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  1. Evil Genius - is it as good as people say?
  2. Widescreen (or custom) resolution fix!
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  5. Evil Genius 2: What could be.
  6. Show us your evil genius base
  7. Cant activate cheats; Humanzee wont work!
  8. Favourite Henchmen [???]
  9. Tips for new players
  10. Game locks up on first loading screen.
  11. *Spoiler* If beginners think it too hard...
  12. Problems with strongroom...
  13. Research button causing Crash!
  14. How to Stop Your Base from Being Attacked
  15. The Horrible Shocking Truth
  16. If you could balance the game...
  17. Should I buy on Steam?
  18. Super Agents.
  19. World map question
  20. Anybody have a link to more Trap Information?
  21. 2nd Island error
  22. How many gun and rifle racks do I need?
  23. How to build the casino?
  24. Totem Pole mission / Bonus recliners not showing up?
  25. Evil Genius on Samsung NC10
  26. Game crash on exit causes file corruption
  27. Steam interface not working
  28. Crash When Launching
  29. placing camouflaged entrances
  30. Developer Mode.
  31. Evil Genius 2
  32. Invisable Agents
  33. Obj 7 Glitched?
  34. How to install patch?
  35. Game wont even start
  36. Bonus Content question.
  37. The game asks for CD?
  38. RE: Buying the game with the box
  39. Evil genius 2 Petition
  40. This game is Breaking my Computer
  41. Can You Go Wrong For $2.50????
  42. Steam not telling me how long i've spent playing
  43. wtf? everyone is outta control
  44. [Download] Ready to use patch for the Steam version
  45. Game is taking forever to complete
  46. OMG!!!!!! i deleted the saved game
  47. Evil Genius: WMD out on Facebook
  48. How do you guys deal with rambo?
  49. is there a way to make the trap sensor indestructible
  50. How to research
  51. Does this game work on WIN 7 64bit and is it buggy
  52. Social Minions?
  53. Traps ??? How they work ?
  54. I love this game!
  55. What build version of the game do we have?
  56. Frequent Crashes
  57. unofficial patch?
  58. UNLEASH THE MONKEY- Game crashes.
  59. solution to the 2nd Island cash bug. (Easy to fix)
  60. Where can I get a PDF manual for how to play?
  61. Clone device on second island
  62. I can't figure out why I keep getting constantly invaded
  63. Ripped off
  64. Game crashes on load screen
  65. Personal Essentials: Inf money, more Henchmen and no rocks
  66. Why won't my level 3 minions train?
  67. Reproducible crash to desktop, willing to assist investigation
  68. Can't delete power plant room because of an idiot technician NPC
  69. Can't turn off NumLock
  70. bug in first mission - interrogating maid?
  71. Where did my $1.4 million go??
  72. Stuck characters/objects?
  73. Evil Genius on dual monitor setup.
  74. Evil Genius 2??
  75. Youtube videos on 1-space wide rooms
  76. Can't find International Crime Lord
  77. Crash on resolution change
  78. Does this run on windows 7?
  79. Freak Production crash
  80. Map Creator? Rock mod removal?
  81. Tips of the wider world
  82. Tips of the security systems
  83. Having trouble researching?
  84. Marvin de Luca never showed up
  85. Confused! Please help!!!
  86. No intro sound and corrupted main menu
  87. stolen items...
  88. Constant crashes to desktop
  89. i made my evil genius dissapear
  90. game crash :(
  91. Give me five!
  92. Most memorable battle?
  93. Bit of fan art :)
  94. EVIL GENIUS 50% OFF?
  95. Odd Problem
  96. Advice on my base design - improvements please :)
  97. Do this game work on windows 7?
  98. My Genius can't move
  99. Who's your favourite Evil Genius?
  100. Games Like Evil Genius
  101. Information on Game Crashes
  102. WTF? Game Conversion?
  103. Get This Game!
  104. Resolution Size
  105. Problems
  106. Games Crashes on Save
  107. Please Help- Game Won't Start
  108. Randomly spawning agents of good???
  109. Messed up colors
  110. Steam updates 0 bytes
  111. How do you get the official patch to work with steam?
  112. How to install the bonus CD for the steam edition?
  113. Objective 7
  114. An error occurred while installing Evil Genius
  115. secutiry cameras in the hotel
  116. In-Game crash
  118. It looks like an alright game, but what does SPUF think?
  119. Game crashes when i research
  120. No smoking
  121. Evil Genius Review
  122. Enemy agents spawning in my base!
  123. Another game like this..
  124. A Trip Down Memory Lane
  125. Any Wiki's for this game?
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  128. Katerina Frostonova invincible?
  129. Evil Genius 2 "on the (very) short list" per Rebellion
  130. Name problems...
  131. Does any one have access to the extra 'Acts of Infamy' packs?