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  1. Don't use "E" key in this game or game will crash
  2. Game freezes after shader processing
  3. Rendering Issue/Unplayable
  4. The disc could not be read?
  5. restore save game
  6. Multiplayer still active?
  7. $3.74 means no future patches?
  8. crossfire and increase the view distance?
  9. Hey guys! Will we ever play the game online? Let's try to!
  11. [DiRT vs FUEL]What do you say?
  12. Windows live question
  13. Failed to contact key server
  14. "Failed to contact key server"
  15. How long is sale?
  16. And they wonder why people counterfeit.
  17. Is there a turbo or something?
  18. Logitech Dual Action Game Pad (How to use it on Fuel?)
  19. Remapping Controls In FUEL Problems!
  20. This game feels so horrible incomplete
  21. [TFROC] The FUEL Race Organization Club
  22. Slowdowns during heavy weather
  23. "Failed to contact key server" errors **RESOLVED**
  24. Consistantly crashes starting a race
  25. A possible solution for the "region not supported" issue.
  26. Cannot get game to load. Launcher just closes when I hit play
  27. Single Player
  28. Resolution is terrible
  29. I want to play FUEL! Where is my key?
  30. FUEL game and keys
  31. omg no key lamer
  32. Valve you tool bags..refund our money.
  33. I Wait My Key :/
  34. Windows XP 64-bit users beware!
  35. Concerning keys
  36. $100 now
  37. Consultation...
  38. Cen someone tell me when we will get the SERVER KEYS??
  39. Fuel for 99,99 ?!
  40. Graphics?
  42. Offline Windows Live
  43. Product Code invalid for Windows Live
  44. SecuROM problem
  45. Logitech Rumblepad 2 works but...
  46. question about cd keys
  47. Game Crash
  48. Console Game Devs are Crazy??!?!??
  49. Any tips on framerate increase?
  50. no multiplayer in fuel
  51. Hate on "games for windows - LIVE"
  52. Fuel not loading at all
  53. activation process has been terminated
  54. Go Wild - Unlock FUEL de-bugging mode!
  55. Codemasters - Apparently they aren't the Manual masters
  56. Disable Blur
  57. Game Disc Could Not be Read
  58. Logitech G25 Wheel and Force feedback
  59. Fatal error message
  60. Windowed mode?
  61. 2 Profiles 1 cd key? Is it possible?
  62. Help - FUEL freezes!
  63. pls help..GFWL BIG problem :(
  64. I feel like the only one that loves this game
  65. Saturday Free Roam [18:00 GMT]
  66. Problem setting control settups for Driving Force GT
  67. How to Swap Save Files?
  68. Games for Windows Live, Won't connect
  69. Audio problems in videos
  70. tweaking vehicles
  71. Stuttering and cores' affinities
  72. I have no idea what I am meant to do in this game
  73. This game doesn't work. Any suggestions?
  74. Which music to play with?
  75. Get rid of that annoying loading sound
  76. manual
  77. How to restore pre-GFWL saves?
  78. FUEL - invalid product-key
  79. wtf is this?
  80. Using the dragster (Damocles) in free roam
  81. This game uses Steam, Live, and Securom?
  82. [gfwl] greyed out account
  83. Weird bug
  84. i can't start the game
  85. Fuel's music ripped?
  86. Crash to desktop
  87. High Res FUEL Map + Locations + numbered Helipads
  88. Group Games for FUEL
  89. [TFROC] The Club's Community Website Launch Announced
  90. downloading is not finished!
  91. Help - need a fix to play this without a page file
  92. CD key invalid
  93. Cant uninstall..?
  94. Unable to log into GFWL
  95. Can't run FUEL
  96. Graphics problem
  97. Online Population
  98. How can I zoom the map?
  99. after the update the game wont start.
  100. Game Won't Start
  101. Stuttering Gameplay
  102. Horizontal Tearing Fixed
  103. GPS Distance Display
  104. Stop: 07f BSoD Error
  105. The locations
  106. Joining an event
  107. Screenshot Without Extra Software?
  108. A word of warning about Games for Windows Live
  109. Steam doesn't have the manual for FUEL
  110. Mod making for fuel?
  111. Save Failed! Would You Like To Try Again?
  112. is there any DLC's for this game?
  113. Shut down in free ride mode
  114. Demo DRM and/or similar games?
  115. Codemasters/oxymoron
  116. Unpacking DPC archives?
  117. Fuel : steam servers
  118. Driver Gear Pieces Owed 75/78?
  119. Is Fuel Windows 7 compatible?
  120. Endless World?
  121. The FUEL FAQ
  122. Multiplayer not possible in a LAN?
  123. Not using all of my GPU/Performance issues?
  124. Fuel Update
  125. ATTENTION : Windows xp 64bit users (work around fix)
  126. Weird glitch.
  127. Getting Very Frustrated
  128. Problem with savegame & XBOX controller
  129. Sound Issues
  130. Eyefinity
  131. Game Disc Could Not be Read
  132. No graphics options in steam demo?
  133. Change angle of view?
  134. So um...
  135. Can some people add me on fuel?
  136. great game! runs great! looks great! too bad reviews savaged it :(
  137. Save file problem
  138. Windows Live ID and saves...
  139. Game not saving graphics preferences
  140. Anti Aliasing Fuel - finally got it working
  141. Whats your best ONLINE fuel race
  142. Worth $10 or are there other arcade racing games that are better atm?
  143. What is LIKE this?
  144. Game Won't Load
  145. Replacing music in the music folder
  146. Can someone explain the right click (F1) menu
  147. Antialiasing with nvidia cards [WORKING]
  148. Only HUD shows up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  149. How to restore old savegames?
  150. Very big problem with FUEL
  151. How does co-op work?
  152. FUEL does not launch!
  153. Fuel Antialiasing Fix
  154. Horrible FPS w/ HD 6950
  155. FUEL Refueled (awesome mod)
  156. Securom
  157. Huge freezing problems with FUEL
  158. Controller Issues
  159. [TFROC] Join 300+ members in current multiplayer FUEL action
  160. multiplayer is dead ?
  161. Games For Windows - Live Crashing SOLUTION
  162. FUEL CD key doesn't work with SecuROM!
  163. Invalid cd key
  164. FIX Only HUD shows up on new pc !!!!
  165. Did they ever use the Fuel tech for anything else?
  166. FUEL graphical error
  167. Bad Product Code!
  168. FUEL - Unofficial Patches and Mods
  169. Game not playing through external speakers
  170. A very interesting trick that is easy to miss
  171. Big utility trucks - why are they there?
  172. driver clothes problem
  173. Any way to keep savegames when re-installing Windows?
  174. Crash on startup
  175. Weird Resolution Problem
  176. BSOD after a few minutes
  177. FUEL on Windows 8 doesn't start
  178. "Fuel: Refueled" Question.
  179. FUEL Eyefinity Question
  180. Overwritten savegames ?
  181. Anyone playing online?
  182. Broken graphics
  183. Crashes while trying to assign "E" to function
  184. On startup: The Game Disc has been removed.
  185. Using GFWL key again