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  4. .NET Keeps Trying to Install
  5. Steam trys to reinstall .Net Framework-20. everytime game is started!
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  7. A diamond in the rough!
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  9. More Space Docks or More Engineers?
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  11. steam achievements didn't appear
  12. AI:Fleet Command has stopped working
  13. cross planet attack mark lvl?
  14. Lag when starting A game.
  15. Strategy Resources
  16. Worth It ?
  17. Where is the Expansion Key
  18. Christ... Is this a combo or not?
  19. Super Carrot?
  20. What exactly is new in The Zenith Remnant?
  21. D2D Sale and CD key question
  22. 5/24 Update
  23. Trial vs Full game
  24. AI W: FC - Update paused ...and...
  25. Trial Mode after buying expansion
  26. demo stops working right after launch
  27. Best RTS in a long time
  28. Attn: AI War Forum Admin
  29. How not to get annihilated by Starships in the beginng of the game?
  30. Looking for players to play
  31. Children of Neinzul is not registerable on Steam?
  32. AI War not working?
  33. Desync in 3.120
  34. Support Arcen Games!
  35. The Zenith Remnant key...
  36. Steam's AI War update stuck...
  37. CoN Release Date
  38. CoN key missing
  39. Help please the game dosent start!
  40. this is a game I would love to love
  41. AI Fleet Command missing?
  42. left click keeps adding units to groups?? how to deselect?
  43. How to run as admin?
  44. Bought elsewhere, steam says duplicate key
  45. Launch error Getthread
  46. just bought it, awesome!
  47. what happens if i buy zenith and child ?
  48. steam cloud?
  49. how do i know if my expansions' features are really there?
  50. how to enter the initial settings screen popup ?
  51. how to move direct to my command center?
  52. Missing a Model
  53. Keys Invalid?
  54. Finder Tool, how to exit?
  55. Bomber Starships
  56. the text
  57. Won't install- servers too busy...[for days now]
  58. Difficulty? I need help
  59. Advice for Newbie!
  60. Re-name Planets
  61. Where are all the Zenith Remnant options in the new GUI?
  62. I found which files steam is missing.
  63. Question about Zenith Remnant menu music on 4.0
  64. A humble request
  65. Light Of the Spire Expansion
  66. this game sounds fun
  67. Can I increase the interface size?
  68. Is this like Harvest: Massive Encounters?
  69. ships / turrets selected yet no repair stats?
  70. minimap?
  71. new campaign settings
  72. Big thanks to the Arcen games team
  73. game seems nice but ship graphics lacking
  74. Group Move Issue
  75. Bought AI War: Fleet Command + DLC
  76. Should I get the base game first, and then the expansions? Or all at once?
  77. Will i like it if... ?
  78. Base game still trial?
  79. New to the game
  80. Is the DLC worth it?
  81. Unique CD Keys on LAN required?
  82. WAY too fast & unable to deselect.
  83. multiplayer?
  84. Congrats on 5.0!
  85. Looking for active players
  86. Will there be a sale? (I want to buy here not elsewhere)
  87. Some Questions
  88. Choosing planets/ships?
  89. Read this if you have trouble with Light of The Spire
  90. Eyefinity?
  91. Missing achievement?
  92. Decrease resolution or increase font size?
  93. Destroying buildings
  94. Sins of a solar empire or AI War?
  95. Expansion / Wtf Neinzul?
  96. "I have a bad feeling about this"
  97. Disable Counterattack Guard Post possible?
  98. Cloaked ships
  99. How Long Does It Take For Humans to Rebel?
  100. Achievements with AI handicap?
  101. More AI?
  102. Like sins?
  103. Font problem, need help
  104. game wont start
  105. Two questions (bugs?)
  106. Wait, zenith remnant is a summer prize?
  107. Is this Legal?
  108. Yes, you should buy this game
  109. Any way to get summer ticket easy?
  110. Who else wants to buy but not play?
  111. Great game and absolutly awesome music!
  112. Achivements wont unlock on steam?
  113. Full package vs base game
  114. Miniscule text
  115. Mod to give the black space som color?
  116. Bug
  117. FYI if you have problems activating keys ingame
  118. The ticket achievement for this game is bugged
  119. New to this game
  120. German Patch?
  121. How buggy is it?
  122. A suggestion for new players
  123. Are the DLCs worth it? Also, any tips on controls and map navigation?
  124. Moved from demo to full game. Earned achievement in demo. No Steam achievement.
  125. In-Game Achievements Don't Work
  127. group order question
  128. Ticket Redemption Problem
  129. 2 copies of the DLC
  130. How to defend?
  131. Performance issues
  132. AI War +Expansions Soundtrack
  133. Score?
  134. Getthread context failed error (cant fix it)
  135. Blue Text Too Dark
  136. great game was hoping to see it in the top 10 for game sales few days ago :(
  137. Need Proper clear and detailed tutorials
  138. This game is hard. Or at least it makes me think really hard...
  139. I really want to play this game, but i get lost so easily
  140. Dark Screen
  141. Giving Away Children of Neinzul + Light Of the Spire
  142. Getting a game together for the 15th
  143. Help with "In The Midst Of A Cold, Dark Winter"
  144. autoupdater doesn't work in OS X?
  145. never played this game.
  146. In The Midst Of A Cold, Dark Winter not unlocking
  147. Is AI War 75% off all week long or only today?
  148. Achievement question
  149. Wont download
  150. Christmas achievement unlocked but no gift?
  151. How many planets are ideal in a game for a beginner to chase the achievement?
  152. SP Save?
  153. Anyone interessed in DLC's, I got them 3.
  154. How do you stop a massed bomber rush?
  155. DLC for AI War
  156. local high scores list
  157. Are there any specific places you should build Tier 2/3 Economy Colonies?
  158. [H] Renegade Ops DLC [W] AI War: Fleet Command
  159. Unit cap
  160. Playing with a friend with a demo
  161. got steam holiday achievement ingame but it didnt pop
  162. SOLUTION to the 'Ingame achievement but not on steam' problem
  163. Question Regarding Coop
  164. What's the best ships for destroying shielded super fortress?
  165. About how many planets do you capture?
  166. LFG - Casual Gamers
  167. When To Upgrade What?
  168. What's the best way to clean up Mad Bomber failed waves?
  169. AI War Price Drop $9.99
  170. AI War Coupon doesn't work with the bundle
  171. Are you wondering if AI War is worth it? Look Here
  172. How steep is the learning curve
  173. looking for people
  174. question about the game bundle
  175. Orbital Command Station Question
  176. I wish the trailer they chose to show this game off were better
  177. Anyone need a 50% off Coupon?
  178. So, the game supports Steamworks but I can't play with my friend so far?
  179. Support kickstart for a old school Hardcore shooter like RB6 and SWAT
  180. Bought the game, but it says I only have the demo
  181. For anyone wondering about another expansion...
  182. Why cant I upgrade my command stations?
  183. looking for players
  184. What's your favourite starting ship?
  185. A good AI to fight for my first game?
  186. Mirror, mirror on the wall...
  187. autopause when alt-tabbing
  188. Sound skipping problem
  189. AI War bundle for 4.24$
  190. Black screen on launch
  191. My Russian translation.
  192. AI War on sale
  193. Issue loading/playing
  194. Bought Ancient Shadows, didn't get CD key
  195. Bug, ran out of room for new ships on space dock build menu
  196. Why does my threat keep going up?
  197. How do Intra-Galactic Warp Gates work?