. Proteset DRM keep your money
  237. SHEUR4 - Recognised as trojan by AVG
  238. Buy this game.
  239. If you're having performance issues with the game...
  240. game wont start
  241. Slow-down, Freeze, Crash
  242. Resolution issues - game is zoomed in and cant adjust resolution
  243. CAUTION: Misleading TAGES activation information
  244. Stuck in the Riot Guard section
  245. Does Chronicles of Riddick work on Win 7 64 bit?
  246. Walking Issue.....
  247. Screen Size/Resolution wrecked by Dark Athena
  248. Any way to disable hints? (Dark Athena)
  249. Comm Station bug
  250. Multi-player mode