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  1. Stuck already! *SPOILERS*
  2. Haven't had to use pen and paper since...
  3. Am I the only one who thinks it has too many PUZZLE puzzles?
  4. the lil samorost bot
  5. Unused items (spoilers?)
  6. Who pays for flash games?
  7. Any other games like this?
  8. Game of the year for anyone else?
  9. Abandoned
  10. Save games disappear.
  11. That f*cking Owl!
  13. It's just a Flash game. Disappointed.
  14. The making of Machinarium (link)
  15. Retail version of the game is a Collector's Edition!
  16. Give us a deal
  17. Steam Beta Artwork?
  18. Disappeared from Steam?
  19. There's going to be a sequel right?
  20. Rave Review: Machinarium = Breath of Fresh Air
  21. Unplayably slow on one machine, fine on others...
  22. Sooo, is this game ever going to get the obligatory steam game discount?
  23. Kooky - the film
  24. Bad performance and sound problems
  25. last copies of Machinarium Soundtrack 12"LP
  26. Can someone help me here, a little stuck...
  27. Where are the save files on Mac?
  28. stuck
  29. This is the only one...
  30. Please Support this game
  31. Can the cd version be linked to steam?
  32. Beat the game but, what are the unknown things I never used?
  33. Pirate amnesty: Machinarium plus soundtrack for $5
  34. Soundtrack for Steam players
  35. Review - 10 Dollar Gaming
  36. Machinarium isn't included in Indie Clever Pack?
  37. Get it while its on sale.
  38. Game not running in full screen/ Leaving task bar visible.
  39. Setback.
  40. Machinarium
  41. Game freezes
  42. Freezing spray?
  43. Probably the best sale this game is ever going to get. Jump on it now.
  44. Machinarium & Avast?
  45. Lost saves game
  46. Windowed mode?
  47. Save Files?
  48. Lost save files :(
  49. Slow FPS and slow or no response whatsoever
  50. Totally worth buying
  51. Netbook compatibility request
  52. Is this a bug or am I just stuck?
  53. TOMAS DVORAK - Machinarium soundtrack LP reissue
  54. How do you keep a save?
  55. T-shirt
  56. Finally completed the game
  57. What are these mini games called?
  58. Arcade machine nr.3
  59. What Amanita are working on right now!
  60. Worth $20? Soundtrack from Steam?
  61. Game Crashes at Startup -_-
  62. Games like this one
  63. Warning - Save often. Get stuck bug.
  64. High resolution icon
  65. flash cookies vs steamcloud
  66. Machinarium for $3 ( 24h deal )
  67. Machinarium full walkthrough on youtube
  68. Where the devs STONED out of their minds?
  69. I can't play, bug at the launching
  70. Disc and Case art for Machinarium.
  71. Add machinarium to steam
  72. Bug keeping me from progressing
  73. Daily Deal - YES TAKE THE DEAL!
  74. Is this the game for my Girlfriend?
  75. Before you buy the game because it's just $2.50 read this
  76. Did I do something wrong? I hated Machinarium.
  77. How I Got This !@#$&*% Game Working
  78. Finally.... no thanks to the devs
  79. warning, clearing your flash cookies will delete the saves for this game
  80. Glitched Graphics - Unplayable
  81. Similar games?
  82. Bought Humble Indie Bundle #3
  83. The world in this game is disturbing
  84. 1st single from the upcoming Floex (Tomas Dvorak) album for free!
  85. The Incinerator
  86. Bug in the dog part. [ATTENTION: SPOILERS!]
  87. Game doesn't work....
  88. Machinarium on HP Touchpad
  89. Tips for the five-in-a-row game
  90. list of random thought bubbles / memories
  91. @ Amanita Design
  92. 50% off coupon for trade!
  93. Machinarium Review from a Player
  94. The reason you may have lost your Machinarium saves
  95. How to put Machinarium into my gamelist?
  96. I can't set window size to 100%
  97. [Video] First Impressions Machinarium
  98. 50% off coupon for trade
  99. Machinarium uses small fraction of my monitor.
  100. [Video] First Impressions Machinarium
  101. 50% OFF - Cheap Price - Machinarium
  102. Not so short for me but definately sweet
  103. Stuck D=
  104. Machinarium Time Lapse Drawing
  105. Machinarium crashing...wtf
  106. Botanicula on steam?
  107. Just finished doing an LP of Machinarium, check it out!
  108. Can't view achievements for botanicula?
  109. [botanicula] Very dissapointed by this game.
  110. flash deletion fix
  111. Botanicula's Mythology Achievement
  112. [Botanicula] orchestrion
  113. [botanicula] Balonek?
  114. [Machinarium] Soundtrack included?
  115. Amanita Collection - does it contain all non-free Amanita games?
  116. Should you buy Machinarium?
  117. Machinarium blank screen
  118. File Surprise
  119. Bug - missing interactive graphics
  120. Requesting Save File for Room After Elevator
  121. Logo crash
  122. Buying vinyl of OST.
  123. How many of you completed the game without a walkthrough?