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  1. Monthly Fee Requirement
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  3. "Game currentry unavailable" when trying to start.
  4. Fallen Earth is AWESOME.
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  7. This or Global Agenda?
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  11. on the fence with this game.
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  14. DO NOT PURCHASE! Fallen Earth is almost dead.
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  16. Fallen Earth is Fallout Ripoff?
  17. Anyone know what the music is from the Reviews video?
  18. Stop and think for a moment
  19. Free reactivation for the next 2 weeks
  20. Already a subscriber...
  21. Solo game?
  22. Re activation for 14 days
  23. Fallen Earth Blood Sport. You already own this game
  24. Can I use free trial first? Then my steam key?
  25. I wanted to like this game...
  26. ...But cookies ARE enabled...
  27. God Dangit
  28. Question about buying extra months.
  29. Cheaters on fallen earth online
  30. My take on Fallen Earth so far..
  31. Missing library image
  32. 6 bucks on d2d
  33. Buying & Achievements...
  34. FE is dying?
  35. soon to be free to play?
  36. FE is dead?
  37. Beginning of the end?
  38. Help! login error!
  39. New FE Trailer (Unofficial)
  40. Wow
  41. F E game want load
  42. FE registration!
  43. Fallen Earth players!
  44. Currently in the middle of a free trial
  45. Fallen Earth free product code + xenofire gun!
  46. Trial Avaliable?
  47. Was debating buying this
  48. Can Anyone Send Me A Friend Recruit Invite?
  49. Worth a look
  50. What´s wrong with achievements?
  51. Achievement questions
  52. Other opinions of the "big" announcement
  53. anyone else having issuesw with logging in?
  54. Fallen Earth is going Free-To-Play
  55. Is the game still charging for a subscription?
  56. Hows the population?
  57. Game is still terrible mess
  58. So F2P..when
  59. I paid for the game way back and paid sub.
  60. The time is here Fallen Earth has gone F2P!
  61. So, if I had an account before this game went F2P, I'd still have to pay $15/month?
  62. How do I login?
  63. Cannot Login
  64. Every day something new
  65. is this game off steam for good?
  66. Steam overlay not working
  67. Fallen Earth FREE BONUS G1 credits!!!!
  68. Steam overlay with F2P version?
  69. Just curious about changes since launch
  70. How to get the Coach Camo Scoped Rifle early
  71. Avoid Fallen Earth
  72. Is This WoW with guns?
  73. is this game worth it?
  75. Where are the achievements?
  76. screenshot troubles
  77. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  78. Buy upgrade in steam?
  79. Now is this game on Steam or not?
  80. Launcher Issue.
  81. Crashes
  82. No NPCs after hotfixes?
  83. Steam - character is already logged in
  84. Steam screenshots not saved
  85. Steam authenticated wrong account automatically (my fault, but ...)
  86. Z-buffer issue
  87. Performance Improvements! (crosspost from official FE forums)
  88. CD ROM?
  89. Strange problem when launching the game.
  90. Login failure
  91. my character is missing???
  92. Trading Fallen Earth Currency for TF2 items metal keys promo's etc.
  93. Question about Selling Crafted Items
  94. Fail to launch error code 193
  95. Low Framerate Issue
  96. Fallen Earth login?
  97. Authenticating with Steam...
  98. Now before i start...
  99. Area not loading
  100. Down time
  101. Is T.E.M.P. still around?
  102. A comprehensive Review of Fallen Earth (April 2012)
  103. Controller support?
  104. Two versions of Fallen earth on steam?
  105. This game has a lot of bugs.
  106. Won't let me log in
  107. no verification email
  108. Frontend.exe error
  109. Patch deleted my character.. -.-
  110. My Concerns with Fallen Earth
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  112. Steam - Character is already logged in
  113. Good thing the game is free..its a bugfest
  114. Unability to connect
  115. Steam Causing FE To Roll Back From v2.5 To v1.0?!
  116. Account already logged in
  117. Fallen Earth Login? Not able to login
  118. web dite down?
  119. FPS/Graphical problems