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  1. "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library"
  2. Basic Strategy?
  3. no sound
  4. RUSE splashscreen turns grey crash
  5. Please tell me that R.U.S.E will not have this new Ubisoft DRM
  6. Game wont start - Game did not properly quit
  7. problem with beta
  8. Ranked game?
  9. Is this another "baby first rts" or...
  10. Unsure about this game
  11. RUSE Live Stream Is up!
  12. Performance Issues
  13. Sound not working!
  14. Crossfire working?
  15. Massive Infantry Battles on R.U.S.E
  16. Anyone else having multiplayer issues?
  17. Game on highest settings - still low quality (pic)
  18. Impressions
  19. A weird bug.
  20. Corrupt thumbnails in Beta
  21. the game won't lunch
  22. My 2 cents on the game
  23. Not exactly what I've expected
  24. Crash! (Access_Violation)
  25. This game is horrible
  26. Awesome game! :D
  27. Really needs a tutorial mode.
  28. Faction strengths/weaknesses?
  29. Awful multiplayer
  30. Tales of Deception Beta Boot Camp: Economy
  31. [Beta] Important petition: Add all the factions for a properly balance testing
  32. Please, add Turn-Based Mode
  33. Imba Artilery!
  34. Ubisoft you're really not as good as you make yourself look
  35. Doesn't launch, just Steam Update News
  36. March 11 update?
  37. There will be submarines,destroyers, battleships etc?
  38. RUSE-crashes at start-up
  39. Access Violation?????
  40. Game doesn't launch
  41. My thoughts/Suggestions after 3 hours playing
  42. Launch problems
  43. There Needs To Be A "You Must Build This Before This"
  44. Multiplayers Games Diverge - End up not playing the same game!
  45. Thoughts and Opinions
  46. RUSE Beta: Feedback from a RTS lover
  47. Why i can not add AI in multiplayer?
  48. Beta Report Tool DOA
  49. ruse update
  50. This game NEEDs objective based scoring
  51. This game NEEDs structure selling
  52. report
  53. Thoughts so far and suggestions
  54. The game doesn't start
  55. Multiplayer Down
  56. R.U.S.E. beta testing group!!
  57. Suggestions.
  58. Many Many connection issues
  59. game freezes at beginning of match
  60. Quick Match isn't working. No way to cancel.
  61. Camera issues
  62. as long as it is useless why keeping the level system?
  63. do you need open ports to host 6 player game?
  64. Anyone have any more replays?
  65. Multiple instances of RUSE running after continuous freezing at start of game
  66. Income and Units [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]
  67. Low performance
  68. HOW do you guys fight big battles?
  69. Fatal error at launch?!
  70. AWESOME... Needs some tweaks
  71. How to text chat?
  72. Cheater / hackers already??
  73. Remove R.U.S.E download link
  74. Joining Game Suggestion
  75. Renaming Saves and Replays?
  76. Multiplayer freezes
  77. Loading Game Bug
  78. Just registering my choice to boycott
  79. Germans or die!
  80. Feedback
  81. Boycott this DRM
  82. R.U.S.E Beta Public Launch Problem !
  83. units?
  84. Cant see player pngs while hosting
  85. No Sound Must Be Fixed!
  86. Pre-Purchase and 2 Bonus maps which aren't really Bonus -.-
  87. people avoid me because of my level
  88. Resolution Help - RUSE
  89. No games found????
  90. Best anti artillery?
  91. Can't turn mic off ingame
  92. RUSE Website down?
  93. im noticing a pattern.
  94. make Artillery harder to get
  95. Where are the replays??
  96. R.U.S.E era 2010
  97. FFA is broken, bunkers need adjusting
  98. WTF moment - Paratroopers in forests
  99. Thank You For A Reasonably Good Beta
  100. Connection Issues
  101. Irish Location
  102. first cc runtime error now
  103. It downloads so slow! :(
  104. Camera problem
  105. Plz fix the no sound bug
  106. RUSE will have the same Ubisoft crappy system as Assassin's Creed 2
  107. Anyone wanna help a noob?
  108. RUSE Needs To Slow Down
  109. game just crashes at the start of very large maps
  110. Weak AA, USA>UK
  111. Who thinks the French team is pretty good?
  112. Some suggestions
  113. Tales of Deception Beta Boot Camp #3: Air Parity
  114. 1on1 Ranked Bug or what?
  115. This game needs a few balancing changes
  116. Bug Reports?
  117. How to beat air rushes
  118. R.U.S.E beta overview by the ZDSgroup
  119. Being More Aggressive or "Why it's You Who Are Underpowered."
  120. Rushing, the Red-Headed Step Child of RTS games
  121. I cant play any online....
  122. Replay bug?
  123. My feedback
  124. I come from a land down under...
  125. Commercial Success?
  126. How many headquarters and administration buildings?
  127. Changing/modding Single Player?
  128. No Fire Option
  129. Anyone playing the pre-order maps?
  130. Ranked Championships a joke?
  131. minor video artifacts during initial pan onto the map
  132. Steam coming to Mac
  133. Is there someway to group the units?
  134. Removing levels
  135. Are the brits only good as a rusher?
  136. R.U.S.E - strategy, Tank rush
  137. Counter to arty/aa?
  138. Supply Depots...
  139. Slow Loading???
  140. Blitz Strategy
  141. Is anyone playing?
  142. Complete collection of USA unit cards
  143. Bombing Rush
  144. multiplayer log screen stuck
  145. Can't start beta
  146. Unit Breakdown
  147. Multiplayer vs. Netcode
  148. Artillery fest
  149. Damage Calculation (?)
  150. Ruse: The good, The bad, The ugly
  151. Zerging is NOT
  152. Nice little RTS ... pity the multiplayer code is epic fail
  153. Nations and their Powers
  154. How much will you pay?
  155. Future Multiplayer Options
  156. any tips on air vs air combat?
  157. PAK40 vs SAU40 - balance flaw?
  158. Questions about stuff
  159. weird multiplayer issue.
  160. Feature request
  161. Dear Ubisoft. Please, keep your DRM off this title.
  162. how does the 1v1 ladder work?
  163. loading times
  164. What Do Cities Do?
  165. The Transfer of Money and recourses to Allies, Water units
  166. In Game Mics
  167. Lack of High Levels
  168. Why do most people suck at this game so much?
  169. Will the beta be updated?
  170. Please BALANCE the artiery bunker for the USSR
  171. See regions all the time?
  172. Supply drop issue...
  173. How to Share Replays?
  174. invincible recon?
  175. Ammunition on the battlefield
  176. General Beta feedback and unwelcome strategies
  177. Quiting
  178. Freezing
  179. "the game did not properly quit"
  180. server issue
  181. Supply Depots And Secondary Headquaters
  182. when i start any game the screen goes black,and then blue screens.
  183. About the connectivity issues
  184. Problems with AI being unintelligent
  185. R.U.S.E. doesn't launch :(
  186. Bad Graphics???
  187. Savegames won't work if you rename?
  188. When will the beta end?
  189. Released game Requires persistent Internet connection DRM! DO NOT BUY!
  190. Some questions. Some suggestions.
  191. Limitations
  192. prototype? far from it
  193. Countering Artillery
  194. Production List
  195. I love the beta, but with Online DRM a nogo ...
  196. The god damn freezes
  197. How to balance ruse, in four easy steps
  198. Midgame Join
  199. graceful in defeat
  200. How to delete the level?
  201. Crash
  202. Ranked games with friend?
  203. Horable!
  204. Reversed intel?
  205. Look for scrims. Need good players only.
  206. Major flaw? air fighters
  207. Solution to PARADROP RUSH :D (Guide)
  208. why is this beta in my steam launcher?
  209. No mouse movement
  210. Ranks
  211. "This game Rquires Window's XP or later to run..."
  212. RUSE error Help please
  213. Ambush Bug?
  214. I like the game, I want to buy it, here is it?
  215. Missile Tanks
  216. Rich and balanced replay (ITA+FRA v.s. ITA+GER)
  217. Planet / Spherical shaped level terrain !
  218. Disturbing amount of inconsistencies in gameplay.
  219. R.U.S.E and DRM
  220. Infnatry idea.
  221. how do i find my replays??
  222. Fun but disappointing game :(
  223. I duz not liek diz gaem
  224. Blue Screen of DEATH
  225. PLANES?
  226. Where can I DL more maps?
  227. How do I solve this error?
  228. AA Targeting Issue
  230. One set of stats per computer?
  231. Yet another game that falls to COH
  232. Bug involving disconnection during game start
  233. Not connected to Steam servers.
  234. Infantry Help
  235. I love this game!
  236. UK overpowered?
  237. Should Aircraft Have "Standing Orders" Option?
  238. It's French
  239. what Multiplayer needs.
  240. Allies and admin buildings
  241. Air Strikes: You're doing it wrong.
  242. Arty and Bombers: You're doing it wrong.
  243. Ruse New Player here
  244. What's the new RUSE update?
  245. R.U.S.E Down ?
  246. Hardware conflicts
  247. Weird..
  248. Camouflage needs a better hotkey.
  249. I purchased game on steam where are my challenge maps?
  250. Hint: Get some friends to play with..