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  1. Demo now available
  2. Changing display settings.
  3. Camera won't stop spinning
  4. Is there any way to NOT use Windows Live?
  5. Batman: Arkham Asylum nVidia OEM Activation
  6. license revoking tool ???
  7. Graphics card downclocking
  8. Worth it for non-fans?
  9. Savegames backup
  10. No Audio during gameplay, but audio during cutscenes.
  11. 360 troubles
  12. Batman: AA: an argument for the death penalty?
  13. Game crash at startup
  14. Downloadable Content
  15. Error Messages
  16. Scarecrow Levels
  17. The Cheering Henchmen
  18. Bm game has stopped working
  19. Batman Arkham Asylum 2 Soundtrack
  20. 360 Vs. PC
  21. License Revoking Tool???
  22. wardrobe malfunction discontinuity (spoiler)
  23. sewer bat challenge weirdness
  24. Batman:Arkham Asylum DEAL in this week
  25. Does the Steam version of AA require GFWL?
  26. Robin in AA2?
  27. Steam deal is a non-deal (Amazon sellers cheaper)
  28. problem with batman deal...
  29. What is this windows live crap?
  30. (14 GBP ≈ 22 USD) definitely != 20 EUR
  31. SecuROM DRM + GFWL DRM + Steam DRM??
  32. Does Batman know Muay Thai?
  33. Batman + just cause cheapert than buying Batman alone?
  34. SecuROM... Great... -.-
  35. German Language
  36. Wait...i've lost my savegames ?
  37. Optimize for slow CPU?
  38. Stun Baton Thugs?
  39. Sup? Broken?
  40. Language Support
  41. inermittent slowdown with crackling dialog and sound
  42. Logitech Controller fail...
  43. GFWL needed? I can't see that requirement on the steam store
  44. Can not validate my Steam copy
  45. Some stuiped error - Negative delta time! QA_APPROVED_BUILD_OCTOBER_2008
  46. Impossible to connect to GFWL and first time setup
  47. Can't start or configure game: Unhandled exception
  48. Some issues with lag...
  49. batman launch problem
  50. Launch Issue
  51. CD Key Issue
  52. Terrible download rate: any suggestions?
  53. Batman .NET 2.0 Failure
  54. downloadable content?
  55. Question about "Insane Night Map Pack" file size
  56. GOTY Edition coming this May.
  57. Keyboard Control Issue
  58. i bought batman on that sale steam has a lot here
  59. It may sound weird, but...
  60. Directx Porlbem
  62. Ambient occlusion
  64. Has Anyone Noticed?!
  65. Scarecrow 2 glitch
  66. I underestimated the game!
  67. Batman: AA2... Steamworks?
  68. Just bought this game
  69. can't get past killer croc
  70. Does uninstalling the game automatically revoke the license?
  71. BMgame.exe crash on game over screen
  72. Request Save File... : )
  73. Having some issues.
  74. batman playtime not recording
  75. GWFL won't save
  76. 3D vision issues, anyone know?
  77. Crashes on ShippingPC-BmGame.exe
  78. "Failed to contact Key Server"
  79. Keyboard and Mouse doesn't seem to be recognized
  80. A Sign-in change occurred
  81. Still needs GFWL?
  82. Anti-piracy bugs with steam version ?!
  83. Keyboard gets stuck while playing (sometimes)
  84. aargh croc's lair (spoiler)
  85. Can I upgrade to the game of the year edition?
  86. Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY - DRM?
  87. Entire Computer Crashes Within First Few Seconds Of Gameplay
  88. GOTY Edition Update for Standard Edition?
  89. Does this play alright in 'Offline Mode'?
  90. CGSociety: Batman Arkham Asylum
  91. Batman is a mute
  92. Game was good, but cant finish without luck
  93. Batman allways lagging!!
  94. Batman Arkham Asylum NOT coming out for PC?
  95. Can't play game cause of GFWL
  96. crackling/choppy/stuttering sound
  97. Batman crashes.
  98. Game "Suspended"
  99. No physX on GTX 295?
  100. cd key
  101. What challenge is this?
  102. Need a savegame near first sandman encounter
  103. Here is the Windows 7 location for the Settings utility.
  104. Would you recommend this game?
  105. Mr. Freeze, Talia al Ghul, Two-Face Confirmed for sequel
  106. Reset Key Binding in DEMO?
  107. GFWL problem: Installed date / Purchased date
  108. new xbox 360 controller = lost save games?
  109. Reset Time Played
  110. Easter Egg in Sharpe's office.
  111. Performance with PhysX
  112. 30 USD retail?
  113. Thank you Steam
  114. One weird problem
  115. Frozen at the same spot
  116. Stuttering when grappling, and when using inverted takedown.
  117. Batman: AA can't be added to wishlist?
  118. Should I buy this?
  119. Games for Windows Live Profile Freezes
  120. Can't but GOTY Edition.
  121. after main story?
  122. Any opinion about the DLCs?
  123. On Speciall!!!!
  124. Unfair Edition Released. Read here if you bought it and now want Special Edition
  125. Let me guess
  126. GOTY Edition and GWL
  127. Already own the original Batman AA. What happens if I buy the GOTY Edition?
  128. Maybe an option to buy only the GoTY edition content would help
  129. Batman AA GOTY Edition Steam verison
  130. Will it run?
  131. Does this GOTY version includes 3D?
  132. Error message
  133. Quick Control Question
  134. GOTY version?
  135. Does the GOTY edition have the PS3 Joker DLC?
  136. Dude, wth microsoft?
  137. Keeps crashing...
  138. Why did it have to be on sale this week?
  139. GOTY - Physx level
  140. GFWL says CD-Key is invalid
  141. If you're passed the Medical center... (Spoiler)
  142. need help - drm
  143. No longer available in Japan?
  144. how do I scan?
  145. Wow! "spoiler alert"
  146. Any way to turn down mouse sensitivity?
  147. My saved profile is gone! Stupid GFWL!!!
  148. Wow! Only 256 MB! Awesome!
  149. GOTY won't run...
  150. Xbox 360 Controller for Windows does not work?
  151. How do you save the game?
  152. low fps??
  153. Tweaking the steam version?
  154. Can't drop down?
  155. Lag When Using Batclaw in Combat
  156. GOTY Edition crashes on startup
  157. Achievements?
  158. Jesus Christ Rockets, These Ported Controls Suck!
  159. Game won't load
  160. Game chrases, what do I do?
  161. Batman AA GOTY Steam - Problem in Brazil
  162. Can't Use Keyboard
  163. Perfect Knight Bug
  164. Failed to contact key server
  165. amazing video
  166. Mark Hamil FTW
  167. Gamepad control help
  168. So this guys in the cell is an Easter Egg?
  169. Whats better Mouse/keyboard or Gamepad?
  170. Am I expecting too much out of my hardware?
  171. Can I lower settings on the demo?
  172. SQUARE team has no clue about this: No sound before few minutes of play the game.
  173. Crash/lockup on exit?
  174. Batman Crahes Prior To Game Loading X64
  175. Normal save games in GOTY?
  176. Game wont start, need physx with a ati card?
  177. GOTY 1.1 Update
  178. Game crash on startup
  179. Audio echos, can't uninstall
  180. DRM: Steam Vs Retail
  181. Do I have to deactivate even if I have the GOTY version?
  182. Another Batman crashes
  183. This game is terrific but...
  184. Fix for autocrash on startup (win7)
  185. slight graphical hitch
  186. Batman: Arkham Asylum Sequel Will Have a Different Art Style for Detective Vision
  187. Activation Servers down
  188. XP to Windows 7
  189. GOTY with native AA on ATI cards?
  190. This is why people pirate games.
  191. Wonderful game
  192. Batman: Arkham City
  193. How I got Batman to start up
  194. How to unlock the extra map packs?
  195. Activating a retail GOTY on Steam?
  196. Failing to initialise PhsyX
  197. With out PhysX
  198. After live update I get this error no matter what I try? help please. :)
  199. GFWL claims invalid CD-Key
  200. MSAA in Game of the Year Edition
  201. Can't load my Batman Arhham GOTY saved game anymore with my GFW Live user
  202. When's it going on sale again?
  203. Missing "Launcher.ini", game won't start
  204. only WASD?
  205. how to reuse the save from a previous install?
  206. Got the message Nigma Location deshcypred
  207. Normal version or GOTY?
  208. Want to replay but it's too easy?
  209. New Arkham City Details from Playstation Magazine UK
  210. Batskins In Retail 1.1 Version?
  211. Aww cant start the game......
  212. Solving riddles
  213. OK, I fell for it. Anyone else? **SPOILER ALERT**
  214. Is it just me? Or is hard mode REALLY hard?
  215. Question regarding unsolved riddles after the main game is finished.
  216. Crash after intro videos
  217. Glitch?
  218. GFWL
  219. I Can't play the game!ShippingPC-BMGame.exe error!I've Tried everything to fix
  220. unavailable in ireland
  221. Any way to get the original version?
  222. Unhandled exception error
  223. Game performance different on Steam
  224. cant see my code!
  225. Batman Launcher - Demo
  226. Top game top price!
  227. how does 3d work?
  228. Original or GOTY
  229. SecuROM - 4 Life Time Install Limit
  230. Are you able to rebind keys?
  231. Gamepad or KB/M?
  232. Villain Challenge Map
  233. 4 machine activation limit
  234. $13.60 vs $23.80 / 9.80 vs 17.00 - Who didn't buy this game because of this?
  235. Game Stuck on 99% Download.... Download Paused ?
  236. How is this game with a keyboard and mouse?
  237. I certainly hope not.....
  238. I wont buy this, even @99% off... until...
  239. Crashing after first cut scene
  240. Batman: Ark. Asy. GOTY Dual Action Logitech Controller Help
  241. Game crashes.
  242. xbox360 controller problem and launcher error
  243. Were the PS3 Joker levels any good?
  244. Where are the video options?
  245. Game locks up on startup
  246. saving without games for windows live?
  247. Bought it !
  248. Game moves super slowly
  249. Easy script for revoking SecuROM
  250. The 'other' Batman: Arkham Asylum