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  1. A couple key things of note...
  2. Issue with software rendering
  3. Limited Edition?
  4. Should I pick this up?
  5. Insert CD message
  6. Any site that has the locations of all the secrets?
  7. Frequent Crashes
  8. star wars jedi knight mystery if the sith
  9. Is Force Push useless?
  10. "Not Responding" Issues.
  11. No one has missing music image?
  12. How to connect to multiplayer
  13. Game wont launch
  14. Need Help Getting Game to Work?
  15. cant get game to start
  16. how do you turn on high quality sound?
  17. Great game!
  18. Question
  19. lucas arts petition
  20. Petition: A Request For Jedi Knight 4
  21. Steam Overlay
  22. How I can record this game?
  23. A Couple Questions...
  24. Colour Problem
  25. Getting the game to stay in windowed mode?
  26. Artifacts and Weird Color
  27. No background music during gameplay
  28. Mystery Enemy?
  29. Mysteries of the Sith, music won't play with CD inserted, plus CD message.
  30. Found a fix for the wierd colors
  31. Will the game work for me?