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  1. Risen DRM on Steam?
  2. This game is $10 over priced.
  3. Where's my "journal"
  4. Demo wont launch..
  5. How to unlock the quickload and quicksave keys?
  6. Did you know? (top 10 tips and secrets)
  7. Ah ... this game uses tages.
  8. Flag this message RE: Risen/Windows 7 install - [5264-WIHL-4414] [4538b131]
  9. Anyone else want an expansion pack?
  10. Tages/DRM
  11. Risen/ Steam repeatedly asking for activation key
  12. Amazing Game. Worth buying at full price.
  13. an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
  14. .exe file deleting itself?
  15. Risen no longer available for purchase in North America ???
  16. Questing
  17. What happened to Risen?
  18. Risen on Steam not patched to 1.01?
  19. Risen: A Guide
  20. Current status on Risen availability for North America (info in here)
  21. Risen Update
  22. and why is that?
  23. Where the hell is this game?
  24. Weapons question
  25. Fed up with regional restrictions
  26. First steam game i'm glad i bought on day one.
  27. Risen is awesome.
  28. Risen Available again!!!
  29. If you hate Gothic you wont like this
  30. Risen mini-review
  31. will this be on sale soon?
  32. Spoilers!!!! Oscar and golden sword
  33. Need Help!
  34. Steam Overlay not working on Risen >_<
  35. Does stuff ever respawn in this game?
  36. Why does the compass work in reverse?
  37. Decent armor: Where is it?
  38. Early Quest Bug
  39. Risen 2 announced!
  40. Trying to get into it, but can't.
  41. Activation limit exceeded ?
  42. Why do I have such long load times?
  43. Which path would you say was the best?
  44. mouse sensitivity?
  45. Anyone tried playing with a gamepad?
  46. Thinking of getting this
  47. How to make NPC talk to you again? (Spoilers!!!)
  48. Missing toolbar/hotbar
  49. Having a blast, but now I'm pissed off!
  50. No Expansion? No Sequel?
  51. I really hope Risen 2 allows a 1st Person camera
  52. How do i get the last piece of Gold Fragment?
  53. "Minsky" and Achievements?
  54. TAGES Question
  55. New to this game, class questions
  56. problem
  57. Wtf
  58. Soundtrack?
  59. Risen DRM - Do the activations reset?
  60. 3 machine activation limit?
  61. The unofficial is this game worth $14.99 thread!
  62. so i bought the game on sale and trying it out... BUT THERE IS SOMETHING!
  63. Body invisible.
  64. Meh...
  65. Looks like an awesome game ...
  66. It's available in Australia?
  67. Does this game run well?
  68. no Voice acting...
  69. Activation limit question
  70. Font size issues
  71. Risen will not start - did anyone else fix this?
  72. Videocard gets INCREDIBLY hot playing this!
  73. boy was i wrong
  74. I paid $15 and all i got was a black screen?
  75. Failed to contact key server
  76. sound issues
  77. Input not supported?
  78. graphic bug! NEED HELP!
  79. My Review of Risen
  80. Warning, If you are purchasing with the goal of playing immediately you should know
  81. DRM or key issue this game is great!
  82. Can't activate -- even though the key is filled in
  83. Please fix keys or notify
  84. What to do if you want to buy
  85. WARNING: 3 activations ONLY. No 45 day regen, but email refill exist.(read 2:nd post
  86. leveling up?
  87. Does Risen Have a DifficultySelection?
  88. Never Heard of TAGES before
  89. Risen is just like Gothic 3
  90. Wolves are pawnin me
  91. Game freeze
  92. What can Steam do
  93. New players may want to read this:
  94. Game breaking bug.
  95. Why is this Legal?
  96. I forgot to check for Tages...
  97. No Text in Log
  98. Failed to contact key server
  99. [Deep Silver Message] Do not panic!
  100. Virus warning
  101. I look forward to playing this well worth it game.
  102. Loss of sales due to DRM.
  103. Info: Keys available now!
  104. Got a key, great. Now, why won't it work?
  105. Random freezing/video card running hot
  106. Can anyone help me with this error?
  107. Finished the game, my opinion, what now?
  108. Enhanced Graphics, Mod Manager, INI Tweaks, and the 4GB Extension for 64Bit OSes
  109. Can Valve get in trouble for selling this game to Australia?
  110. Hey, Kai Rosenkranz!
  111. Bigger fonts?
  112. Arena issues?
  113. Risen never opens. Appears to be drm issue
  114. "Failed to create physics SDK" error
  115. Dry spell gfx bug
  116. this game is lame
  117. Cant see item Stats
  118. "Severe error" when launching Risen
  119. Unexpected Error (13:13) when trying to activate
  120. Is it possible to rotate the camera to see a front view of my character?
  121. armor ????
  122. Graphic issues, desturation/fog?
  123. Everytime I launch it crashes...
  124. Factions
  125. Black Screen after Logo?
  126. Oscar issues
  127. Problem with Belchwur
  128. Funniest game line sofar!
  129. How can i increase character....
  130. a question about quest locations....
  131. Getting back out of town
  132. Permanent Stats - Newbie Warning!
  133. Can't get second bust to get Titan Shield
  134. 18 Hours....
  135. Risen Demo
  136. some questions
  137. framrate starts to drop after 18 hours of play
  138. Error Graphics
  139. why is this game risen still not listed on....
  140. Combat is stupidly difficult
  141. the last DON quest
  142. An Honest Review of Risen
  143. was going to get this but DRM has stopped me, publishers stop with intrusive DRM
  144. Problems running Risen...
  145. Game Unavailable in Australia again?
  146. This game seems unoriginal to me...
  147. Risen launched in german
  148. TAGES vs Securom - I want this game!!!
  149. @Deep Silver
  150. Am I the only one...
  151. You talked me into this game!!!!
  152. Activation Window Freezes
  153. Don Estaban wont talk to me. "Get out of here"
  154. this game is currently unavailable
  155. Trailer
  156. Risen or Dragon Age
  157. I can not use a weapon any more!
  158. Issues with Saving
  159. Armor and weapon choices?
  160. Can you change/nullify. class/faction through console commands?
  161. can't sneak/down
  162. My comments on the game
  163. Why cant i put certain weapons on my hotbar
  164. Tages is not evil afterall
  165. time is stuck
  166. Letters, notes, books etc
  167. monistary hang up and bandit blues
  168. Interested.
  169. the arm movements when talking
  170. Random Shut downs?
  171. Game breaking mechanics?
  172. My opinion of Risen
  173. Cant Find Inquisitor
  174. Steve, the new int. Community Manager from Deepsilver
  175. Risen on Facebook
  176. Stupid Mistake
  177. Risen 2: Dark Waters
  178. Possible to level up in the demo?
  179. where is the excavation site?
  180. A little help if you may...,
  181. Combat in Risen1. how deep is it?
  182. get the golden sword together?
  183. boycott RISEN 2
  184. Koch Media and Risen activation
  185. How can I enable FSAA on my GTX 570?
  186. How to teleport NPCs? (Spoiler)
  187. Doing Chapter1 quests whilst on Chapter2
  188. Risen For Australia
  189. Final battle kinda annoying (spoiler)
  190. New computer having to replay the whole game?
  191. Some NPC's dead and gone?
  192. The text at top of the screen in game don't seem right.
  193. Ursegor
  194. If you're undecided on Risen
  195. Titan Boots final door shut
  196. Risen vs Two Worlds 2
  197. Tages Unexpected Error (13:6)
  198. Need help becoming a warrior of the order
  199. Need help in Titan boots quest
  200. Recently installed, immediate crash...
  201. Invisable torso invisable foliage/plants invisable sea monster
  202. Risen in NZ
  203. i find this game hard to enjoy
  204. Great game!
  205. Loot and Weapons
  206. I can't hear the voices!
  207. I've been wanting this game for ages....
  208. Not Working
  209. Did they do this on purpose?
  210. 1 game, 3 prices
  211. windows 7 issues?
  212. Risen 2 Price Sale Changed
  213. Risen/Gothic history
  214. Dialog question...
  215. Great game but requires patience
  216. Risen Won't Load
  217. Where is that little shield in the beginning? lol
  218. How to use shovels?
  219. game won't start
  220. Game crash on startup
  221. Streaming Risen
  222. Weapon Skill Question
  223. Solution/Idea for people that cant play Risen anymore
  224. The game will not fit to sceen :(
  225. Risen mods
  226. Risen 2 with Steamworks
  227. Activation exceeded
  228. Drop the price
  229. Demo issue "Stopped working"
  230. Tool Tip Bug?
  231. only thing that bugs me about this game.
  232. Is the 1.2 unofficial patch Steam compatible?
  233. Stuck in the monestary.
  234. Activation problems
  235. Inquisitor bug - Possible end game spoilers
  236. Any way to enable Vsync?
  237. My Risen purchase is not showing up in library
  238. Modifications?
  239. The "Is it worth $15?" Thread
  240. Not available in New Zealand/Australia? Why? Don't they want my money?
  241. How to add Risen to Steam from the retail CD that didnt come with serial number?
  242. Risen for $6 at Amazon
  243. Help me please ! I get fatal error.
  244. How to activate this game?
  245. very good review of this game
  246. noob: so what is the most FUN class to play as in this?
  247. Risen 2 April release!
  248. Want to Trade
  249. I have a 75% OFF Risen coupon I wanna trade
  250. Activation, not working!