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  1. No sound during gameplay.
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  5. No sound
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  12. Is this game stealth based?
  13. Be warned!
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  16. Any way to invert the horizontal camera controls?
  17. My Mini review of not so Mini Porportions
  18. no sound in-game
  19. No sound crash/lockup fix
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  21. No color (Only black and white)
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  23. Game Doesn't Run at All
  24. What is the keyboard hotkey to make the ninja run?
  25. choppy game play
  26. How to change Language?
  27. savegames
  28. Solution for language settings and shuttering issues
  29. Mini Ninjas for Mac
  30. Game currently unavailable.
  31. Black screen / No walls, textures
  32. Let's Play Mini Ninjas
  33. The Game Doesn't Run at All
  34. this game needs achievements
  35. controller
  36. Hacking
  37. Obligatory "Is it worth it?"-thread
  38. SAPPHIRE Select Club - Mini Ninja's Giveaway
  39. [PATCH] in-game regular lag
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  41. It seems to have a bit better controller support.
  42. HID incompatibility
  43. Please add Mini Ninjas for Mac to the Steam Store
  44. Mini Ninjas art style is similar as Kung Fu Panda