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  1. "Climb up that leg and take out the blaster cannon"
  2. just bought it
  3. Steam fix Clone wars: republic heroes
  4. Digital download will not launch!!
  5. moving saved games to new computer
  6. I hope this goes on sale
  7. Invalid Key?
  8. Help a Dad who screwed up
  9. drop-in/drop-out
  10. no
  11. lucas arts petition
  12. "Game Engine Error: 0x80000003" Error Message.
  13. Game sux
  14. Lucas arts game petition on steam
  15. Where is the online co-op patch
  16. stop the moaning
  17. Unplug your joysticks before launch unless it's an Xbox 360 compatible gamepad
  18. Where are the save games stored?
  19. I hope this one goes 75% off soon.
  20. UHH the retail version says ''MULTIPLAYER play and other live features included"