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  1. Colorblind Mode
  2. Amazing game.
  3. Game won't save?
  4. Anyone have an extra copy?
  5. How long did it take you to beat it?
  6. Seriously... No Mac Demo?
  7. Game not compatible with my monitor
  8. awesome game
  9. Not dinosaur comics
  10. Can we get a tutorial in here on how to do some of these puzzles?
  11. What and how are emblems achieved?
  12. How to move the quantz
  13. Completely stumped on the last puzzle in Mastermind mode.
  14. sound linked to mouse movement
  15. Alright so..
  16. profiles for different players?
  17. Can't rotate the cube! o.O
  18. Cant see the Marbles.
  19. any hint on puzzle 49 ?