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  1. Note for widescreen users
  2. So any news on Kotor 2 ?
  3. KotOR Cheats
  4. [FIX] How to easily remove the Force Speed blur
  5. Game doesn't fill up the whole screen in windows 7
  6. No sound on Windows 7
  7. Terentateks crash my KOTOR!
  8. Problems with windows 7? Try this...
  9. Loads first video then returns on desktop
  10. Glitch At Beginning = Unplayable!
  11. If you're on Win7 and the game crashes immediately on startup, look here
  12. Knight of the Old Republic- Force 1440x900 Resolution?
  13. Are the crashes gonna be fixed?
  14. Don't Buy This Game, At least on Steam
  15. A lot of constant lag
  16. main char unresponcive
  17. Is it really that bad?
  18. Primary Character frozen
  19. Crash On Startup
  20. Crash on start up
  21. Solution Guide for Bugs, Glitches, Problems
  22. Will I be able to run it??
  23. How to get SWKOTOR to work with a AMD Quad Core CPU and ATI 4870 Video Card
  24. HELP!! Win7
  25. Saved Games
  26. Bug WTF?
  27. Malak's lines skipping during final battle
  28. Crash on start up.
  29. Want to buy :)
  30. Game Un available?! WTF. Another **** service from steam
  31. Crash every 5-10 mins of play
  32. Crash on Start
  33. Last resort
  34. Crashes after escaping from Saul's ship. (Please help!)
  35. Crash on startup with WINDOWS XP!
  37. Windows 7
  38. completely unplayable.
  39. ATI Catalyst update.
  40. Insert game CD???
  41. Dantooine transition.
  42. Black Flickering
  43. Can't even click on any of the options on the main menu
  44. Crash On Startup
  45. thinking about buying the game
  46. Crasing on startup
  47. Windowed mode?
  48. KotOR 2
  49. Crashes when enter planet
  50. Unable to start in fullscreen
  51. Unable to start in fullscreen
  52. KOTOR won't download
  53. How do I register
  54. Getting the dialogue
  55. error afting installing offical patch
  56. Just doesn't work
  57. should I expect problems
  58. Lines on Screen
  59. KOTOR attemps to start but doesnt
  60. KOTOR Crash
  61. Help please
  62. low framerate problem
  63. New widescreen mod/way to make it widescreen?
  64. Stats Reset bug
  65. Freezes Every Time I Load Upper City
  66. How can I get Kotor to work on Vista?
  67. Should I buy this game?
  68. Possible Solution
  69. Menus *sometimes* freeze for 30 seconds or so
  70. Startup problems
  71. Game crashes on startup - might be different?
  72. Software Help. Gane auto+shift itelf
  73. Anyone have any luck with Lucasarts tech support?
  74. Game keeps crashing when i kill terentatek
  75. DVD And steam SWKOFTOR????
  76. How can i use cheats.
  77. no sound in game
  78. Crashing on start up, Vista
  79. Windows XP crash (64bit)
  80. Game freezes after first battle with Malak
  81. Windows 7 Kotor Crash fix didn't work HELP!!!
  82. Should I buy this game?.. W7?
  83. KotOR2 Petition
  84. If all I played was KOTOR 2...
  85. changed proc affinity, works fine now
  86. Win 7 64 bit, no launch
  87. LucasArts Update Issues
  88. I want to use the widescreen fix will I get beanned?
  89. Vista Crash on Startup
  90. Control Issues
  91. No Cutscenes when run in widescreen...
  92. Party Members Don't Move
  93. Kotor wont start.
  94. A question About Knights
  95. Save Problems
  96. finished KotOR, what next?
  97. This is the BEST GAME EVER!!
  98. Looking to share Saved Games.
  99. KOTOR save files
  100. Possible FIx for Kotor and new computers (ATI)
  101. what settings should i run it on
  102. ATI Fix for OpenGL Crashes (Latest Drivers)
  103. Game doesn't run on my new laptop!
  104. quits after i create my character.
  105. Running on Windows 7
  106. Is this worth for 1.75... well by what i read OFCOURSE!
  107. LOL @ The display of Metascore and forum link
  108. $2.50
  109. Star Wars: KOTOR Review
  110. Instructions on how to play widescreen...
  111. Help! Knights of the Old Republic
  112. Crash after title screen
  113. Fullscreen help WITHOUT risk to my Steam account...
  114. Can't Launch Game
  115. I can't change game resolution.
  116. Game Main Menu blacked out and crashing
  117. Grafic glitches + conversation looping?
  118. Party members leveling and importance
  119. KOTOR: How to change resolution?
  120. an odd fix for the low framerate on XP
  121. KOTOR Crashes
  122. KOTOR starts up then the game blinks then goes back to the desktop
  123. Totally trivial question about Steam client
  124. 'KOTOR has encountered a problem and needs to close'
  125. Empire at War :Gold Pack $5
  126. AA not selectable
  127. I got some bad glitches going on.
  128. KOTOR win 7 & ati fix (solved)
  129. Please Help! Game crashes after I leave Taris
  130. Can't launch the game
  131. Wont Start Nothing Happens
  132. Ran fine yesterday but now doesn't run at all
  133. Help! Crash Problems after Tutorial Ship!
  134. Force 1920*1080 Resolution
  135. i cant find kotor in my computer!?
  136. game acts strangely
  137. KOTOR on Mac OS X
  138. Menu is empty
  139. Random Minimization on movies
  140. kotor2
  141. Crash when trying to travel
  142. Crashes at point late in the game
  143. instantly minimizes after startup
  144. Where Can I Copy My Memory?
  145. Need help getting my Steam copy widescreen
  146. The Definitive FIX for Crashes and Minimize Problems
  147. Fix for minimize bug
  148. Fix for KOTOR Fail to Start
  149. Mission's Brother Issue
  150. Weird graphical glitch
  151. Unable to move after combat/opening chests
  152. Main Quest Broken on Dantooine...(spoilers)
  153. Another game that does not work...
  154. Can't load save games
  155. no OSX?
  156. No icon in List View?
  157. Cut-scene glitch
  158. Kotor is an amazing game!
  159. Crashing after bastilla
  160. Tried everything pls help
  161. Game Unavailable Try Again Later
  162. Do not buy this game!
  163. Game freezes at title screen
  164. How I fixed my problems with KOTOR
  165. Black Screen after Logos with Music and Cursor
  166. Please make sticky for Win7 movie issue!
  167. So m mouse no longer works...
  168. Strange graphic glitches. Floating Eyes and bodies
  169. how do i play that card game
  170. Will The Old Republic be on steam?
  171. Annoying (but not serious) graphic glitch
  172. Almost Guarunteed Fix For KOTOR (Laptops Included)
  173. What the heck happened?
  174. Will this work on my gaming laptop?
  175. Less Buggy?
  176. Hz/2=gameplay framerate
  177. Thinking about buying it, is it any good?
  178. The Complete Guide to Fixing KoToR for Windows 7
  179. Thinkin about buying..
  180. Widescreen Fix- STEAM, IS THIS LEGAL?
  181. Game crash
  182. So i bought this but...
  183. My character wont walk
  184. Can someone tell me what outfit this is?
  185. What the Crap?!?
  186. Xbox 360 controller?
  187. HELP! KOTR won't launch :(.
  188. No sound output
  189. Steam Servers Are Currently Unavailable or Too Busy
  190. Control lockup?
  191. Are save files in a file in the game client folder
  192. Anyone know how to fix KOTOR for widescreen? Please help.
  193. Conversation guide?
  194. Purchased during promotion. 'No available Steam servers' since (2+ weeks)
  195. Advanced Combat Implant?
  196. When will we get KOTOR II?
  197. KOTOR Will Not Load
  198. KOTOR vs.SWTOR Plot?
  199. Kotor Problems
  200. Random Crashes
  201. Kotor III?
  202. Having major problems.
  203. Crash on Ebon hawk cutscene
  204. Ok... about this Pazaak game.
  205. Star Wars Rebel Assault 2
  206. what does 32 MB with Hardware T&L
  207. Getting KOTOR running on windows 7?
  208. Crash fix for me: Steam KOTOR is missing files
  209. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has encountered a problem and needs to close.
  210. Feat progresssion on jedi classese
  211. Slow downloading
  212. I did not buy this game!
  213. swconfig & kotor problem
  214. Crash at Starboard Section of Endar Spire? Help please!
  215. KOTOR Stops?
  216. Game Freezes
  217. Crashes When Entering Ebon Hawk
  218. Cannot for the life of me get this to start up
  219. honestly??
  220. Out of Range resolution
  221. Steam Update - Game works
  222. For those with slow downloads
  223. kotor 2?
  224. Weird loading (not the error message problem)
  225. Non-Changeable resolution, no options.
  226. Tried almost everything... still can't get this game to work
  227. Respec Mod?
  228. Crashes before it loads
  229. The Jedi Planet glitches.
  230. wth?
  231. Ok the game crashing is becoming unbearable
  232. Game Crashes after Malak First Meeting
  233. Scoundrel/Guardian vs. Scout/Guardian
  234. Game asks for CD
  235. Where do I find the swkotor.ini file?
  236. Mod for full power Dark/Light?
  237. KotOR won't launch
  238. Mod, please start FAQ
  239. Error when loading the second apartment complex in lowercity on taris
  240. Any other SW titles worthwhile?
  241. KOTOR 2 on steam?
  242. isThe Old Republic coming to steam?
  243. Griff not showing up! [spoilers]
  244. Double-Bladed Lightsabers
  245. Resolution Scaling Problems
  246. OSX version please
  247. Floating character model graphic issues.
  248. WOW! GOOD GAME!
  249. How I got movies to play in Win7 64bit
  250. Mods for kotor 2